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Forza Horizon 2 is the sequel to the 2012 hit Forza Horizon and is set at a fictional car festival (Horizon) that has you visiting one hipster party drenched location after another.
The world is reportedly three times larger than the original game and unlike the original Horizon which had indestructible fences amongst its flaws, this is a mostly open world set in a fictional European setting. The Championships are varied and cleverly integrated into the game, with about four races each (over 170 championships and 700 races approximately).
Showcase events also make a return in this game and even though there doesn’t seem to be as many as the first game it has one aspect that really stands out for me, and that is that you get to race against a speeding train. The Drivatars of Forza Horizon 2 will not just race on roads but will take cross country shortcuts and can even lead you to collectibles you can find in the open world.
Getting around in Horizon 2 is even easier now with the in-game GPS and Kinect functionality. Whether it be due to a lack of development time or not, the only other slight drawback (and one that has always plagued the Forza games) is the lack of a modelled rear interior. James loves gaming and has been doing so since the 1980s when Flight Simulator 2 for the PC was released.
Unlike the first game, this is very much fleshed out as an open world racer and you and your friends will have a ball playing this. You can race anywhere and the variety in the racing will demonstrate this to you very quickly.
In between these Championships, you’ll be required to do a Road Trip (you can fast travel but in the early stages that will mean losing a bit of cash).
This has to be one of the most exhilarating virtual racing experiences I’ve come across. Those of you who love to tinker and dial in the perfect camber will be happy to see that the full Forza Motorsport tuning options are present along with livery and design options.
All of the screenshots in this review were taken from the in game camera so I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.
You can create and join car clubs and in this game you can have up to 1000 friends in your club. You can select to join a public lobby game with up to eleven other drivers or create your own private lobby and do Free Roam, Races or a combination of the two. When you first arrive in Horizon, the introduction is appalling hipster trash at its worst. I like being able to use the right stick to look behind me (even though the rear view mirror does a great job in this game) but it detracts a little bit when you go from an intricately detailed front cockpit to a full screen view of the world behind you.
There are plenty of cars (over 200) and the variety of the Championships will keep you busy.
Forza Horizon 2 has taken free roam racing to a new level, indicating that Playground Games learnt much from the original.
This game also does a good job of giving you a good feel for the variety of driving and racing, with you slowly unlocking the various modes and options as you progress. Road Trips are a nice touch and gives you a chance to get a feel for the car before you actually hit the next championship race. The train gets to run along a straight line while you are hurtling down a dirt road, taking a longer route, while having to deal with corners and bridges to get to the finish line. This means that you can join the race in your freshly bought car and the other cars that fill out the grid (twelve in this case) will also be non-upgraded models.

Even at launch there are plenty of user generated custom designs ready to stand your car out from the others. The musical choices are eclectic and entertaining, from soothing classical to modern beats as you cruise the party scene. As you level up your clubs Tiers by completing events, you will unlock bonuses for the members of your club. The multiplayer sessions I’ve had so far have been lag free and it seems to be much better in terms of netcode than Forza Motorsport 5.
I realise it is personal taste but I much rather liked Forza Motorsport 5’s introduction by Jeremy Clarkson and his love of cars. If all you do is race full screen or any of the outside views you won’t even notice, but because I am an interior cockpit view fanatic, it is slightly distracting to not see the rear interior of the car modelled. I think Playground Games and Turn 10 Studios have done an amazing job in making a game that appeals to so many car fans.
This is a vast improvement over the previous Forza games as you don’t have to spend extra money on upgrades and you get to race the car as the manufacturer intended.
This is a list of challenges (a little bit like the challenges from last game) that you can complete solo or with friends in multiplayer. The background noises are great and like all the other Forza games before it, the engine noises sound just right. The good news is that even if you create a private lobby, you’ll still gain credits and experience.
Many other racing games have done this and I’d personally like to see the Forza franchise step up in this regard too. Long time Forza fans will feel right at home and will love buying all their favourite cars to race around with.
In this mode you pull up simply to look at other peoples cars, challenge them to a race if you want to or even buy a similar car if you happen to love it. There is also AI traffic in this game but for most part they never get in the way and seem to provide enough of an avoidance challenge without getting too frustrating. In these scenarios you are usually racing much faster high-end super cars so you get a chance to try them out before shelling out your hard earned Horizon dollars on one of your own. The windscreen wipers turn on automatically when rain hits, as do the lights when night approaches. All I would recommend here is setting the Car Emphasis in the sound settings (instead of the music) and then bumping up the car sounds a couple of notches.
You also get voting options within certain private lobbies as well so that other racers have some say as to what event they want to race in next.
Despite the map being reportedly three times larger than the original Horizon, it still isn’t terribly huge for an open world game. For all their faults the Test Drive games excelled at having a decent land mass to race on.

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