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Get the latest crafting and DIY tips, tricks and tutorials delivered straight to your inbox! Basically, my method is sewing the fabric panel to the lining panel, right sides together, at the long edges and then turning it right side out. What makes this work is that I cut the lining fabric narrower than the curtain fabric.
Tip for cutting long lengths of fabric: keep the fabric folded lengthwise (just as it comes off the bold) fold in half twice, keeping fold edges aligned.
Line up the clear measuring grid (what is that thing called???) and use a rotary cutter with a sharp blade and cut to desired width.
Open up your folded lining fabric and then fold down 1″ and press on both ends of the lining fabric. Fold and press down about an inch from the end on the curtain fabric where the lining is shorter. With the lining side up, fold the hem to the back leaving a small amount peeking out on the right. Make sure you’re using the designated foot (my machine just requires a zig-zag foot) and your machine settings are set up correctly.

The nursery makeover will (hopefully) be done on Saturday and I can show off the entire room here on Sunday.
After the curtain is turned right side out and pressed, it looks just like a professionally-made curtain panel.
Determine the length of the curtain fabric by adding the desired finished curtain length with the length of the header and hem plus 2″.
Now you can sew in the hem by hand (what!?!?) or do what I do and use the blind hem stitch on your sewing machine.
Once you have the curtain fabric folded and pressed, mark where you want the stitching lines for the pocket for the curtain rod.
We hemmed the lining and we hemmed the face fabric and then did the stitched the side hems like this tutorial shows. I started sewing a few months ago and have been looking for a good tutorial on how to make lined curtains. I try to avoid sewing if at all possible, but I will save this for a future day when I’ll need lined curtains.

In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. One of the curtain fabric and one of the lining fabric – lots of folding, lots of ironing and lots of straight stitching. Now line up and pin the long edges of the curtain fabric and the lining fabric right sides together and folds facing out.
The machine will stitch a few times there and then hop over to the left to catch for one stitch. If you can thread the machine and sew a (relatively) straight stitch, then you can make these curtains. I think I know what this year’s project will  be, but I like to keep this a secret from Dan.

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