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I fell in love with the video tutorial from Splitcoast Stampers on how to make a faux leather wallet and Popsicle Toe’s country look wallet, so I decided to modify the concept to make quick and easy business card holders to go with my homemade business cards.
It is also one of the best way to promote your organisation, so if you are looking for business template, here is a site where you can get complete and comprehensive information.
It’s a Multipurpose Business Card Template Design for almost any kind of company, or even personal use. I found the magnets and was amazed at how easy it was to make.But this morning when I went to open it one of the magnets pulled away from the paper :(I did use the glossy accents any other thoughts?
Some magnets are too strong and you may need to cut a piece of paper to put over the magnets to create an extra layer. To help alleviate such economic woes, this guide explores four (sometimes unusual!) avenues that people can turn to when they need to earn money in a pinch.1.
Participating in Online Surveys Research companies are constantly in need of personal product evaluations, and dozens of websites have sprouted up to meet their growing demand by facilitating direct responses from the public.
Many of these online interfaces offer a monetized award for each survey, and the numbers can eventually add up to reach an enormous pay-off. The topics covered in the questionnaires are delightfully diverse, and they range from political opinions to merchandise assessments.

Avid consumers can rate every element of any brand they know, and they can receive financial compensation within the same day.2. Offering Transportation Services Investing in a pedicab is a great way to pick up extra money on the go, if you live in a major city near densely populated thoroughfares. Timing this kind of service for after major events will guarantee a massive crowd that is in need of transportation assistance.
Individuals that need a ride can use their phone interface to summon any available drivers in the area.
The first one to respond gets to collect a cash payment upon arrival, and they often receive tips at the end of the journey.3. Scalping Tickets for Big Events Local concerts provide an excellent source of hidden revenue for savvy ticket resellers. No matter how high the public demand is for an upcoming performance, the artist is contractually prohibited from selling tickets above a certain price range. By purchasing the maximum amount of tickets allowed at face value, these buyers eliminate base level availability to drive hype towards their offerings. Multiple accounts can be used to buy the top allotted quantity more than once.Obviously, this requires a little money up front, but this is only needed during the initial scalping endeavor.

After making an exponential profit off the first batch of tickets, these middlemen will be set with the resources to buy as many future tickets as they can sell. Clever scalpers analyze the performing arts industry to determine the most anticipated shows.4.
Busking on the Street Corner With a little talent, there is a lot of money to be found simply by asking for it in public corridors.
Musical performances earn the fastest attention, and change will pile up in an instrument’s case through the donations of interested bystanders.
She is a contributing writer to this and other blogs and also writes email newsletter articles, press releases and web content. Prior to her writing career, Natalie worked in various fields including real estate, equipment leasing and banking.

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