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This Mom Found a Hilarious Way to Ride Out "Elf on the Shelf" SeasonAnd, no, she's not just being a spoilsport — there's more to the story. Most Popular"Poor Buddy fell and broke his leg, he has strict orders from Santa not to move for two weeks! Use wooden pallets on DIY renovating projects for your floor, don’t throw away your money and make it by yourself with free recycled pallets. A friend of mine wanted a kitchen floor, but could not put in laminate or tiles due to a constant leak, so I suggested a temporary pallet floor. There was some serious confusion about how to enter when I first posted this contest, so listen up and enter right now! When we make things too easy, either for ourselves or for those around us, we can usher in an attitude of complacency.  We can start to reason that a challenge, of any sort, that makes life different or uncomfortable is a bad thing, when in fact, doing things the hard way helps us to grow into better, stronger people. Doing things the hard way can seem counterproductive at first glance, but if you look deeper, you’ll find that, when picking the right jobs to do the hard way, it really can give you a great sense of accomplishment and teach you a lot about navigating through life.
What could you be doing the hard way that could add value and instill character in yourself or those around you? Laurie is a wife, mother to 4, and homesteader who blogs about personal finance, self-sufficiency and life in general over at The Frugal Farmer.
That’s a perfect example, Jack, about you working two and three jobs to pay your own way through university.
I remember when I was learning how to tell time in kindergarten and I thought it was the haaardest thing to learn.
My daughter does that same thing, and I have to constantly remind her that reading 5 easy books in 10 minutes is not better than reading a chapter of a challenging book! Welcome to Frugal Rules!I'm a veteran of the financial services industry who's learned the hard way how to invest, save, and manage my money. As Breast Cancer Awareness month is upon us, I wanted to take an opportunity to remind you of a tremendously easy and FREE way that you can make a difference.

With a long family history of Breast Cancer, I can testify to the important of this movement.
He plays a doctor with a flair for alternative medicine on Private Practice, but in real life, Tim Daly may have discovered the fountain of youth. MAKE YOUR OWN PREDICTION: Leave a comment on this blog post with your prediction and I will enter it in manually for you! Winners will be contacted by email and must respond within 48 hours or another winner will be chosen. There are going to be many difficult paths and challenges that our children will have to face through life, and the only way to deal with them is to have the ability to work hard and challenge yourself. It would be very easy to just give one option in most cases, but I almost always find myself going through every possible outcome of various choices for treatments or lenses. In Frugal Rules, I've created an online community where together, we pursue financial literacy and freedom. Now iPhone owners can have the same fun as iPad owners, matching words with parts of speech to pop clouds, win coins, and advance to harder levels.We have lots of plans to keep adding to Grammar Pop so that it continues to be fun, but you can get started today.
Their goal is to recruit one million healthy women of every age and ethnicity (including breast cancer survivors and women at high-risk for the disease) to partner with breast cancer researchers and participate in the research that will eradicate breast cancer once and for all. Plus, as my mom is participating in one of their studies, I can tell you first hand how easy it is to do your part.
When a challenge does present itself, you are going to doubt yourself right from the start. My husband never took it easy on our son, in fact, probably made it harder than he needed to for that level of play. You gave them a job and expectation and because they wanted the easy and fastest way instead of doing it the right way the job will be done wrong. I just can't stand the fact that they're going out on their own — I love having my kids around, and I'm angry at them for going out and becoming independent.

But my son became so good at hitting that he was always their go-to guy for a strategic hit or even home run.
Since that’s not the case, my belief is that you need to challenge yourself in areas that are important to you and take the easy way in ones that are not.
My thought has always been that if I did a halfway job, eventually they would find someone who did much better and realize that I wasn’t very good. Bu what amazed me was their behavior after being told the job was done incorrect and to do it again. I want to tuck them in and drive them to school in the morning, but they just won't let me do that anymore. But having been through that, I feel confident in my ability to deliver high quality work in short periods of time – a skill that has served me well in my career.
I think in the pros he’d be their designated hitter or clean up hitter or something like that.
Anyway, the lesson he learned was that not everyone could hit fast pitches, but with a little hard work, he could! At the end of each school year, give it to your child’s teacher to sign or write a note.
But she's just generally stronger than I am about everything, which is nice, because it means that now I get to be the baby.Are you particularly helpful or handy around your empty house?Well, I have a farm in Vermont that's my main residence, where I do lots of digging and mowing, and ride tractors — just so you don't get the wrong idea that I'm too girlie!
Why did you get involved?A dear friend fought this disease, and her husband was so profoundly affected by it — it made me realize that breast cancer is important to men, too, because these are our wives, our mothers, our sisters, and our daughters who are fighting.

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