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When the Canadian federal government decided earlier this year to delay plans to phase out inefficient light bulbs, it drew the ire of environmental groups who argued the delay was unnecessary and would further set back the government’s already weak emissions-reduction strategy. I was curious about the status of the planned phaseout, so put in a query to the Ontario Ministry of Energy. They should wait until more efficient incandescent bulbs are more common, or until LED bulbs come down in price. More efficient incandescent bulbs do exist, and LED bulb prices will come down with volume — which is exactly what this regulation would create. Furthermore, Mr Hamilton, what do You do with your burnt-out CFL’s that are mercury-filled?
Or perhaps you could provide more info on the “efficient incandescents” you mentioned above? The results will be a sense of peace, harmony and immense satisfaction whenever you’re at home… something that’s invaluable in this stressful, chaotic world.
I’ve spent over 12 months putting together a members-only resource that will help turn your dream of a beautiful, tranquil Japanese garden at home a reality.
You can join me today in this ground breaking project without risking a single penny of your hard-earned money. Find out How to get ground breaking, practical help that’ll push you to achieve your goals…of having a little piece of Japan at your home. I’ve made sure this is the lowest price, easiest, quickest way anyone can create a Japanese Garden or Zen garden….
I can’t wait to show you what’s in store – and get you started on a garden that will absolutely stun your family, friends and neighbours.
Now I am building Phase 2 which includes a hill garden with dry riverbed and a raised gravel, moss and rock garden for very little money and a lot of SATISFACTION!
You get access to must-have practical information on everything from Bonsai to Koi to Moss and Stones and Rocks. It’s packed with tips, inspiration and practical examples to use in your own Japanese garden plans.

But please hurry, if you want a risk-free place, you must act fast.TODAY I have this special introductory OFFER for you. OR you can join for a year to make the best use of all the helpful and inspiring content in the Japanese Garden Club.
Being a member gives you the chance to connect with like minded individuals who love Japanese gardens, and you can chat, exchange and share ideas within the club too! PLUS you get NEW EXCLUSIVE CONTENT added to ‘The Japanese Garden Club’ EVERY MONTH to inspire you in your Japanese garden creation! COPYRIGHT The Japanese Garden Club 2015 - ALL information on this website is for MEMBERS ONLY and must not be shared by non-members. It would also further tarnish Canada’s already lackluster reputation on the climate file in the aftermath of climate talks in Durban, South Africa. Many companies have made business decisions based on the expectation of a phaseout starting Jan. Self-ballasting fluorescent bulbs generate a fair bit of electromagnetic radiation, and broken or burnt out CFC bulbs create an environmental toxin problem with mercury.
I can help you create your own private paradise easily, without great cost, and tailored to fit even the pokiest space.
It makes NO difference whether you have gardening skills or not .Everything is laid out for you to watch, listen, read and be inspired. They keep their advice simple and straight forward and above all it is easy to follow and duplicate in your Japanese garden. I’ve made just over 100 places available in The Japanese Garden Club at a special price, so please ACT now to snap up your place…. He’ll show you how he created a garden with a Koi pond, a Zen area and even a wall with a moon window in it so visitors can peer into his private garden from outside! She takes you through her Japanese garden design project in audio and video so you can see exactly how to get the same results for your own garden space. You can even watch my series of videos for  phase one of my own Zen garden at my home – step-by-step instruction on the simple techniques to make your garden become a reality.

12 Months membership is a one off fee of $54.77 SAVING you over $40 a year on a yearly FULL membership!
1, 2010, for example, retailers in British Columbia have been prohibited from restocking 75-watt and 100-watt incandescent bulbs. I asked whether the review would continue into next year, meaning the government would miss the Jan. At a time when we should be adding to our efforts, it seems we’re instead backtracking on previous commitments, including delaying our participation in the Western Climate Initiative (fortunately Quebec is following through). This will give you instant access to ALL the invaluable information and help that I have told you about and NEW MONTHLY CLUB UPDATES to help you achieve your dream Japanese garden space at home! It was also assumed that Ontario would follow through with a similar commitment beginning Jan. Department of Energy from enforcing the law, as detailed in the Energy and Independence Security Act 2007.
Companies such as Sears Canada and IKEA have already stopped selling (inefficient) incandescent bulbs, proving that the time is right to follow through.
1, 2012, but there’s a strong possibility the government will backtrack at the 11th hour. Perhaps some public pressure is needed over the next few days to convince Ontario to stick with its guns and start the light bulb phaseout Jan.
Indeed, by forging ahead Ontario can stand out as a leader and not fall under the shadow of a federal government that’s more concerned about short-term economic gain than the long-term health of our economy and environment.

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