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Studypool is a homework and tutoring marketplace that provides students with academic help on your homework, assignments, papers, concepts, and questions as well as access to other student’s academic documents.
Sign up to get a Free $10 Studypool Credit to use toward your first online tutoring session or academic document purchase. You can then use your $10 free Studypool credit toward your first homework question or document purchase.
If you already created a Studypool account, but you haven’t actually used the service yet, then you may still be able to enter the above code to get a $10 credit. Studypool is an online marketplace that brings students and tutors together to help answer homework questions and provide academic assistance.
Tutors can help students with answering questions, homework assignments, concepts, papers, study guides, and anything else related to academia.
Students can also purchase academic documents from prior students on Studypool, such as old quizzes from your class or class notes taken from your professor. Studypool makes it easy to search for documents by your particular university or subject matter.
Studypool is an easy way for students to connect with tutors online to get answers to your questions or help with your homework assignments when you need it.
You may also be interested in the Wonder On-Demand Research Service to get detailed essays that you can use to help prepare for presentations, papers, articles, and other informational tasks. When a current Studypool member refers a new member to Studypool, you will both receive a Free $10 Studypool Credit when the new member signs up.
For each person who signs up through your referral, you will earn $10 that can be spent on questions or withdrawn to your PayPal account. Please note that you can withdraw any credits that you earn from your referrals (or tutoring) to your PayPal account.
If you have the ability to provide tutoring services, or if you want to sell your old academic documents, then you could also use Studypool to make some extra money on the side. You can earn passive income by uploading your old answers and academic documents into the Studypool Notebank, where it will be shared with your community.

You can upload various documents including class notes, completed homework, exams, assignments, old quizzes, courses, and any other documents related to education and academia. When you refer your friends to Studypool, you will receive a $10 credit to spend on questions or withdraw to PayPal. You simply browse through questions, help explain and answer questions, and get paid by making students happy. The money that you earn from tutoring can then be withdrawn to your PayPal account once you earn at least $50.
The WordPress Gift certificate plugin provides a platform for service-based business to manage and sell gift certificates. If you are going to use the WP printable gift certificate plugin, you will need to have a PayPal account. When setting the value of the certificates, you can set the amount of the certificate or allow your buyer to select the amount. If you want to offer gift certificates to groups such as school or tours, the plugin has provisions to allow such modifications. The plugin provides a number of useful features which help you manage the sales of WP printable gift certificates.
All in all, with WP printable gift certificates, you can easily increase and manage the revenue that your service-based business makes from the sales of printable gift certificates. Get Social with WPGC Sign up to stay informedBe notified of new developments, promotions, tips and fixes.
If you answer yes, encourage them to take advantage of the free SAT resources available through the College Board and Khan Academy.
While grabbing lunch a few months ago, I was able to watch an employee make a batch since they have an open kitchen. This post is a first in a series on strategies you can implement at home to help your child learn math. Bill has 8 years of teaching experience and is currently a teacher at Daniel Island School.

The right answer varies, depending on the child, but don’t wait until bad grades show up on a report card. Studypool recommends a tutor from its network to answer the question, and the student makes the final choice on which tutor to use. On scanning, you will be able to verify the validity of the gift certificate as well as the value of the gift certificate. There are a number of shortcodes which enable the certificate to be displayed on any page of your WordPress blog or website. Once a certificate is sold and redeemed, scanning the QR code associated with a particular gift certificate will return a Status of Invalid or Redeemed.
In this way, customers who would like group gift certificates can be served timely and efficiently.
For instance, through the export transaction feature, all PayPal payment for gift certificate purchases are recorded and saved in a csv file for your review. Let Math Ninja assess your child using the Math Reasoning Inventory developed by Marilyn Burns and her team of experienced teachers. As such, once payment is made, a notification message is sent back to the plugin where a unique gift certificate is generated and sent to the buyer’s e-mail address. This ensures that no more than one unique gift certificate with the same QR code is redeemed.
This also removes the inefficiency associated with generating multiple single gift certificates for the group. As it is fully integrated with PayPal, there is no need to use a shopping cart plugin to sell the gift certificates.

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