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EVs in Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire stand for Effort Values and varies from one Pokemon to other. For more help in Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, read our Contest Spectaculars Guide, Combat Tips and How to Train Your Pokemon. Each Pokemon in Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire has six stats: special attack, special defense, attack speed, attack, HP, and defense.
Due to this fact, it is extremely important that you assign your EVs carefully – it is the only line between life and death.
Similar to Pokemon X and Y, you will encounter hordes in Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. One of the most important tip to keep in mind is that you require a Pokemon which knows Sweet Scent of your team.
There are certain special items which tend to increase your Pokemon’s EV gain by considerable amount. One such special item is Macho Brace which decreases your Pokemon’s speed, but increases the EV gain by 2x. The post Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire EV Training Guide – How to Earn EVs Fast appeared first on SegmentNext.
Having the best Pokemon isn’t just about having one which can stand its ground in a fight and dish out some major damage. For more help on Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, read our TMs and HMs Locations, Mega Stones Locations, Key Items Locations and Pokemon Breeding Guide. Each category has four ranks which the Pokemon must achieve if it is to be the best there is.
If multiple types of berries are used, the pokeblock will favor the color and the corresponding effects of the berry in highest quantity.
The more berries of the same color a player uses, the higher will be chance of Pokeblocks+. While a specific colored Pokeblock provides benefit to a specific category, players can also create Rainbow Pokeblocks to boost all categories by simply adding four berries of different colors to the blender. They are however difficult to create and the best way to ensure a Rainbow Pokeblock is to use berries with a higher success ratio. Rainbow Pokeblock+: Use four berries of different colors with higher Pokeblock+ success rate. The key to winning is to make the audience into loving the player’s Pokemon while making sure the opposing Pokemon don’t get that much attention. Players need to use the moves with the same number of stars as shown in the corner to ensure audience excitement.
Beauty moves increase excitement, Cleverness and Toughness decrease it and Coolness and Cuteness has no effect. Cuteness moves increase excitement, Coolness and Toughness decrease it and Beauty and Cleverness has no effect.
Cleverness moves increase excitement, Coolness and Beauty decrease it and Toughness and Cuteness has no effect.
Toughness moves increase excitement, Beauty and Cuteness decrease it and Coolness and Cleverness has no effect. If players manage to excite the audience in a turn, they will gain a bonus Appeal heart for that turn. As players progress through the ranks, they will start to gain fans and will even have the option to pick up to 10 fans of their own choosing. Change of costume provides the Pikachu with a corresponding special move which can help a lot in the contest.
Competing in the contest will definitely leave players with memories they would want to store.
When players reach the Master Rank, their pokemon portraits will appear on the second floor of the Contest Spectacular Halls.
The post Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire Contest Spectaculars Guide appeared first on SegmentNext. Combat in Pokemon games might seem a trivial affair but it is actually a very delicate matter.
For more help on Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, read our PokeNav Plus Guide, How to Train Your Pokemon, How to Catch Shiny Pokemon and Mega Evolutions Guide. While raising powerful Pokemon definitely helps in winning, there are a lot of other ways to gain an edge over enemy Pokemon. Items increase the efficiency of a Pokemon in some certain aspect for the duration of the battle.
Dire Hit: This can only be used once per battle and raises the critical hit ratio of a Pokemon.
Expert Belt: Increases any move’s damage by 20% as long as it deals super effective damage.
Held items not only help with attacks but can also help a Pokemon survive a long and tough battle.
Held items can also be used with moves for devastating effect, an example of which is the combination of Razor Claw and Shadow Claw. Razor Claw is a held item that increases critical hit ratio, combining that with Shadow Claw, a move that already has a high critical hit ratio can deal a huge amount of damage to enemies. Abilities: Abilities don’t just increase damage from attack moves but they also have a variety of other purposes such as protecting from specific type of attacks or inflicting status conditions. There are some other useful abilities such as Compound Eyes which activate when a Pokemon uses a move. Players should try to use abilities which prevent or decrease incoming damage from enemies. Mega Evolution: With the right Mega Stone, certain Pokemon can undergo a Mega Evolution during battles. While a Pokemon holds the Mega Stone, waiting to Evolve, it can’t hold on to useful items like Berries which might help it survive if the opposing Pokemon is deadly and relentless. Mega Evolution isn’t also a true Evolution as the effects wear off after the current battle and the Pokemon returns back to its original form. Single Battle: This is the traditional battle style where each team battles with one Pokemon at a time. Multi Battle: This is like double battle but instead of one player controlling two Pokemon, there are four players each controlling one Pokemon. The Pokemon on the left and right have a limited range, depending on their move while the one in the middle can hit all three enemy Pokemon. Horde Battle: players have to send out one Pokemon against five opposing, which are actually weak compared to the player’s Pokemon.
If players intend to catch a Pokemon during a Horde Battle, they need to first defeat all the others and then capture the one they want. An example of this would be a Fire move which would normally do insane damage against a Grass type Pokemon but in this battle it would barely harm the opposing Pokemon.
Each type has its strengths and weaknesses and building a versatile team helps players overcome the weaknesses of individual Pokemon.
Ghost: Immune to Normal and Fighting type moves as well as moves and abilities that prevent escape or switch out in a battle. For more help on Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, read our How to Train Your Pokemon, How to Catch Shiny Pokemon and Mega Evolutions Guide. Pokemon will be registered with PokeDex and Dexnav through the conventional method, when you encounter them in the wild.
You will be able to check for the presence of wild Pokemon in every area where you are using the DexNav – the Pokemon will appear on the map if you have encountered it before.
You can also spot Hidden Pokemon in the game, they will sometimes be partially visible from tall grass or seen in the water splashing about. Encountering them will require stealth and sneaking so that you can get to them from behind quietly.
DexNav will let you locate for a given specie of Pokemon in the wild if you have captured one of them. This is where you can learn all about different locations in the game like Routes, Facilities and the Towns. Using this feature you can go to an area and then find out what and how many Pokemon are there for you to encounter in the given area on the map. BuzzNav has features of its own, it lets you stay connected to the world of Pokemon by keeping you updated with the events and news. This features keeps you updated regularly on news as you progress through the game and pass players.
Player Search System, or PSS for short, is actually a system in the game that brings you battles and trading. This is actually your very own pet that allows you to stay connected with the Pokemon world. If there is anything confusing in the guide let us know in the comments section below and we will help you with it. Learning about the stats, strengths, weaknesses and nature of a Pokemon is essential to become a master trainer. For more help on Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, read our TMs and HMs Locations, Items Locations, Key Items Locations and Berry Locations Guide.
Base stat is a very crucial number which impacts a Pokemon’s final stats on its summary page. Base stats can be increased by making Pokemon participate in battles or simply using the Super Training feature from the PlayNav app.
Each time players defeat a Pokemon, their own Pokemon which took part in the battle will earn a set number of points for a certain base stat, which depends on the species of the Pokemon they defeated.
Horde Encounters and using attacks that deal damage to multiple Pokemon at once are very useful in gaining base stat quickly. There is one side to these items though, they decrease the speed of the Pokemon who is using them by half the original amount.
There is another way to speed up the base stat gain, by allowing your Pokemon to be exposed to the Pokerus virus. Whenever a Pokemon contracts the virus, players should move it to PC Box as that way the Pokemon will retain the virus. If however a player accidentally increases a base stat they didn’t want to, they can just reset it by using a Reset Bag, which reduces all stats to zero, which can be found through Super Training.
Players can also train Pokemon in such a way that they receive small boosts to all base stats in order to make a Pokemon fit for all types of situations. The post How to Train Your Pokemon in Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire appeared first on SegmentNext.
For more help on Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, read our Mega Evolutions Guide, Legendary Pokemon Guide, Elite Four and Champion Battle Tips and Breeding Guide. There is nothing different in them other than the shine but still, the most intriguing thing about them is that they are super rare.
While none of the ways guarantee that you will find a Shiny Pokemon, a charm always increases the possibility.
Another way of increasing your chances to find a Shiny Pokemon is to breed two Pokemon of different language games.

In order for the Fishing Rod Chaining to work, you will need to stay within the space you are in. The post How to Catch Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire appeared first on SegmentNext. Among the list of Pokemon that can be mega evolved, you have some that were featured in the original Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire titles, and you also have others that are new to this version of the game.
For more help on Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, read our Poke Balls Locations, Elite Four Battle Tips and Pokemon Breeding Guide.
Mega Evolutions in Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire are possible after you have acquired the Mega Stone and combined it with a Mega Bracelet.
Upon mega evolving the Pokemon will become fiercer, and more edged towards the Dragon Type. While the Pokemon becomes cuter with Mega Evolved (due thanks to the Fairy type), it also gets an increase in the Defense and Sp Defense. When you mega evolve it, the Pokemon will become fluffy and elegant and gains Fairy type instead of Flying type. Attack and Speed stats will be greatly boosted and the Scrappy ability will allow it to attack Ghost type Pokemon with Normal and Fighting type attacks.
All of its stats will be boosted and it will exclusively get access to Delta Force ability. With more pointy body parts and new drills, it looks even more dangerous when mega evolved. Moving on, Sp Attack will get massive boost and the No guard ability will mean that all of the attack it makes or takes, are going to hit. If there is anything missing or confusing in the guide, let us know in the comments section below and we will help you with it. The post Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire Mega Evolutions Guide appeared first on SegmentNext. The Pokemon Global Link aka PGL is actually a community website linked with Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.
That’s where you can meet Pokemon Trainers, stay connected with other players and their progress, take part in attractions to win items and last but not the least take on competitions and battles. For more help on Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, read our Poke Balls Locations, How to Find and Catch Perfect Pokemon, Elite Four and Champion Guide. As of now, everyone who has signed up to PGL can stay updated with news and events, including promotions, other releases and most importantly competitions.
Moving on, you will have a Logbook of your own where every milestone and achievement of yours will be recorded so that you can show off to your friends. Then there is the PokeMileage Club that allows you to buy items and play attractions in exchange of you Poke Miles. As you progress through the game and accomplish different feats, you will be awarded with Medals that will be displayed on your PGL account.
Moreover, the platform will provide a place for you to compare and compete in ranking against the top Trainers all over the globe. This is one way to stay connected with the community; the final rankings of each season the ranks from Rating Battles are posted online. You can enter the Rating Battles from the Battle Spot on the PSS by choosing Random Matchup Rating Battle. From your PSS you will have to choose the Battle Spot option, then select Online Competition, and hit Participate to get you Digital Player ID. The best part is, even if you don’t win the battles here, you still get prizes for participation. If there is anything confusing in all this, let us know in the comments section below and we will help you. The post Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire Global Link Guide appeared first on SegmentNext.
For different scenarios, there are different advantages of using certain Poke Balls; for instance there is one that make it easier to catch Pokemon underwater and then there is one that will make it easier to catch them in the caves. In Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, Poke Balls will mostly need to be bought off from Poke Marts. We have listed down all 14 of the Poke Balls that you can get in both the games, provided you with a description of each as well as the way in which you can obtain each and every one of them. This Poke Ball can be used to give a higher catch rate to a Pokemon in comparison to a normal Poke Ball.
How to Obtain You can buy this Poke Ball for 600 at Poke Marts once you have acquired the first Gym Batch. This Poke Ball can be used to give a higher catch rate to a Pokemon in comparison to a normal Great Ball. How to Obtain You can buy this Poke Ball for 1200 at Poke Marts once you have acquired the first Gym Batch.
How to Obtain In Pokemon Omega Ruby, you can get this from Team Magma Hideout B3F or in Pokemon Alpha Sapphire from the Team Aqua Hideout B3F. If you catch Pokemon with this Poke Ball it will restore its HP and also fix all the status conditions. How to Obtain You can buy this Poke Ball for 1000 from Rustboro Town Poke Mart once you have talked to the Scientist and opened the Rusturf Tunnel.
The post Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire Poke Balls Locations Guide appeared first on SegmentNext. For more help on Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, read our Elite Four and Champion Guide, Breeding Guide and Move Deleter Location.
Strengths affect stat growth of the Pokemon, whether it’s caught from the wild or hatched from an egg. The Detector Mode from the DexNav app can help players identify the strengths of a Pokemon.
Knowing what nature is best for which stat is key to catching the right Pokemon and making an all-rounder team.
Sometimes remembering all the different stats and natures of Pokemon can be quite challenging since there are so many of them out there. Players can look at all six stats of their Pokemon from the Summary, where pink colored means stats positively affect by the nature while the light blue stat is negatively affected. The post How to Find and Catch Perfect Pokemon in Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire appeared first on SegmentNext. In this guide, I will share some tips and techniques which may help you win your battle against the Elite Four. For more help on Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, read our Pokemon Breeding Guide, How to Delete Pokemon Moves, O-Powers Guide and Pokemon-Amie Guide. Before taking on the Elite Four, it is extremely important that you pay close attention to Elite-Four’s Pokemon and use the most effective moves against them. With these items at your disposal, make sure to restore your Pokemon’s HP after every battle and even use them to negate any status conditions on them. At a higher level, your Pokemon will become stronger and tackle its opponents in a much better way. Mightyena is a Level-50 dark-type Pokemon which is vulnerable to fighting, bug, and fairy type attacks. All of Phoebe’s Pokemon are ghost-type which makes them immune to normal and fighting type attacks. You need to well-equipped with Ethers and Elixirs to restore your Pokemon’s PP and keep the battle going!
During the battle against Glacia, you need to avoid using grass, ground, flying, or dragon type Pokemon since her Pokemon are vastly ice-type. It is highly recommended that you are well-equipped with items like Persim Berry, Lava Cookie, Full Heal, or a Full Restore. For a quick finish, you can go with fire-type moves, but you need to worry about Walrein’s Surf move. The final of the Elite Four is Drake who relies of dragon-type Pokemon to dominate the battlefield. Since we were ten years old, we’ve all been training for this lifetime adventure to catch Pokemon in the real world. Pokemon Go has been officially released only for a limited number of countries like the U.S, New Zealand and Australia. Tired of people wandering around your property glued to a smart phone , looking for imaginary animals ? One Pokemon GO player posts their experience reaching level 30, explaining that climbing past that rank is nearly impossible at this time, and that changes need to be made.
A gamer known as Riggaros posted to the Pokemon GO subreddit, explaining his frustration as a high-level trainer in Pokemon GO. Others are in agreement with Riggaros, with Twitter user Klik_Vox posting an elaborate spreadsheet detailing exactly how much EXP a trainer needs to earn in Pokemon GO in order to level up once they pass 30.
Riggaros notes that he believes changes need to be made to Pokemon GO as quickly as possible to amend these problems, beginning with trainers receiving an equal amount of EXP regardless of the type or rarity of Pokemon they catch.
Obviously the higher levels of Pokemon GO are meant to be difficult to achieve, but even if a player were to spend a lot of money on Pokemon GO‘s microtransactions, earning the quantity of EXP needed would still be nearly impossible to accomplish. For now, the higher levels of the game are arguably broken, and Pokemon GO may begin to see a drop-off in popularity until the problem is amended. Players are unable to assign more than 252 EVs to a single stat and more than 510 EVs across all stats. In case you fully maximize a stat, your Pokemon will have 63 more points than a Pokemon which has 0 EVs assigned to that particular stat.
Luckily, in Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, each horde has a specific region where it can be found. The reason I say Sweet Scent is important is because you are guaranteed to encounter a horde with it – 100 per cent. Being a master trainer involves much more including training Pokemon to be appealing to other residents of Hoenn. There are five categories for this contest: Coolness, Beauty, Cuteness, Cleverness and Toughness. Players can create their own Pokeblocks by using the Pokeblock Kit and Berries they acquire by playing.
This also provides the chance of creating Pokeblocks+ which are more effective than regular Pokeblocks. Berries which are harvested in smaller quantities when players grow them have a higher chance of producing Pokeblocks+. Players need to constantly use moves which increase the appeal (hearts around the Pokemon) while jamming the abilities of other Pokemon through some other ability. When all 5 stars are reached, the players get a Spectacular Talent bonus and the stars reset back to 0. The gifts contain a variety of items including berries, soda pop, stardust and fresh water.
This special Cosplay Pikachu can be added to the team and can change into different costumes provided by the Breeder. Not only that, these moves and costumes can be used outside of the contest as well as players adventure through Hoenn as long as they continue to use the Cosplay Pikachu in battles.

The Nintendo 3DS Camera application will allow players to take photos of the best moments from the contest an store them. One wrong move, whether it’s an ability use or a Pokemon selection can mean the end of a hard fought battle. Players should opt for abilities that activate whenever their Pokemon enters battle, such as the Intimidate ability.
Mega Stones are usually available by defeating various Super Ancient Pokemon while some can be acquired by completing story events.
Players are divided into teams of two so they only have to worry about their own Pokemon and not their ally’s. These battles are extremely challenging and require players to constantly shift positions of the Pokemon.
Each side sends out three Pokemon but only one can attack per turn, while the other two can use their moves, they can’t attack.
Moves which are normally super effective against a certain Pokemon type turn out to be not very effective in these battles.
When designing a team, players shouldn’t just focus on damage type or defense type Pokemon, instead their team should be versatile and comprised of various abilities and type of Pokemon.
The same feature is there in Pokemon Oega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire too, only this time it has been revamped to PokeNav Plus.
Each one of them has specific uses like finding Pokemon in the wild, finding bases and berries, trading, battling and so on.
Using AreaNav you can find berries, secret bases, trainers, specific locations and of course Pokemon. If you have visited a place before you can fly there if the Pokemon is acquainted with the flying HM.
Of course you also get to know more about their Pokemon and their readiness for battling you.
A mark in the top right corner will inform you on encountering a Pokemon with the StreetPass.
BuzzNav will let you watch them for instance the ones about Pokemon Contests, Interviews, Secret Bases and Name Rater. This where you can use the O-Powers, the Wonder Trade option for random Pokemon trade, or just trade with friends, players passing by and so on. Each species’ has its own strengths and characteristics which influence their stats and the outcome of each battle. Just like a species strengths determine its final Attack stat in a battle, so does the base stat. Using items during battle can also increase the rate at which base stats are gained, these items however have no effect during Super Training. Share to make sure all the Pokemon who share exp through battles also earn base stats, this helps in quickly raising the stats for multiple Pokemon at once.
They can then occasionally take it out and position it next to the Pokemon they want to train, and the virus will spread. These berries are available from the Berry Master on Route 123 or from the young girl in Sootopolis. Atk to make it a killing machine or improve upon weaknesses such as Swampert’s Defense and Sp.
You will find one in tens of thousands if you go out looking (1 in 8192), or you could breed them. Capture all 718 Pokemon and Professor Birch will reward you with a Key Item – you very own Shiny Charm. When you start a battle from fishing, it will enhance your chance at catching a Shiny Pokemon. Two abilities, namely Suction Cups and Sticky Hold will help you with landing a Pokemon if the lead Pokemon has these abilities. However, beware that trainers like Steven and Wally as well as Team Magma and Team Aqua leaders Archie and Maxie can also mega evolve their Pokemon.
It will be able to boost the Sp Attack and also absorb any electric type attacks that are made on it by the enemies.
Upon being Mega Evolved, it maintains its type but will be able to hover and attacks with its legs.
Using Aerilate, the Normal type moves will be turned into Flying type and they will also get a boost.
Attack and Speed are boosted and the Inner Force ability allows the Pokemon to stop flinching for good. Upon mega evolving, this Pokemon increases its elegance and fierceness in appearance while retaining Dragon Flying type.
This ability will bring a Strong Wind weather to the battle and stop all other weather conditions to take effect. Again similar to Latias, Levitate means that Ground type attacks will not have an effect on it. Its Ice type is not changed and it also gets the Refrigerate ability that turns all Normal type attacks into Ice Type while also giving them a 30% increase in damage power. You get to check out stats to find out the most popular Pokemon; names of the trending Pokemon in the community and the Contest Spectaculars and so on.
After that, you will get a Game Sync ID that in turn has to be entered to your PGL account. You will be able to check out where you and your friends stand in comparison to each other and their previous seasons. They can be regional or international and if you have signed up you will get to register to the upcoming competitions. Just wait for the competition to open and then visit Battle Spot on your PSS, Go to Online Competition and choose Battle to start playing. A poochyena caught from one place will be different from another in terms of its individual strengths.
Just like species strength, individual strength can’t be changed so if players desire increased speed or some other changes, they will have to catch or obtain a new one. You will not be able to leave the Pokemon League until you defeat the Elite Four or get defeated! Aside from using TMs, make sure to pay Move Tutors in Mauville City, Fallarbor Town, and Sootopolis City a visit. In addition to healing items, also stock items which provide your Pokemon with a temporary or permanent boost.
The last thing that you need to do is to use a Rare Candy if your Pokemon is not performing well against the Elite Four.
By using Pressure Ability, Phoebe is able to cause your Pokemon to lose PP with every move. Ideally, you should be using a fire-type Pokemon which knows fighting, rock, and steel type attacks. You will note that most of Drake’s Pokemon are weak against dragon, fairy, and ice type attacks. All the hours I spent on watching the TV series, so I could study all the different Pokemon.
Throughout the world, you’ll find different Pokemon of different levels (CP) and it’s up to you to level them up so you can take on gym battles! The levels come quickly after completing minor tasks, and players continue on, feeling rewarded. According to his post, Riggaros spent a whole week reaching level 30, but the process wasn’t rewarding or fun. The numbers are staggering: a trainer would need 300,000 EXP to go from level 29 to 30 and 1,920,000 EXP to go from 39 to 40. It’s possible that Niantic already intends to make adjustments to the higher levels of the game, and perhaps being able to trade in Pokemon GO and directly battle other players in the future will carry hefty EXP bonuses that will make leveling easier. Although Niantic has its hands full bringing Pokemon GO to new regions, hopefully changes will be made to improve the experience for high-ranking players quickly. These Pokemon will not only allow you to find a Shiny Pokemon or a Pokemon with a hidden ability, but also farm for EVs. Pokemon can hold berries during fights and use them whenever it is appropriate to cure conditions. This saves the player a move since they can just attack when it’s their turn and the opposing Pokemon has decreased Attack from the start of the battle. The first thing you will notice when the Mega Evolution is complete is a huge uncrushable jewel alongside a changed look of the Pokemon. Once it is mega evolved, the appearance will change and its wings will turn into a crescent like shape.
While the appearance of this Pokemon doesn’t change much, it will take on the Fighting type when mega evolved. Its appearance changes are impressive; the color changes from red to purple and it starts looking like a jet. For those whoo don’t know, Poke Miles are actually the distance covered by the player with their characters. For instance, if your Pokemon has less Attack Speed or Agility, let him hold an item which will increase its Attack Speed or Agility. When this ability is combined with Spite, it can reduce your Pokemon’s PP in a drastic manner.
Additionally, her Froslass use Confuse Ray which increases the chances of your own Pokemon hurting them.
On the right bottom of your screen, is a white box and this box shows the Pokemon that are nearby. However, some players have recently come forward pointing out that the difficulty to level in Pokemon GO reaches levels of absurdity further down the road. He points out that Pokemon GO is in dire need of adjustments to the higher levels, as it quickly becomes harder for players to earn the EXP necessary to continue leveling up as they have fewer Pokedex entries that need filling in and very few other ways of earning larger amounts of EXP in Pokemon GO. If the hard level cap is ever raised and no adjustments are made to the EXP needed, Klik_Vox has calculated that a whopping 12,260,000 EXP would be required to rank up from 49 to 50. After the mega evolution, all of its stats will be boosted but that comes at the cost of a reduction in speed stat. These include a 30 percent increase in damage dealt by Steel, Ground and Rock type attacks. Once you see a Pokemon, you tap it and the game will show you the Pokemon through the eye of your camera. Android users had a fairly more easy way, they just had to download the Pokemon GO APK and install it. These Poke stops can be used unlimited and offer different items each time but it has a 5-minute cooldown.
Poke stops can be seen from all over the world, but you need to be close to them to get these items.

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