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A seven-year-old boy was grabbed from the street by strangers to maim him so he would elicit more sympathy working for them as a beggar. Okkhoy, the Bengali word for 'unbreakable.' The horrific attack on Okkhoy unfolded in late 2010, just a few days before the Muslim festival of Eid, when three local children lured the trusting child out of his home with the promise of a lolly. It was then a group of neighborhood men grabbed him and pulled him into an alley, binding his hands and feet. A judge also refused to help, but by sheer coincidence human rights lawyer, Alena Khan was in the courthouse and felt compelled to publicise the horrifying case.
At the trial, according to prosecutors, it emerged that the gang maimed at least five other children to get money for begging. If you are a hard working talented person with basic computer knowledge and have an internet connection at home you can easily earn a decent amount of money online every month.
But when he recognised the men from his area and told them he would report them to his father, they decided to torture him, cutting off his penis and leaving him for dead on the streets of Bangladesh.

But their hope to maim Okkhoy turned into a plan to kill him after he told the men that he recognised them and he would tell his father. She carried her young son's body to the side of the main road where she was met by Okkhoy's father Abed, who had been alerted by a neighbor. I would like to divide them into three group stages based on their earnings.NEWBIE OR STARTER GROUPThis is the group for new comers and they totally don’t know how to earn money online.
One of the attackers grabbed a brick and Okkhoy lost consciousness after he was struck over the head.They then set about carving up his body, slashing his throat and slicing his chest and belly in an upside down cross. They are seeking for jobs all around the net but due to lack of experience they failed to get any job. So don’t be upset and try to obtain more demandable qualifications for better income.MODERATE EARNING GROUPThis group earns much better amount of money than the previous one. They can maintain Blogs with Google Adsense or other Ads, Writing Articles for Blog or Web, doing some easy Freelancing jobs like File Conversions, Virtual Assistance and much more.With these kinds of jobs they can earn a good amount of money.

You can earn Huge amount of money and can live a gorgeous life without going to so called office.HUGE EARNING GROUPThis is the final group stage of earn money online.
In this group they are all learned, qualified and experienced in advance stage of freelancing.
HYIP (High Yield Investment Program), Affiliate Marketing Program, Domain Perking, Paid Surveys etc are among them.

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