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In order to restore the domain and continue the service you will have to contact your registrar immediately. In a nutshell, Office 365 is a a cloud based Office suite which provides you the utility to use your favorite Office apps like PowerPoint, Excel, Word, etc on the go. Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, you can make use of an Office 365 package which may suit your needs. For example, using Microsoft Exchange you can benefit from business class email services, whereas, Microsoft Lync has an entire range of options for online collaboration and remote meetings.
Office 365 offers the utility to use the most commonly used apps like PowerPoint, Word and Excel, to the most elaborate Office platforms like SharePoint to be used via the cloud. Another major benefit of using a cloud based service like Office 365 is that you no longer have to worry about file backups and hard drive redundancy, as your files will be safe online. Another downside of Office 365 is that despite all the loud claims by Microsoft, it is yet to come up with mature Office mobile apps. If like me you have been using Microsoft Office for as long as you can remember, then you might have heard of Office 365.

In other words, no need to have Microsoft Office suite installed on your PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone, as you can simply login to your Microsoft account, from any internet connected device and begin using MS Office and even save your documents online.
Depending upon your package and usability, you can conduct online meetings, share files online benefit from business class email service and more. Office 365 provides Office server platforms like Exchange, Microsoft SharePoint, Lync and of course, the Office Web Apps.
You will have to login to such an app with your Microsoft account with Office 365 subscription enabled, to fully benefit from them. Your files and apps are in the cloud, which means that you have to heavily rely on the internet. The Office 365 apps for mobile devices including iOS and Android are quite lack luster and arguably are not as good as the desktop version, at least not yet. While Microsoft is pushing its users to switch to this cloud based alternative of the conventional MS Office suite, many people are wondering if the switch is really worth the money. Check out the brief introduction of Office 365 and its features from the video given below.

This feature makes it possible for end users to stream Office 2013 apps on any compatible device, without having to fully install the Office 2013 suite. Furthermore, you can access files on the go, collaborate with your friends and colleagues, as well as access your files and apps using any device, including tablets and smartphones. Although offline support to some extent comes as a saving grace from making Office 365 less user friendly.
In this post we will explore what Office 365 has to offer and the pros and cons of using it. Furthermore, there is a recurring subscription to pay, which makes Office 365 more expensive than an offline version, for which you only have to pay once.

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