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Latest ways on how to make money online in the Philippines for free this 2016, without paying a thing, without a boss near you and without going to work. Before I start to spill the beans, please make sure you read every word in this article because you don’t want to miss a single idea, thought, and concept. Remember to post only your original creations and don’t copy other’s stuff as you would be disapproved or get in trouble. Earn money in Lazada – this is one of the top online shopping portals in the Philippines so it’s very rewarding to be a partner.
Earn money in Nuffnang – one of the favorites of bloggers not only in the Philippines but also Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, UK, Australia, and Hong Kong. I created Philpad in the middle of 2012 and it’s now one of the most visited websites in the Philippines.
There are more successful bloggers out there than me, but unlike me they don’t share their secrets and tips for free.
Making money online is not that easy as others claimed to be, but i still believe that we can earn a decent money online as long as we do it right. Before you take the first step, you have to understand that this isn't going to be an easy work. You are going to need a website or blog where you are going to promote the Amazon products. In the simplest terms, Humanatic is a website where you are asked to listen to recorded phone calls.
Reddit is a great place to find gigs or learn about opportunities that can earn you extra cash. Ideally, when Pinoys graduate from college, most of us feel the relief of never going back to schooling again – sure! MOOCs replicate actual college courses, and include forums, exams, and even homework as necessary materials you need to pass the class. What is it about: This course is about creating a business model, and building and executing a plan for the business model you had just created.
What is it about: This course discusses the ever-changing global market trends and how they affect markets, businesses, and society. What is it about: Catching bugs and breaking software is a skill essential to program developers. What is it about: This is an introductory course on the basics of game design, geared towards programmers who wish to create and program a game of their own.
What is it about: Content strategy is an essential requirement for any organisation, business, or institution that wishes to promote its products and services to an online audience. With MOOCs, you can study various courses from different fields, at your own time and pace. This is real and proven coz I’ve been doing some of these methods and ways for 5 years now and I’ve been earning decent income, actually, 3 times more than my regular job salary before. Actually, these ways are considered secrets by many online marketers that they only share them thru their paid digital books, pdfs, and membership-only-sites. When I say blog, it means you write or post about whatever you enjoy in life – like your hobby or whatever you are passionate about. If you want to join me in this pitch, SUBSCRIBE NOW to receive the next posts about this series. Thank you, I am now accepting the challenge this 2016, I do really need help and work on my writing, more power to you Fehl!!!!! I was looking for an extra income when i saw your site.I am a single parent and a full time employee but my wage is not enough for our needs. Without further ado, here are the dozens of ways on how you can earn and make money online in the Philippines.
It's worth mentioning here that you can only apply for an Adsense account if you have a site.
Basically, this is a site which owners of forums pay to direct their members and post on the forums.
The rates for the articles are really low but if you are a fast writer, it can still be a decent source of additional income.
Unlike other writing sites, the amount you get paid for an article you write or edit will depend on what the client is willing to pay. You will then be asked a simple question like "Did the caller connect to a qualified agent?" You are usually provided with multiple-choice-type questions so all you need to do is click on your mouse. We don't know how much they pay their writers but according to their website, writers are paid on a per article basis plus a cut of the site's revenue. But for a good few, learning is a continuous process by learning new skills and expertise when they feel stuck at their present jobs.
Courses are offered by legitimate colleges or universities from around the world, such as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Yale University, Tokyo University, even Harvard!
This covers business skills you need to build a startup from scratch, as well as marketing skills to help you promote the product you will be selling.

Business analysis is an essential skill for global companies, or startups that are on a global scale.
It ensures that the code, program, software, and final product will run smoothly by catching bugs in the code. Exercises and activities in this online course include creating paper and digital game prototypes, iterative game design process, and testing gameplay. This course covers a range of vocabulary and expressions commonly used in business english in Asia to help entrepreneurs deliver informative and persuasive reports, discussions, and presentations relevant to an Asian business.
By creatively solving problems, you can overcome and go beyond limits set by yourself and the society. You can even sometimes select a specialised field or class to further your skills in your current career. This is totally free and this post may be a million dollar info so your total attention is needed not your mere excitement.
Find a niche that is aligned or at least relevant to things that you are genuinely interested in. Adsense employees will review your website and decide if it's a right fit for their advertising program. It's a little bit difficult to gain access to jobs in this site because there are always tests and assessments that you need to take. After signing up with Postloop, you will be provided with a list of forums and blogs where you can participate and post comments. You may also have come across people who are selling items like clothes, computers, and gadgets on the site. Here's a tip: Go for topics that you are familiar with so that you don't have to do extensive research.
Zerys is merely the middle man that takes care of the transfer of payment between the client and you. The gigs are organized into categories so that you can search in the categories that are relevant to your expertise and skills. But before you do, make sure that you visit the website and read several of the list articles published there to get an idea about the type of content that they're looking for. For example, there are subreddits about writing sites where freelance writers share tips about the sites they write for. If you know of a way on how to earn money online in the Philippines that wasn't discussed above, feel free to tell us about it in the comments section below. Taking a graduate program may not be so encouraging as most Filipinos may have financial and scheduling issues. Luckily, there are now plenty of online classes available, also known as “massive open online courses” or MOOCs, which are often offered for free! This course not only helps programmers write better code, but also how to find bugs before compiling a program and publishing it. It’s a valuable and important skill to learn for those who want to progress in the rapidly changing global society. Keep in mind though, that not all MOOCs give you accreditation; those that do might require you to pay a fee. If you skipped a sentence, a word or a paragraph here, sorry to say that this gift might not work for you because it clearly means, you need more patience honey.
You can earn money online by being a partner of these big and well-known international companies.
You’ll earn money thru commissions – when someone bought a gadget for example using the link from your website. It’s gonna make you big time because I will tackle how to be a partner of the big companies mentioned at the first part of the article. Earning money online is indeed a great option without requiring you to build a physical business. There are so many factors that will determine if you are going to be successful or otherwise. Basically, here's how it goes: You sign up, you promote Amazon products using your unique affiliate links, you get paid a commission if someone purchases a product through your affiliate link. These tasks can be anything from creating tags for images to looking for the contact information of certain individuals or businesses. Be sure to read the guidelines before you take the assessments to improve your chances of passing them. If you can write a 1000-word article in under an hour and be paid for a few hundred pesos, that's still good money. Basically, the article you submit should contain at least 10 list items and should not exceed 1,500 words. They also prefer those with degrees in Mass Comm, Journalism, English, Literature, and Marketing. Three subreddits that we highly recommend for Filipinos are Beermoney, WorkOnline, and SlaveLabour.
Some classes also might have limited availability or slots, or might only be offered at certain periods of time.You don’t have to quit your job or shell out money for an expensive graduate program.

Search Engine Optimization, Social Media presence and affiliate marketing and eventually, starting your very first professional website. Do you love photography, then share your photos and artworks and tell the world about them.
With the hassles of registering, doing this and that, I find it tiring to do, reason I build my own online business.Please check my site Affiliate Marketing Hub.
Both of my brothers are working in a home-based job and I got somewhat interested in it too but their type of job was not to my liking. Although it's possible to do this full-time, it's advisable that you pursue these full-time only when you have reached a comfortable income threshold.
To increase your chances of being accepted by Adsense, make sure that your website is well-designed and that it contains a lot of valuable content. Depending on the number of tasks available when you log in, it's possible to earn a couple of dollars within an hour. The main categories of articles in the site are Bizarre, Entertainment, General Knowledge, Lifestyle, Science, and Society. However, you can still apply even if you don't have a degree as long as you can provide proof that you have a published article in a news site. There are tons of other subreddits in the site that focus on other niches like design, graphics, programming, etc.
If you’re feeling a little restless and feel you could be further exploring your potential, take online classes for free or a minimal fee. I will share how to make a website and what to post and what not, how to make your post go viral and trending. One of my brothers suggested that I become a online writer since I have ample experience with writing since I was a member for our school paper and I also write some fiction stories too! Once you've decided on the subject of your blog, get a domain name, register it, and start churning out content.
Sales commissions range from a few cents to hundreds of dollars depending on the price tags of the products sold. Be warned that there are certain topics and themes that are prohibited in the Adsense program. The work can be boring and redundant but it's easy work that you can do in your spare time. Experienced writers who consistently turn up high-quality work are promoted to higher levels where the jobs pay more.
Here's a tip: Be careful about the gigs and jobs that you do because there are a lot of scammers in the site. Pick from one of these categories and find an interesting topic that the site hasn't already covered. Through continuous learning and some initiative, you can enhance your career and earn more money! For instance, if you sold a laptop worth $200 and the affiliate commission rate is 6%, you will get a commission of $12.
You should look these up and make sure that your website is not violating any of them before you apply for an account. For Elite and Elite Plus writers, the rates vary but the rates can go as high as $100 for a 500-word article.
There's an app for the site so that you can work on tasks while you're on the bus on your way home. It's highly recommended that you create a Facebook Page (this is different from a Facebook Profile) for your store. Listverse only pays their writers through Paypal so get a Paypal account first if you don't have one. Yes, this is just the first post of this step-by-step series about Earning Money Online Blogging in the Philippines.
You can only reach the Elite and Elite Plus levels if you consistently write high-quality articles that get high ratings from article requesters.
Spare5 pays every Friday through Paypal provided that you've reached the $1 minimum payout. The site also has a forum where you can connect and interact with fellow writers from all over the Philippines. So you must not miss any single post to know every tip and secret of successful online marketers and bloggers. There are a lot of scammers on Facebook who would disappear or deactivate their profiles once you've shipped them your products. There are so many to blog about but it is always best to follow your heart and soul’s desire because then you would always have more posts coming each day.

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