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By surfing a minimum of 10 sites on the traffic exchange, members can earn back $55 on each of their $50 AdPacks.
You can get started with Traffic Monsoon and start earning even without buy AdPacks, just by clicking on the cash links!
You can also continue to compound your earnings and purchase more AdPacks that will provide you with an increasing supply of traffic and also higher earnings. If you are promoting a business opportunity online or would like to earn money from advertising, Traffic Monsoon is the ideal solution. If you have been involved with internet marketing for any length of time, you will know that highly targeted traffic is essential to your success. Once you have a constant supply of highly targeted visitors, you will be able to market your opportunity or service directly to them.

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Each AdPack will give the member 20 PPC (banner adverts) and 1,000 traffic exchange credits. It will help you get your opportunity noticed and also earn you revenue share that will continue to increase by compounding it.
If you are a skilled internet marketer, you will be able to build up your list and send the prospects to various marketing funnels. You will have a ready built source of traffic that will help you get prospects, members or sales.

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