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Some might think this would be bothersome to the ones you’re sending this to, but I feel this is a good way to keep your name in the minds of those hiring. This is more so true for Signing Services as they schedule more than just real estate signings. The National Notary Association (NNA) is America’s top source for notary supplies, educational material and Signing Agent certifications. This is number #2 mainly because this is going to be a standard to perform Real Estate closings. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. I have notaries that send me an email once a week if not more, just letting me know they are available for signings. Some of these might include Debt Management, Structured Settlements, or simple few page signings. Their certifications include online training and exams, making it a breeze to take your Mobile Notary services to the next level. A lot of Lenders and Title companies are making it a requirement that the notary going out must be a Certified Signing Agent, have a back ground check, and have E&O of at least 25k.
If you repeat this practice everyday and stay consistent you will find this is very affective.

Now most of these don’t pay as much as real estate closings, but when you break down the time and cost to do the signing, you’re making the same if not more.
They are doing this because in most states to become a notary is as simple as going online, taking a short course and paying a fee and you’re a notary.
By them doing this I know that they want to work and when I do get something in their area, their name is in my head and I’m going to most likely call them first.
All you have to do is ask who handles the scheduling of notaries for closings and ask how you can be added to their list. Problem is then these notaries are being asked to perform signings where they are expected to have some knowledge on the items they are notarizing.
If you were to stick to this, your phone will be blowing up with more signings than you can handle.
So when a notary is found that is willing to cover these signings, I guarantee you, the notaries name is now in that scheduler’s memory. What happens then is because the notary is not familiar with the documents and the deal falls through or it doesn’t fund because of mistakes.
Cold calling is not the easiest thing for some people, but the more you do it, the easier it gets. If you really want to do this on a Full-Time basis, don’t limit yourself, you have to diversify your work.

Most sites that Title, Lenders, and Signing Services use have an icon or indicator that a notary is a CSA. Also when you’re certified you’re typically put at the top of the list of notaries on that site.
So if your letting all your calls go to voicemail, chances are you’re going to miss out on work.
Even if you’re planning on calling them back, by the time you do, they might have it scheduled.
This allows you to market yourself in such a manner that presents you as an experienced and educated notary. Even when you’re completely booked, try and answer your phone because at least that way that scheduler knows they can call you anytime for an assignment. So if you pick up your phone on a regular basis, chances are those calls are going to keep coming in.

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