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Ever After High: Baby Dragons requests access your photos so you can save adorable pictures of your baby dragons! No screens before lunch or After Dinner- I don’t actually use this phrase or tell my kids this, it is just something I try to avoid as a mom. Talk It Out- As we work on teaching our children how to have balance and moderation in their lives, we talk about screen time.
Screens are super addictive for adults so you can not begin to imagine what it has already done to our kids. It can be tough to get kids to balance other activities with screen time, but with some perseverance, it is completely doable. I am scared that our children are going to grow up to become couch potatoes and good for nothing but staring at a laptop or tablet screen.
My nieces are so used to screen time and that’s why when they come over, I try to do as many different activities with them as possible.
For those who would love to design a cool watch face for Samsung Gear S2 but just having a hard time due to lack of coding skills as well as basic of the Tizen SDK for wearables, well here is your chance to create a watch face for Gear S2 without the need of tedious coding. Samsung just released the Gear Watch Designer, an amazing tool for creating watch faces for Samsung Gear S2 without the need for coding, the software is available for download free for PC users and MAC. I think this is a great move by Samsung to accelerate the number of watch faces available for Samsung Gear S2, it is also a great tool for developers and non developers to create their own watch faces whether its for their own personal use or if they want to earn money as a commercial seller with their design.
If you are interested in designing one, check out the basic requirements of the Samsung Gear watch designer.
Hatch your dragon eggs into living, breathing, fun-loving companions to care for and train for the Dragon Games! Practice flight training and fire breathing and earn gems to purchase enchanting new outfits and accessories for your pet.
Send your dragons on adventures in the land of Ever After and earn rewards to help you level up faster. I just hope we can stop sending the message that screen time in the most important thing in our lives, the ultimate reward or goal.

But we don’t do any tech time after dinner, it definitely makes a big difference for our family for getting to bed. The kids have some educational games they can play on the days it is really hot outside or raining. It is increasingly becoming a part of the world and it is one that our children must learn to navigate. They need to learn some of the things we did as kids, such as outdoor games and actually reading a book.
The software tool do have a cool interface that will make it easy for a novice user and designer to easily learn the ins and outs of the tool, there is also some tutorial to get you started right away in designing your own watch face and distribute it as a .tpk file in Samsung Gear Store.
If you have one, it’s time to learn some of the tips and tricks as well as some important short cut keys for your phone.
Screens play a crucial role in our lives and in our world and because of that we have the huge responsibility of teaching our children how and when to use them. Our oldest son is a cautious, but outgoing, smarty pants with a little sister who has no fear and loves to push all his buttons.
We have been lucky that we are still able to regulate and guide their usage even though they are middle school aged now. It can be frustrating sometimes when I try to talk to them and they are looking at their phone.
I am glad to see that you have become proactive in your approach to this issue with your children. After a while I’ll take them away and tell them they need to go play with their toys or go outside and play. We encourage our grandkids to play board games and we’ve also gone on geocaching safaris!
My son begged me to take him to the library today to get some books (he really wanted to go yesterday but they were closed).
According to Samsung, with the software you can “ Create individual elements using design tools, and assemble them from Gear Watch Designer.

There are also hidden codes that are in your Tizen phone, mostly these are intended for developers only, but you can try and test it anyway if you want to. As a former teacher I know why that item is on that check list, and I know how crucial those 20 minutes are.
That is why I have recommending no screens up to 2 hours before bedtime and no television in the kids’ rooms. I just wish that screen time wasn’t always seen as the ultimate reward and reading as the ultimate chore. I hope that by talking to my kids about these things they can begin to self regulate their screen time.
Fluffy apps, as I like to call them, are so fun and they have a time and a place, but it is my job as a parent to teach my kids those boundaries. Before becoming a stay at home mom I was a second grade teacher, and I loved every minute of it. I still try to limit screen time overall, but the fact is that screens are a huge part of this day and age, so you just have to work to find the right balance for each of your kids and feel at peace with your decision.
At our house I try to implement wise use of our screen time, because screens are a necessity in our everyday life, and so much good can come from them.
These chores have a reward system all their own depending on whether they are the chores they are expected to do or extra jobs that earn them money.
They can begin to see patterns in their behavior and know when they have had enough, when it is time to move on to a new activity. Now I spend most of my day on the floor building trains, tucking in baby dolls, reading stories, and laughing my guts out with my own kids. I encourage you to pay attention to your children’s habits and see what time of the day is best for screen usage at your house.

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