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You see, I work for McDonald’s in Denmark, where an agreement between our union and the company guarantees that workers older than 18 are paid at least $21 an hour. To anyone who says that fast-food jobs can’t be good jobs, I would answer that mine isn’t bad.
But in New York last week, I met fast-food workers from around the world who aren’t as lucky as I am.
I met Jessica Davis, for example, who works at a McDonald’s in Chicago and has two daughters— one 4 years old and the other 4 months old.
How can fast-food companies expect employees to work hard but not pay them enough to live on?
We welcome comments that advance the story through relevant opinion, anecdotes, links and data. You don’t live in America where corporations have the legal right to spend enough money to control our government and therefore our people. The Big Mac Index places socialist Denmark as the fourth most expensive hamburger in the world – almost a full $1 more expensive than the same sandwich in The Land of the Free.
This is a complex issue, and many of the comments about the difference in McDonalds prices between the U.S.
On other other hand, McDonalds provides instructions to its employees about how to apply for public assistance to supplement their McDonalds income, which is kind of outrageous. If unions, governments, or both force wages up in restaurants, in the short run what is likely is that in many places there will be lower restaurant sales, fewer workers hired, and cutbacks in work hours.
No one is going to pay double or more to eat at McDonalds, that isn’t going to happen.
When you compare against the USA that is state sponsored capitalist society (meaning laws favoring corporations vs citizens) – you do not really have democracy, you have state sponsored oppression.
I bet living in Denmark for all citizens – rich and poor is a happier safer experience that living in the USA. In my limited lifetime, I’ve seen a lot of technological advances and yet there is less and less financial stability with the average US citizen.
The class divide is real and become more apparent as money increasingly buys corruption and immoral laws that treat citizens as necessary commodity cogs in the profit making wheels.
The USA is slowly boiling frogs all across the land and the frogs are not noticing their lives are being diminished everyday. Soon, most will lack any kind of ethical will and those ambitious enough for change will sell their soul to gain financial stability.
According to the Big Mac Index in 2012 the cost of a big mac in Denmark was $5.37 probably more now — will people in the US pay that? I’m guessing Elizabeth must have failed math, because I have no idea how anybody with half a brain would come to the conclusion that raising pay 50%, would translate to a 4 cent price increase. If you worked at McDonald’s for 4 years and really, I mean really gave it all you have the management would see the effort and promote you quickly. At higher wages employers may also change requirements and many may not meet new requirements and loose their jobs. Obama must be moving towards destroying the country by destroying the middle class because that is what’s happening. First of all, Denmark and the USA are VERY different situations, it’s like comparing rent in California to New Mexico. Now let’s look at Denmark, where the Index price is $5.37 and their minimum wage of $21 hour.
Another thing is that currently there is a very thin margin between manual labor being cost-efficient and the cost of robotics being lower.
According to the 2012 census, the population of Denmark is approximately 5.5 million people. This PROVES they are in the US to HIJACK AMERICA’S ECONOMY and send those funds to MEXICO. Do MEXICANS care about the people from the 125 countries around the world that are POORER THAN MEXICANS?
Looking at the comments and the scope of this article, it appears that the populist notion is alive and well that one can just magically create wages and transfer wealth. This column is completely off the mark – our countries have nothing in common – so your point is what?
Denmark has a noble demographic and not the diversity of the USA, thus it can afford to pay more.

Finally we must ask what are HS and College grads with equal of Basket Weaving degrees worth in world class competition?
Well what are the workers who never took time to get educated, a value to employers really worth. Trust me I’m from Texas and have lived in Denmark for almost ten years and $21 (approx 114dkk) an hour is not a lot of money. I keep hearing comments like no one is going to pay twice as much to eat at McDonald’s.
Let wages rise and if necessary prices can be raised accordingly and fast food will still survive.
Bottom line is inflation exists and the economy adapts, some players in the economy will adapt others won’t but some other business will easily fill the void. Most that are criticizing the wage comparison make an equally invalid comparison themselves in comparing cost of living. If the bulk of those food cost differences are from VAT then that has NOTHING to do with McDonalds and everything to do with the government.
In other words the purchasing power of the US is far greater than Denmark making this article very misleading.
The author doesn’t sound as if she has any aspirations to obtain a higher level, more productive job. Employees younger than 18 make at least $15 — meaning teenagers working at McDonald’s in Denmark make more than two times what many adults in America earn working at the Golden Arches.
After working four years at McDonald’s, she makes $8.98 an hour and has no stable work schedule. All fast-food workers should be able to support themselves while helping large companies like McDonald’s make huge profits. If you see a comment that you believe is irrelevant or inappropriate, you can flag it to our editors by using the report abuse links. They have most of the factories to 3rd world countries for the lowest wages they can find with the least regulations so they can destroy the enviorment in those same countries.. While Denmark has been ranked one of the most economically free European countries, it also imposes stringent regulations on businesses. Had a quarter-pounder with cheese meal (they don’t call it quarter-pounder there of course) and the total with tax came to the equivalent of $14, roughly double what I would pay in the US.
It doesn’t necessarily mean that what is right for the Danes is therefore right for people in the US. Yeah, like I want the government to take 4 out 10 dollars I make then stick me with a sales tax of 25%.
However she IS a politician, so that probably explains the inability to comprehend reality.
Comparing the sales you typically see when you’re in a MacDonald’s to the number of employees making the place go, how much of the cost of a Big Mac do you believe is labor cost? To Obama’s supporters, you people are just stupid and you will find out if a large increase is initiated. The fact that there are more people in the US drives both prices and wages down, something that is being overlooked. That’s not including the free universal healthcare or free college tuition the Danes get, which gets them out of their minimum wage jobs much more easily than Americans can. Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth…Raising wages lead to increased costs across the entire ecosystem leading to higher inflation and declining standards of living.
The first job I ever had was getting paid $2.90 (min wage in 1979) working in at my stepfathers company in the shipping and receiving department. We might start with exactly what is the middle class, besides wages, there are benefits, education(s), experience and skill sets (AKA what can you do productively). Not a secret we rank behind a lot of 2nd Tier nations in education, literacy and hi tech grads. What is the cost of living in Denmark, what are the income tax rates, what is the cost of the food sold etc etc. There is no way you can compare the wages from a very small country with less than 6 million people with extremely high taxes with one that is almost 350 million people with low or modest taxes.
I always assumed a job at McDonalds was a stepping stone along that road, a way to learn self-discipline and work ethics, while earning some extra cash-not a living-wage job. Under our union’s agreement with McDonald’s, for example, I receive paid sick leave that workers are still fighting for in many parts of the world.

And unlike in Denmark, where most fast-food workers are young people looking to make extra money while in school, the vast majority of U.S.
It was a five-year struggle that involved many demonstrations like the ones that will stretch across the globe on Thursday. They have no sense of country or national pride, they will sell out any and all countries for profit. If we make people angry enough and they act impulsively we may be able to complete the facist coup and declare martial law. So basically, you’d be looking at about 16 bucks for lunch at McDonalds in the US, to meet that pay. Taxes don’t help, either; Denmark has raised its value added tax (VAT) from the low single digits a few decades ago, to its current 25% level.
I am guessing that people in Denmark think of going to McDonalds as an expensive, rarely-enjoyed special treat rather than how we in the US tend to view grabbing some fast food. Raising the minimum wage will artificially increase prices and costs to the bottom line of the business.
Also, as far as actually taking care of it’s poor, which this whole argument is supposed to be about, Denmark is doing 1.7% better even though their tax burden is 250% of ours!
I mean petitioning for larger wages for unskilled labor is the surest way to get replaced by robots.
Now we ask, since wages, and in truth qualifications for job so low, and the corporations only concern is profit for WS, who must pay these bills? Employers complain HS and some college grads can neither read nor write, ordinary math skills miserably absent.
We also get overtime pay, guaranteed hours and at least two days off a week, unlike workers in most countries. There is universal health care but under attack from a new tea party wannabe right wing government. We have a sorry history since 80’s of bleeding companies with NO updated HW or workers training. Note 3 million hi tech jobs in USA are not being filled due to lack of qualified workers, along with a dash of greed to hire lower paid H1A’s. At least 10 percent of the staff in any given restaurant must work at least 30 hours a week.
Roughly 70 percent are in their 20s or older, according to a recent study, and more than a quarter are raising kids. All the GOP-appointed justices are young and will be screwing-up our country for years and years to come. In fact there is a cultural bias against the pursuit of extreme wealth – most Danes consider that to be a character defect. There are no slums although the circumstances of aboriginal communities are not to be proud of.
So poverty and suffering are created to create fear and potentially violence and that is a legitimate reason for a police state.
Danish culture and their version of socialism says that all residents should be paid a wage that will allow them to live comfortably.
Moved trucks around the company lot and did a lot of stuff that would be considered menial labor. We decide on the wages after we decide what these jobs are really worth and how that was based.
The State will provide very good medical care cradle to grave, education up to and including university level, vocational training, a stipend for rent assistance while attending school, and many other social benefits. I do hold Reuters responsible for rousing an unfortunate group who doesn’t know any better. I worked there for 4 summers eventually working up to $5 an hour (the last summer I worked as a draftsman in the Engineering dept).

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