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This site provides practical guide on how to invest in the Stock Market and gives you easy ways how to earn money fast. Someone asked me why he cannot proceed with the transaction of buying stocks from a particular company.
On my end, I have no problem when it comes to computing the minimum number of shares required for a particular company. Again, if you are not sure the minimum number of shares just proceed with the transaction and the computer will tell you the correct ones. You can also share this article to your social networks by simply just clicking on the quote below.

Discipline, commitment, dedication and perseverance are the common ingredients for success.
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Anonymous1 June 2013 at 21:13I know Bo Sanches as christian preacher so this came to as a surprise that he is now into stocks. It also suggests steps how to invest your money wisely by investing in the stock market online. Invest long term.  Remember a colleague of mine who said I have a lot of money because of my stock market investment?

Take note that the minimum number of shares depends on the price of the stocks in real time transaction.
Just to make an illustration, let us say I had 10,000.00 pesos and I used all of these to buy SMPH.
This is what my mentor calls peso-averaging (will discuss this in detail in another article).

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