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A weak tractor and a heavy trailer is not a good idea.This is quite an unusual type of missions, as theoretically, you won't need any new special equipment to complete them - you already have a tractor and a trailer. Reward: about 10 000$ + optional bonus (even up to 400 000$ - 500 000$),That's what I'm talking about - a proper bonus!These missions are a good way to get rid of crop lying in your silos. Choose from a number of different camera angles to help you get the job done quickly and safely - the tasks you face will get ever tougher and your skills will be pushed to the limit. Become the owner of a fleet of tow trucks and a large car pound and it'll be you making the money when a car is towed away. You'll be driving the tow trucks yourself, so be careful as well as fast - prangs are costly for your business. The problem is that you need to have a lot of supplies, which you will deliver to somebody (sometimes it's even more than 50t).

It is illogical (and impossible) to buy new machines only to complete this kind of tasks - the equipment and supplies come with time. Become the owner of a fleet of tow trucks and a large car pound and make yourself some serious money - it’s you who gets paid whenever a towed vehicle is claimed by its owner!
The task consists in loading the crop onto a trailer, delivering it to a given shop and then unloading (you don't have to do it in one trip - you can drive there as many times as you want). In order to make your business a success, you’ll have to be extremely careful as well as fast. The mission itself is very easy, as long as you have the right equipment - and this is precisely the reason for which you should complete this type of missions at more advanced stage of the game, when you're farm is well developed. Firstly, you will then have a better tractor with a bigger trailer, which means that you won't need to make a lot of trips and the probability of earning a bonus for time will increase.

Secondly, you need some solid supplies, which you won't probably have at the beginning of the game.Harvest can wait - go for the bonus!The reward for these missions varies depending on the amount of goods that you have to deliver. The bonus is precisely why you should take interest in this type of missions - the additional reward can be even 40 - 50 times (!) bigger than the basic reward.
When you have a lot of supplies, completing missions becomes more profitable, especially when you do it fast.

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