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This traditional Christmas song is a reminder that for many people the celebration of Yuletide can be fraught with concerns over money and the cost of presents and festivities.
Here are a few tips as to how you could earn that extra income in the run up to the festive season. These are often the most costly part of the season and most of us like to indulge our friends and family when we can. With shops being inundated with customers in the run up to Christmas, many High Street stores look for extra staff to help them cope. December is the boom time for restaurants and other food and beverage providers as Christmas parties for businesses and groups of friends take centre stage.
There is a huge volume of Christmas sales that go out through internet retailers, and if you are near to one of the major warehouses for goods there can be opportunities to find extra work and income from them. When all’s said and done, much of the enjoyment of Christmas for children is a visit to Father Christmas, or Santa. Many also work on tea plantations, earning as little as ?1.20 a day for their labour – less than the cost of a mother’s day card in the UK. Padma makes ends meet for herself, her son and daughter by raising two goats, two cows and seven chickens on a small piece of land.
But she spoke up because, on top of all of this, her home and land are threatened by regular flooding. Nepal is better known for mountains and earthquakes, but in the flat southern part of the country, floods are the biggest problem. During monsoon season from June to September, many people have to flee their flooded homes and some are completely destroyed.

Padma, her friend Bhakuri and other women in their community decided to do something to protect themselves and their children. The first step was for Padma to organise a committee with her neighbours to raise funds from their community.
When she heard the plans, Dhana, another village mother, gave ?3 – more than twice the amount she and her two daughters live on in a day. By pooling all the contributions, the committee collected enough to buy materials and rent equipment. The women can now turn their plans to reality with support from a new Red Cross project in their village. Designed to help people prevent and deal with disasters, the project helps the community volunteers learn basic skills to reduce their risks. Training from the project will help local volunteer committees keep people safe when flooding happens again.
In addition, villagers will learn to identify risks in their community that can be addressed before floods hit or need to be dealt with during emergencies.
Yet there are many simple ways to help earn extra income over Christmas that don’t involve splashing the plastic, with all the subsequent problems that can arise when working to pay off the maxed out credit card. One way to help towards their cost is by making your own Christmas decorations and cards and, as well as using them yourself, make some extra and sell them at a local Christmas market. You can make good contacts, do shifts that suit you and the family, and even hunt the aisles for those bargains that you haven’t had time to find before. Shops such as jewellers and department stores often look for people to support their full time staff.

Those with experience of working in a kitchen, waiting or working behind a bar may find extra work to bring in a healthy amount of money in the run up to Christmas. Shifts will vary so it’s worth checking out times and arranging them to suit your own life and commitments. Temporary jobs as a Santa are frequently available in both large and small stores to add that sprinkle of magic and stardust to the occasion.
Their husbands mostly live abroad to earn extra money so they have sole responsibility for their children, livestock and homes.
So are most houses in her village, which lies in a flood plain near the Mechi River in Nepal’s Terai region. This includes building volunteers’ skills in how to provide first aid, and search and rescue services.
Employees in jewellers in particular can be very rushed off their feet at this time and look for cover to assist them. Pay can be good for experienced employees, and if working on Christmas Day or one of the associated Bank Holidays can be paid at a much higher rate.

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