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Workers in the food-service industry have the distinction of being the lowest-paid in the country. There's some value in getting to see as many movies as you want, and theater ushers do enjoy that perk. Also low on the earnings scale, the Huffington Post reports, are concession stand workers, cafeteria attendants and hair-salon shampooers.
Information on this site must not be construed as legal or financial advice on specific matters. Don t accept pitiful savings rates you can paid click, write, search web, youtube videos more. Complete offers, points, redeem free gift card instantly here are 40 flexible, home-based jobs money. It used to be that stuffing envelope from home and other (mostly) scams were all you could find if you were one of those people. All information is a public resource of general information, which is intended be accurate, complete and up to date but is not guaranteed to be so. Now, let's take a closer look at the worst-paying jobs in the country, organized from lowest-paying to highest-paying. Your use of information on the Web Site or materials linked from the Web Site is at your own risk.
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From the biggest corporations to the smallest business outfits, MNCs to government institution, it is getting increasingly common for employers to offer a€?remote workera€? or a€?tele-commute employeea€? options.
With escalating cost and stuttered economy, it is little surprise that the idea has extended to include even workforce that is foreign based. With the public sector being the number one employer in the United States, the signing of the a€?Telework Enhancement Act of 2010a€? by the Congress has opened the doors of various federal agencies to thousands of part-time workers. It offers plenty of telecommuting opportunities internationally, splitting into over 50 categories. They span across industries, so expect to be deployed in medical, financial and insurance industries. A fabulous work at home option assuming you can handle the jargon and industry talks in these industries.
You will be handling the calls on behalf of its clients and you are at liberty to work from home.
It has been around for some 60 years, and this corporate giant is often associated with the label of generous employer. The most prominent type of jobs involves answering calls from home, working for Uhaul rentals or other customer service functions. These so-called agents are required to take incoming calls daily on behalf of their corporate clients, or simply do whatever being asked for by their employer. One good thing about the company is that they are willing to invest in training, so all these flexi hours workers are brought up to speed in their jobs as licensed insurance agents (or whatever) in fairly short time.
Textbroker The site can be ideal if you enjoy writing, albeit on a smaller scale like simple writing projects. The pay scale here is not great, but the assignments are easy to manage if you are a prolific writer. If they are willing to accept you in their program, you will work out of a customized Google interface and start rating websites.
It is interesting that Google prefers a human rater to determine the relevance of websites, when their automatic search algorithm is such highly heralded.
Swagbucks Simply this is a fantastic site that offers multiple options for you to earn your rewards.
You make your earning by taking surveys, answering polls, doing menial tasks (such as contributing inputs on how a website can be further improved), trading in old books or video games, or simply burning time to play computer games hosted on their site.

In fact, there are incredible ways to make money here and people actually suspect it is some sort of scam.
If you hold realistic expectation on your potential earning, this site could be both fun and rewarding to be at. Virtual-Assistant-Needed If the idea of virtual assistant appeals to you, you will find jobs of different nature here. But before you can work from home, you will be put through a qualifying process before they could offer suitable position to you. Most likely, these have something to do with taking calls from patients, filling phone queries and working out payment schedules for medical bills. Think of this option seriously, as the company itself is a long-established one, and among a handful of companies that advocates paid vacations with benefits aplenty if you happen to be their full-time worker. 1-800-Contacts If you have a thing for servicing customers, you can look out for home based customer service jobs here, so long you are no more than 50 miles off Draper, UT. The audience tends to be South American folks and a session would put you in touch with a group that ranges from 1 to 5 people. You may also be more assured that the teaching does not involve any video, just plain audio. The great thing is that they would prepare the lesson, and you effectively just take the instruction on what to teach.
I know, such job tends to get repetitive but I won’t complain if it brings about nice money.
SigTrack For people familiar with data entry, SigTrack have loads of registration forms to fill up.
The sorts of industry they represent is quite a wide mix, so be prepared for a mind-boggling nature of jobs. They do not discriminate, so whatever skillsets you bring on board, be it sales, technical aptitude, online chat support, data entry, and more, you are in demand!
To work here, you will have to have a dependable internet connection plus a land-line phone. The nature of job typically involves leads generation on behalf of those fortune 1000 firms.
Demand Studios This website is more into creative stuff, so people in the fields like Writers, Editors, Title Editors, and Filmmakers are especially welcomed here.
It seems that the business is influenced by the wider industry trend and there could be multiple various openings depending on the fashion of the time. In fact, this is one of the more profitable work sites for me, as I have made something in excess of $2,000 just indulged in article writing and title editing. So long you can produce pieces with clear instructions (there are usually a€?How toa€? articles), they want you. If you have a tendency to learn stuff and able to reproduce your learning experience in writing, you should be able to handle the job here. Capital Typing This South Carolina based company is always on the look out for data entry keyers, transcriptionists, and customer support positions. Verbal Planet If your dream job is to become tutor, you will have your dream fulfilled by becoming a legit tutor for thousands of international students. It does not take a cent to register with this website, but they will want to assess your skills. Aim-for-a-Tutor If you are still pretty much in touch with the academic syllabus, this company would hire you to be their online tutors.
They often look to contractors with PC Desktop Support experience, and you can operate from home. AccountingDepartment If you are a qualified accountant, check this out for accounting work. They only accept people of at least 18 years old, and they look for past experience in call center.

AB Global The website is run by a family and their specialty is produce translation work for business. Fancy Hands The company is pretty focused in that they just concentrate on clerical jobs for their army of virtual assistants. Click n Work You can find all sorts of work hosted in this company: data entry, telephone interviewers, writers, web searchers and more.
You do need a degree and you must be willing to go through a test and undergo further training before you will be considered for the work. Great American Opportunities The website specializes in gift orders or magazine subscriptions for their school fundraising projects.
This operates in the internet and often requires independent contractors to handle this part of the job.
They would not entertain any job application unless it is supported by a resume, to be sent via email.
The Coding Network This involves medical coding, prior experience is thus necessary, can work from home.
It is highly popular in continental America; so they tend to keep a big database of job applicants. And they may review your application from time to time, make sure that you follow up with the company if it represents so much appeal to you. With a ready and transient workforce that measures into 44,000, spanning across some 17 countries, part of TeleTech’s attraction is surely their employee benefit program and perks, which are acknowledged as being among the best in the industry, whether on land or online companies. Final Word I tried to include mostly opportunities that don’t require any investment or startup fees. I hope I have covered enough ground on work at home opportunities for you (whether you are a stay at home mom, or dad, a college grad, or someone who’s just looking for a way to make some extra cash from home), to start contemplating which direction you are heading.
As far as I know, these are all legit and trusted websites that offer real work, not scams. Whenever possible, I will try to add to this list as more legit businesses come online to offer even more opportunities for those who fancy to work at home. I have someone in mind to check out telereach… Reply Satrap says at Thanks, Robert.
What kind of work do they offer?… Reply Suhel says at I AM Looking Jobs In INDIA Please Help Me I Not Getting I want Per Hour Job Of Home Based Or Online Jobs Please Help Me Reply Satrap says at Suhel, if you go through this list, there are many that do hire people from India.
It takes an inordinately long time to collect enough points to get even a 5$ gift card, let alone 5$ in paypal… there are other sites that pay out way better.
You’d honestly be better off collecting cans and recycling them for change rather than using swagbucks. No one site or method is going to work for ever single person, which is why I made this list to (hopefully) give everyone reading it a few good options. You could also try online jobs that have to do with rating and testing websites, applications, etc. Thanks in advance for your reply… Reply Satrap says at Hi Paula, Good question.
I have looked at several other sites on a regular basis for quite a while, and I have just recently come across your site.
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