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Firstly, it is very difficult to assess how much a person would earn while working in merchant navy, for there are several aspects involved.
But as Marine Insight is here to help its readers, and considering the fact that it is difficult to provide a number for the salary of each rank, we came up with an idea of providing our readers with a “Salary Range” for each level in a Cargo Ship.
Yes you are right poor salary,as you analys but if that will be paid in Nigeria of West Africa will have been better. The worse part a seaferar will be on sea working for months, ship owner will not pay or they pay 1 month out of 5 month and so they do,very sad .Hmmm. Input costs work out to nearly 30 per cent of the total output an average farm household gets from a crop. As you can see, a farm household needs to have at least 1 hectare of land to make ends meet every month. It was reported in the month of August that the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA) Registrations, which allows them to accept funds from foreign sources, of some universities and institutes were revoked. It is understood that the university had submitted the returns diligently including giving proof for the same.
You will need to earn a four year college degree to be able to qualify for a flying program, but not mandatory. In order to get the certificate with flying colors, you will have to pass the written commercial pilot ground school test and logging with at least 250 flight hours, along with allotted time dedicated to certain conditions and military exercises. A first class medical certificate is necessary for flying, and you can get your pilot license revoked if found without a medical certificate. Once you get your private pilot license, the next step is to focus on your instrument ratings which requires you to fly cross-country (50 hours) and on simulated conditions (40 hours).
You should start working at your flight school after you have completed your certified flight instructor certificate. Once you have completed your CFII certification, you can apply for any of regional airlines for flying a regional jet aircraft.
You have all the required certificates in hand, but still it is better to get some practical experience. You have the required education, training, certificates and experience, now you are all set to fly!

People often ask us how much will I make if I join the merchant navy at the start, what would be my salary after five years, and what amount will I have in my bank account ten years from now if I work on Cargo ships?
Apart from the rank of the maritime professional, aspects such as the type of the ship, reputation of the company, and the person’s own ability to excel in the field play an important part in deciding what salary he or she takes home. The chart below shows the value of the harvested crop for a household that predominantly grows that crop, over a six-month agricultural season.
First of all, over half of wheat and rice grown is not sold at all, and is purely for the farm household’s consumption.
For this, I compared income and consumption expenditure for farm households by the size of their landholdings. But given that over 65 per cent of households have less than one hectare of land, this means that two out of three farm households are simply not able to make ends meet.
Over half of all agricultural households are indebted, and these are not small debts; the average loan amount outstanding for a farm household in India today is Rs.
Marginal farmers rely chiefly on moneylenders, while those with bigger landholdings go to banks, the data shows.
Among those was also the Jamia Millia Islamia University, which now is allowed to accept and utilize foreign funds after the university had represented to the Ministry of Home Affairs.
Moreover, as per the Government of India Gazette Notification dated July 1, 2011, all statutory Bodies having their accounts audited through Comptroller & Auditor General of India are exempt from all provisions of the Foreign Contributions Regulations Act (FCRA). It is quite a well paying profession to be an airline pilot and gives you an opportunity to see the world while you are at your job. Get admission in a Fixed Base Operator (FBO), Flight School, or Flying Club in your area to get the Commercial Pilot Certificate. Before joining a Flight School, make sure you have an approved medical certificate from a FAA approved medical examiner. You will be awarded the commercial certificate when you have completed a total of 250 hours of flying time.
Flight hours are offered by various flight schools in exchange for your instruction services which can greatly reduce your need for flying experience. An ATP (Airline Transport Pilot) license is not required but will only be needed when you are promoted to a caption status in a regional airline or a major international airline.

Secondary airline companies could have basic requirements, but all the major companies do not prefer hiring freshly produced pilots with the pilot's certificate at all.
Stay in Touch Keep in contact with local commercial airlines and make sure that they are aware of your resume.
Sugarcane is by far the most profitable crop to grow, while paddy (or wheat in the first half of the year) brings a household around Rs 30,000 for a six month season. Of what is sold, the vast majority is sold to the private trader, and not the state-run mandi or procurement agency. It’s not the most difficult thing to do and if you put your heart and mind to it, there is no reason why you cannot achieve it. You relevant degree is basically a guarantee that you have the capacity to complete your expensive training programs. Once you have these certifications and a reasonable number of flight hours, you will have a good case of getting into a commercial airline. Keep on updating your resume with the after every certification or a milestone in flying hours achieved. Among those who sell to the procurement agency, a minority report having got the Minimum Support Price for their produce. For marginal farmers, making under Rs 4,000 per month, which doesn’t even cover their consumption, loans of over Rs 30,000 must be extremely heavy burdens. A smaller airline may be the best way to go about it in the start and you can find the greener pastures from there.
The tax department is issuing letters based on our intelligence information." He was in city for promoting the scheme at the annual conference of Direct Taxes Professionals' Association.

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