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Priest: At the 3rd, 4th and 5th wave, if required, priest should cast Hand of Miracle in the middle of the 8 cannons to protect anyone from damage. Force User: Time acceleration if needed so that the priest can cast miracle hand at 5th wave. For example: The monster spawn order is White Skeleton, followed by Red Gargoyle, then Green Zombie, and lastly Blue monster. All these have to be done in 7 seconds, otherwise a certain debuff will be inflicted upon your party members. TIPS: If the party members are not communicating with YY or any voice communication, just assign the time of pressing the pillar according to the countdown timer. At the middle of the islet, there is a hole that will suck your party members into it periodically. Note that there are also traps lieing around, which will push columns of poison cloud out if you step on it.
It is recommended that you enlarge the mini map by using “=” button before this stage to see the platform clearly.
Taking the north as 12 o’clock, tanker class should be standing at 10,11,1 o’clock location whereas DPS class should be standing at 5,6,8 o’clock.  Why? NOTE: After you see the system notice “Successfully avoiding lava floood”, you may jump down from the platform and stay on the floor, even though you will see some lava on the floor (they won’t damage you anymore).
An important thing to note here is, shadows will be spawning from the sides of the map (see the first figure above). Besides the main tanker, other member should stand near the tree (at the right lane) or the rock (at the left lane) to prevent yourself from being blown out when the cerberus Roar. Normally large AOE skills (miracle hand and other large AOE ultimate for example) can be casted when the battle just started and the HP reduction for each lizards can be observed. To avoid the AOE lighting or ice rain, you can either stay very close to the boss or extremely far away from the boss. Whenever the lizard tunnel into the ground, everybody should gather in the pit at the middle of the map to receive miracle hand and holy shield buff from priest.
The reason why the intermediate and the strong one should NOT be too close is because it would be very difficult to balance their HP. Avoid stepping on the magical circle around Noirbak to prevent him to casting the cow stampede, which is very lethal to non-tanker char. Agile characters should clear some small bull if possible to facilitate movement of party members. After destroying all the pillars, Noirbak’s invincible shell and the magical circle will disappear.
Paladin should avatar immediately and try to reduce the HP of the boss enough so that the stampede stop.
Female char should stay far away from the boss and hide behind the mirror of the force user and priest hand of miracle, until the cow stampede stop.
HP x 4 and x3 is very easy.  Paladin keep aggro on himself and stay near the edge of the map. During his last HP bar, he will cast casting Bull charging again, which is extremely dangerous for low HP char without shield block. Monta is a very tough boss which requires perfect coordination between party members to kill it without sacrificing anyone. Low Risk – Almost impossible to get binded, because they are shielded by priests and their relics.
How to attack: DPS can go to the side of the monta to deal damage, but try to stay behind the relics to avoid getting bind. At the start of the battle, a paladin with high level provoke run up to the 2 o’clock platform (top right corner) and provoke the boss. Most of the drawings above are not made by me and I do not take credit for any of them that I personally did not make. Friends: Hiccup, the gang, Naderly, chameisha, dragonlover45, Snowdragon6, treehousemagic, administrators, Skyhunter22, FlamingHusky, Stellamontague, and others I forgot to name.
After a certain countdown, various debuff will be casted on the whole party members, unless your party members click the switches according.
Then your party members are supposed to press the switches according the following order: White, Red, Green and Blue. For example: during 7~6 = first person press, 5~4 =second person press, 3-2 = third person press, 1 = final person press.
They spawn all round the islet, Move in groups slowly around the islet and killing them all.
You are able to see if whether the platform is already occupied by a party member.  When you first enter the map, don’t rush into damaging the boss first.
Because the boss initially is near the 12 o’clock platform and the paladin should be using provoke and drag aggro to himself.
Ground punching and single-hand earth flipping: Lava Golem has very similar attack pattern to the rock golem in manticore nest. Fireball: Lava golem will throw a fireball from his head which will split into 4 smaller balls upon explosion (similar to the manticore gravity ball crest). Ring of fire: Normally right after the lava flood, lava golem will cast this skill to push party members down from the platform. Double-hand earth flipping : Lava golem use both of his hand to flip the earth in front of him, creating a line of explosion in front of him. Fire charging: When lava golem only hav 2 bars of hp, he will start charging forward with whole body on fire, very similar to electric ogre in apocalypse.
Ignition: When lava golem is at his last bar of hp, he might use ignition when anyone is inflicted with burn status. This is especially important at Hp x2 when he casting fire charging to make sure the golem charges towards you and not other members.
The shadows will slowly move upwards and eventually reach the explosion area, where it will deal 120k damage to whoever nearby.

It will block the energy ball from his jump and also prevent him from walking towards the dpser if the paladin lose the aggro. Typhoon will mix up the strong and medium lizard: it will be hard to balance their HP if they are together. Wave Chop EX: After slashing with his axe, black crescent wave similar to dark manticore’s skill will propagte outwards.
There will be a big magical circle at Noirbak’s feet and he is shielded by an invincible shell. Disabling skills can be used to disable those smaller bull too.  Slowly destroy the pillars around the place to deactivate the invincible shell on Noirbak.
If there is only one paladin, miracle hand+holy shield from priest anddevastating howl+taunting howl+superarmor buff+highland from mercenary need to be casted all together. The beam itself deals no damage but the smaller bull around the boss will deal heavy damage to the dancers. The reason for using avatar is because the main-T might get infected with poison ring when he is binded.
Sub-T get into the position at the other end of the same platform.  After it is done, all party members can start attacking monta from its back while the main-T provoke it.
This is to prevent the Poison Ring to be casted on a random party members while we are gathering at the top of the platform to avoid the AOE poison gas. The way you use it is different too, because it's made to mimic real mediums as well as possible. If ever someone in the party get sucked in, one of the party member is supposed to click one of the two magical stones at the side of the islet to release them from the hole. Each member should take some time to stand on their own platform and remember its location. The difference is, 3 pillars of fire will be created around his fist when he punch the ground. Instead of lighting ball, fire ball will be shooting out from his sides, burning anyone who get hit by it. This ignition is an almost an instant kill (54k+ damage), ignore block, avatar, stance of faith, evasion stance.
The strategy suggested here is to ignore the shadows at the right side and the whole team gather at the left side to stop the shadows while killing the cerberus at the same time. The strongest one probably will still be at HP x4 and the remaining one likely with his HP reduced to HPx3.
Relic of hold, timestop and other means of disabling skills should be used to keep whoever close to the boss and affected by the dancing beam safe. After being hit, the person will have an skull icon on his head and poison aura will appear around him (greenish ring). If someone is binded, other party members can save them by breaking the superarmor of the vine.
It will start dealing almost 50k damage with any single hit.Mercenary disenchanting howl can remove the berserk status. The first hit deal 4000~5000 damage, while the rock column can deal as high as 20k damage (aftershock damage).
Make sure, that there is apoison ring on the main-T (a sign of the aggro is on him) before you cast the miracle hand. Would it be worth it or is there another good one painting tool that is great too and is free or doesn't cost as much?
So you can't really use a watercolor brush with an oil one because the paints would look wrong. I know the company that makes it is pretty good- they created CAD, Instuctables, and a lot of other stuff. A fixed party who come here often can skip this first step and directly deal damage to the boss. Although the damage is not high, it will tend to push you down from platform if you don’t have shield block. However, unlike electric ogre who only charge in a straight line, lava golem can actually turn and follow the person he is trying to charge. Priests play a very important role here, by keep casting hand of miracle and hand of curing to cure abnormal status. Players who are near the vine will then be entangled with some sort of poison vine (there will be another system notice about it). I have a bubbly, chatty and annoying personality and I do get into a lot of fights with people, so please to not tick me off. If more than one person is standing on one of the platform, the whole team will be wiped out. A simple method to jam the boss is, when the lava boss start charging, run towards a platform, jumping on to it and go behind it. That person should be far from the others and party members should not be in the vicinity of the poison aura around him.
Avoid this attack by timing your jump, just when his arm is at the highest point and about to slam down.JUMP AWAY from your current spot with arrow key so that you will not be hit by the rock column. 2 priests and 1 force user with time acceleration will be able to cover the cooldown of the two relics. That person who catch the poison won’t actually receive any damage, however anyone else who are in the aura will get 15K~30K damage per second.
To avoid being damage, move towards the boss quickly after you see the casting motion.  Before he cast ring of fire, he will raise both of his hands horizontally to the sides.
Do note that the casting of ignition is very fast.  It is very important to keep one of the curing hand availabe on the field at all time, especially near the paladin.

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