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MiTalk Messenger also support rich media transfer, such as photo and graffiti, and of cause support the cutey rich emoticons.
If you want to receive a feedbak when the other person read or received your messages, MiTalk Messenger can let you know instant. As the Xiaomi phone was released yesterday, its official rom the MIUI and Xiaomi phone native applications was mentioned everywhere.

MiTalk has a single contact person list, you can easily to find the people you want to chat.
The popular one is MiTalk Messenger, a mobile social communication tool, support such features: group chat, it supports up to ten people group discussions.
MiTalk Messenger can installed on serval platforms, it supports Symbian S60 (chinese only), Android (both English and Chinese) and iPhone (both English and Chinese) , and more languages support in the future.

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