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MSN Messenger lets you see when your friends are online and exchange instant messages with them.
But people keep using it probably on the fact that it is annoyingly installed on every Windows machine. I've used Msn for awhile now after my disappointment in Trillian but this recent build corrupted my install shield(gave me some 1609 error) and I got it from MSN's site.
Kik Messenger is available in the Google Play Store totally free of cost and has been downloaded more than million times till now.
The messenger has a very smooth as well as stylish interface and will definitely make you a fan of its design. So you must be thinking that instead of having all the features at its best, what new things the new update could have brought to us. Regarding the customization options, the user can set his or her profile picture which could be seen by and person who has joined you on the messenger. You can also update the Kik Messenger by downloading the .apk file from the internet and then transferring it to your Smartphone and then installing it. Acessando o site do MSN2Go (Messages Sur Le Net 2 Go) vocA? pode entrar no seu Msn via internet, sem precisar fazer download do programa Msn. Installing IMVU is not at all difficult, and, just like it’s the case of instant messaging applications in general, an account is required in order to use IMVU, but third-party accounts can also be used (such as Facebook, Yahoo, a Google account or even Twitter) so users do not necessarily need to create a new one. Chat rooms can also be created, thus offering users more control over the guests they start conversations with.
IMVU also comes with a contact list, just like any regular instant messenger, so friends can be added as well as other favorite users for a quicker and a bit more private chat.
To sum up, IMVU is a great application for those who have a lot of free time and want to have fun, as it is quite far from what one would expect a regular IM to be. The BBC has announced that it has struck a deal with Microsoft and has launched the beta version of a new video on demand service: iPlayer. Because of integration of iPlayer with Facebook and Twitter, users can post programmes directly to their Facebook account and Tweet and share about them with friends.
There is also an updated desktop application for BBC iPlayer, which allows users to download their favorite programs in advance. Anurag Upadhaya is a FOSS enthusiast, Counter Strike gamer, Tech blogger and 24x7 netizen from Bangalore.

Send instant messages with cool, new emoticons, call anywhere in the world from your computer, see when someone's typing, page a contact's mobile phone, send pictures and music to your friends, and much more.
I've seen that some people have had the same problem whith the lastest Defender release too. We have returned to you with an update of an awesome messaging application which many of you must have been using since a long time. The messenger is really very fast and works on various other platforms so that you can connect to your family and friends using Kik in no time. They try to maintain their own identity without doing something over the level that may make you feel too much colorful or something similar to that. And you will be surprised to know that the new Kik has arrived with an in-built web browser attached to it. You can also modify the layout of the notifications as well as layout of the appearance according to your own desire. Subscribe to our block and add us on various social platforms to receive regular updates similar to this.
Tech in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from VIT University, Vellore, I also specialize in SEO as well as in Content Writing for Websites and Blogs.
We will add more winks in the future.You can check the new Winks and install it when we add them. This is the kind of application that takes online chatting to a whole new level and this can be seen from the first minute of using it. They have to create a 3D avatar that will require a lot of customization before actually chatting over the Internet. It is a 3D room, that gives you the possibility to have your character placed in various fixed locations.
Even if it does not ensure a fast and simple chat experience, it is still worth taking for a spin. You can also use this free program to make phone calls, send a message to a pager, trade pictures and music with your friends, and much more. Reinstalling Install shield didn't work so I had to reinstall my OS with an image I saved(which is not pirated a copy). Kik Messenger is a fantastic messaging application and the first messaging application which comes with a built-in web browser.

The users can use Kik to send messages to one another, and in addition to that the messenger also allows its users to share pictures as well as other media files from Kik to Kik.
Now with the inbuilt browser the users can explore and surf the web without even leaving the application. One of the most exciting feature of the messenger is that the status of the message you send is shown by the letter “D” and “R”, where “D” refers to delivered and “R” refers to read. Some clothes need to be picked, maybe some make-up, some accessories, and complete sets of offers to earn credits that can be spent on a large variety of items. One's avatar can also perform a wide range of actions, thus making the interaction more interesting and realistic. Also with the well organizes web pages, the users can also play games online as well as share and create fun content hand to hand along with chatting with their friends. The application is free of any kind of ads and is achieving new heights with the passing time. BBC has also announced the integration of Microsoft’s Windows Live Messenger service straight into the player. Kik Messenger is simple, fast as well as personal that effectively connects the user with everyone that you wish to get connected to. This small change could turn out to be very useful for those who use full use of data plans in web surfing.
Users of Windows Live Messenger can login via iPlayer and watch videos while chatting with their contacts, side by side.
All you need to do is to open the side bar by swiping your finger from the left side and you will be able to see a brand new URL bar at the top of the display screen. BBC has explained that the WLM feature is experimental and if it turned out to be successful, it will eventually roll this out to other IM services.

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