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Facebook Messenger operates independently of a web browser, allowing you to chat with your friends on Facebook without of the website. You get very basic functionality, at the moment its not possible to even change your status from within the application. Facebook Messenger is the most widely used free text messaging application for android phones. Facebook is no doubt the best and easiest way to get connected with friends and family members from anywhere in the world.
A much better option is to install Facebook Messenger like application that only allows you to send and receive instant messages via Facebook. The application let you send free text messages to your Facebook friends as well as to your mobile contacts instantly. Group chat is another great feature of Facebook messenger for android that allows you to create different groups for the people you contact most of the time. Chat Heads is an interesting feature by which you can keep on chatting with Facebook friends while using other apps. Facebook messenger keeps you logged in while you are connected to internet and this will update you instantly once you receive any message on Facebook. So, let’s install this Facebook messenger app on your android phone and have an instant contact with your Facebook friends list. Facebook Messenger is a terrific app that’s available for both iPhone and Android devices, and it makes it possible for users to chat with their Facebook friends while on the go.
Facebook Messenger has been around for a couple of years now, but it wasn’t until recently that it became even more useful with Windows Phone support, the addition of a dedicated Groups tab for group messaging, and even free audio calls for all Facebook users with the app. While you could only use Facebook Chat when on a computer in the past, Facebook Messenger extends that capability to mobile devices now, allowing you to chat with Facebook friends while you’re away from a computer and on the go.
One thing I love about Facebook Messenger is the user interface; it’s simple, clean and easy to use. Furthermore, the bugs on the web interface can get out of hand. Plenty of times I’ll mark a message as read, but it still shows up as unread whenever I come back to Facebook later on. However, one of the biggest reasons that Facebook Messenger is so popular is that it can be a worthwhile text messaging replacement.

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Apart from getting connecting with people around the world, Facebook is also considered as a time wasting website. So, install Facebook messenger on your android device with APK file that can be downloaded from here and save your precious time.
You just need to enter phone number of your new contact and then you will be able to reach him via Facebook messenger application. For example you can separate groups for family, colleagues, class mates etc. Apart from chatting with friends one can also share photos and videos instantly to their Facebook profile via this messenger app. A circular icon with profile picture of your friend will appear on your android screen by which you can start chatting. You can turn off notifications any time from the settings panel and also you can see the online friend’s list directly from this app. I hope that you will enjoy the best chatting experience with unique notifications and sounds with this amazing application for android.
You can save it as a backup and also share it with your friends via Bluetooth so that they can also enjoy Facebook messaging with this great application. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Of course, if you’re near a computer, you can still use Facebook’s web chat interface and messaging platform, but we find the mobile app to be a lot more intuitive.
I’ve never had this issue on the mobile app, and I’ve never come across any kind of bug on the app in the first place, making it a great app to use without a lot of aggravation. The app is a lot like other IM apps out on the market, like Google Hangouts, Yahoo Messenger, etc. Here in this article you can find free download links for Facebook Messenger APK latest version. Once you login to your Facebook account and start surfing the never ending news feed, it will easily kill hours. The chat heads can be easily minimized without interfering with the application that is currently being used.

Once it’s done, just go back to your home screen and Facebook Messenger should be waiting there for you.
It seems like Facebook changes its web interface every few months, and consistency is hard to come by when using the Facebook website. Plus, the separation between Facebook Chat and the Messages platform can be confusing for a lot of users.
The best part about these apps is that you can use them to replace traditional text messaging. Infact these are shortcuts that allow you to instantly chat with friends directly from home screen or any other application without opening the Facebook messenger app.
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