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Download or sign in to the Chikka Text Messenger to send free text messages to Philippine mobile phones. This new version was inspired by you, our users, who have shared with us your ideas and how Chikka has saved your day by connecting you with your family and friends through the years. If you already have a Chikka account (Version 5 or older), kindly update to Version 6 to continue texting for free.
Linking a social network will allow you to easily sign in to Chikka even without a mobile number or a password. Remember, if you have a mobile number tied to your account, you will be able to sign in to your Chikka using that mobile number and your password. And if you chose to link a social network instead, you can access your Chikka account by clicking on that social network icon at the Sign-in page.
Once you are done with the verification process, you will see a message (pictured above) congratulating you for successfully updating your Chikka account to Version 6! Updating to Chikka Version 6 is also easy even if you are using the Chikka app on your mobile device (Chikka for Android & Chikka for iOS).
If you are currently signed in to Chikka, your account will be automatically updated after downloading and launching the Version 6 app. If you are signed out of Chikka, you can learn about the new version and available updates via Google Play or iTunes.
After clicking the link for Version 5 users, it will now ask you to sign in to your Chikka account.
If you have a mobile account or you linked a mobile number, a verification code will automatically be sent to your mobile phone via SMS. But since you’re here to sign up for a new Chikka account, click "Create an account" to proceed. Choose if you want to create your account using your mobile number (for a mobile account) or via your social network account (for a non-mobile account). Chikka supports numbers from forty one (41) countries including the Philippines so users can now register their mobile number even if they are outside the Philippines.
Signing up via social network is really for creating your new account and for signing in without the hassle of remembering a password in the future.
You can also sign up for a new Chikka account via the Chikka App (Chikka for Android and Chikka for iOS). One of the nice things about Chikka Version 6 is that, if you are using Chikka on your mobile device (Chikka for Android or Chikka for iOS), you can simply sync it with the contacts in your device. If you skipped syncing your contacts the first time you opened Chikka, you can just go to CONTACTS, then click on the menu button and choose IMPORT. If you signed up for a Chikka account via social network, you can link a mobile number (PH or from the 40 Chikka-supported countries) to personalize your Chikka ID. For those with a PH mobile number, linking it to your Chikka account will allow you to receive your friends’ replies directly on your mobile phone when you go offline.

If you signed up for a Chikka account using a mobile number, you can link your Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and LinkedIn accounts for easy sign-in. You can now keep a copy of your important messages by exporting the thread and send it via email.
Chikka Version 6 gives you more free texts daily and keeping track of your Chikka Text Credits is a breeze.
Now, Chikka has Offline Messaging that allows Smart and Sun subscribers using Chikka for Android to send free texts even without WiFi or 3G signal.
Cybercriminals have started relying on the popularity of the Chikka Text Messenger (Chikka) application to promote their schemes.
GFI Labs researchers came across a shady Facebook app page called ChikkaLoadPH, which promised potential victims all sorts of prizes as long as they accepted to complete a survey and promote the application among their friends. Providing the fraudsters with personal information and sharing their scam will not do you any good because no one ever wins anything.
Furthermore, experts have found that the shady app page also connects to the victim’s Twitter account to promote the scam on Twitter as well. The malicious app page has been taken offline, but users are advised to be on the lookout since the crooks can easily resurrect their scheme. Chikka supports all major Instant Messaging services like MSN, Yahoo, GTalk, AIM and ICQ and above all with just one single login you will be automatically signed in to all other IM services. Up to this point, it’s like any other Web Messenger but the power of Chikka is not limited to this only.
Free mobile app stops texting driving, Free mobile app puts an end to texting while driving. Stick texting™ iphone app, Stick texting™ is the next level of animated text messaging for the iphone. Screenmagic: offering popular texting app salesforce, Simple easy to use salesforce texting app! Just complete the authorization process for social networks and you’ll be able to use it to sign in the next time. If you encounter any problems with the code, you can request for another one by clicking on “Resend code”. For Version 5 users, please don’t sign in with your mobile number or social network yet.
If you want to skip this, you can always sync it some other time by going to CONTACTS, then click on the menu, and choose IMPORT. For those in countries that are not yet in the list, you can still create an account by signing up via Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus or LinkedIn.
And if you have a Philippine mobile number, you’ll be able to receive Chikka messages as SMS whenever you are offline.
Just download the latest Chikka App from Google Play or iTunes; and then, install and launch the app.

Just go to PROFILE and there you can upload a profile photo, edit your name, write a status message, link your mobile number, and link social network accounts.
And after syncing, all your contacts will also be available to you when you sign in to Chikka on the web. Just open the message thread you want to keep, click on the dropdown menu and choose EXPORT THREAD.
And if you want to keep those memorable conversations forever, you can EXPORT THREAD via email. Experts warn that a fake Chikka Facebook app is currently making the rounds on the social media website, promising users free phone credits and other prizes.
On the other hand, the scammers not only make money because you complete the survey, but they also gain access to your Facebook timeline and your private details. All you need to do is to register yourself with your mobile number and instantly your password will be sent via sms on your registered mobile. Get rewarded for sending free sms,SMS2MINT is one stop shop for all your personal free sms needs. No Spam.Click on confirmation link in email for activation, check spam folder if not in mailbox. Sponsored Links Tags: Android Apps Share!Tweet Bon TalampasAbout the author Bon Talampas, Jr. And don’t worry, linking your Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus or LinkedIn account is only for signing in and will not make your Chikka messages public. Instead, click on the dedicated link at the bottom of the screen for Version 5 users so it can take you to the step-by-step update. On sign-up, you can choose to create an account using a mobile number or via social network. Sign in using that password to Chikka and later on you can connect yourself to all your IM buddies in GTalk, Yahoo etc.
I have tried and tested it for Vodafone and Airtel networks in India and it works like a charm.
Enter your details, click NEXT, and just follow a few steps including verifying your number or social network account. Within few seconds it delivers SMS and supports almost every mobile service providers in India. When you choose this option, you will be automatically signed in to your other IM accounts every time sign in to Chikka. And aside from being a computer geek and DOTA fanatic, he spends most of his idle hours in blogging and photography.

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