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In his first book called Double Your Dating, he wrote those effective techniques that were already successful.
After the success of Double Your Dating, his teachings led to live seminars, coaching, and producing CDs and DVDs. It turns out that the problem isn’t necessarily with the women you’re trying to approach, but with your attitude about women and dating in general. The best part about this system is that, unlike other books, it doesn’t really ask you to put on a facade. For a beginner, Double Your Dating provides tips and tricks for conversations, as well as the psychology that women employ when talking with a guy. Besides “cocky and funny,” you learn to flirt with a women naturally, not just with words, but with eye contact and body language, and also if there are behaviors that you need to avoid at the bar or on a date. These tips are easy to learn and incorporate into your everyday interactions, and they don’t take a lot of practice or memorization like some other systems.
As a bonus, he includes a list of date ideas that are totally free, so you can still have fun and get to know each other, but you don’t have to constantly spring for dinner or coffee. These books are virtual powerhouses- making tons of money for the writers, launching them into relative fame- giving them precedent to hold expensive seminars all over the US (and in some cases, overseas as well), claiming to have the true way to fame. Before I begin truly tearing into these books, I think it will be fair for us to examine these books for their face value- and what they bill to customers.
Both The Game and The Mystery Method are both the most popular books on the market today- and that’s an amazing accomplishment.
Clearly, Strauss claims to have the ultimate idea (as well as the ultimate mix for your man-purse, I guess). Of course, this comes with it’s own interesting twist- it expects you to, in essence, entirely change your personality in unique ways. Overall, DeAngelo is not pertainedly for the idea of bar pickup routines, but he’s fairly close- he recommends basically just acting aloof and stand-offish, while secretly wanting the sex anyway. One of the main ideas of The Art of Seduction, explicitly stated or not, is that people can and should be exploited if you can figure out how.
Let’s not kid around- people like Neil Strauss and David DeAngelo are not geniuses at love.
In a way, the most telling way to understand this is the movie Alfie, one of the movies I mentioned as one of our 15 fashionable movies for men. Did it not occur to you that there are men out there that actually enjoy sex without the love?
Having already been in plenty of relationships across the spectrum… sex and love, much like anything else, are things that need to come with balance.
Now being a pickup artist myself I personally have become a more social person, just like people who read articles on this site. Well Cultured is a men's online magazine with advice and reviews on fashion, fitness, dating, lifestyle, and many other topics. And since Mondays are less about broadening our horizons and more about pleasant distractions, I thought I’d bring you something chocolatey. And although I am now a humbled lover of oatmeal raisin, I must admit, I will still pick chocolate anything over raisins everything.
If I could, I would make everything triple chocolate, quadruple chocolate, heck let’s make it quintuple chocolate. While I await your wonderfully interesting book suggestions, allow me to tell you all about these no bake delights. So before you head out on your picturesque Fall hike, or plan your next gym-a-thon, whip up a batch of these satisfyingly chewy and amazingly chocolatey No Bake Double Chocolate Chip Granola Bars.
I do love oatmeal raison and hubby even more so and I would never turn down such a delicious granola bar like this one, especially on Monday!
I’m really liking your sign of tag line – because it gives me hope that a dove is gonna show up on my window sill with your treat of the day! I haven’t seen Halloween candy yet, but most times I shop with blinders on – but I did get tickets to Walker Stalker Con that happens here on HALLOWEEN!!! So many times chocolate chips have turned out to be raisins LOL happy to see none here ?? no-bake, double chocolate, granola – pass me the whole batch!
You and I probably have the same double platinum lifetime membership for crazy chocolate fanatics only.
Simply add your email below to get INSTANT FREE ACCESS to the Learn How To Meet Women Now Toolkit! When it comes to using a dating site it is all about putting your best foot forward and capturing a women’s attention. After registering you get access to the Online Dating Domination secure members area and access the content.
Most of the material that I’ve come across or read is all about trying to meet someone new, where to meet people, what to say, what to where. You were out on a date with a girl, and the conversation was that same old “stiff, boring” stuff that always happens… and you could tell that it was KILLING YOU… and you would do anything to know how to get her to lighten up and respond positively to you?
Is there a girl in your life that you’d like to “get”… or a girl that you’d like to have a relationship with… but for whatever reason the CHEMISTRY just isn’t there?
It means that, in other words, women don’t feel attraction to men because they decide to feel it. Think about the last time you saw a REALLY beautiful woman… a woman that you felt instantly attracted to. Did you have to look at her for awhile, consider in your mind whether or not you should feel attracted to her, then make a decision to feel it?
And if you stopped a hundred women on the street and asked them what made them feel ATTRACTION for the last guy they were with, very few (if any) would be able to tell you why.
Why can’t women explain why they feel that magical feeling called ATTRACTION for some men… but not others? Why is it that some men just seem to be surrounded by women who want to be with them… while most guys never have any success with women? And, most importantly, what are the secrets to triggering this “attraction mechanism” in a woman so that she feels it for YOU?
Buy dinners, flowers, and gifts for one woman after another… until one of them finally “gives in” and accepts the proposal to either have a long-term relationship or get married. Learn how to trigger a woman’s ATTRACTION towards you, so you don’t have to buy ANYTHING… but instead, have women pursuing YOU. The reason I’m so familiar with these two options is that I personally did option #1 (buying the dinners, flowers, and gifts… hoping a girl would accept me) for many years of my life. Only after getting TOTALLY FED UP with not knowing how to make women want to be with me did I wizen-up, GET A CLUE, and learn how to make women feel ATTRACTION towards me. It took me several years of trial and error, learning from guys who were “naturals” with women, and figuring things out the HARD WAY… but I did it. If you’ve ready my original book “Double Your Dating”, then you’ve learned some of my personal secrets. For the last couple of years, I’ve been spending a lot of time interviewing, watching, and getting to know even MORE guys who are “naturally successful” with women. Some of them are so amazing that you probably wouldn’t believe that stories that I’d tell you about them… really.
As I got deeper and deeper into their heads, and really started to learn how and why they were SO DAMN SUCCESSFUL with women, I began to realize that they knew a lot of things that most guys don’t know.
These guys really had a mastery of male and female psychology, and they used that knowledge in every situation they found themselves in with women.
I realized that they basically had a window into the minds and emotions of women… and that this window gave them a kind of power that just wasn’t available to most guys who hadn’t taken the time to learn about it. The more I learned these secrets, and the more I learned about how and why women think, feel, and behave the way they do, the more I realized that I was going to need to write another book… a book that would go into DETAIL and explain these mysteries that no one had explained to men before.
What “players” know about success with women that average guys don’t… and how you can use this information to instantly trigger attraction in women (without being an abusive jerk) – pg. The unconscious system women use to INSTANTLY classify men (Hint: it hasnothing to do with money or looks… and when you know how it works and how to trigger it, women will NATURALLY place you at the top of their “YES” lists every time) – pg. It took me 5 years “in the trenches” to figure four simple rules of female attraction… and I can teach them to you in 5 minutes. Did you know that the single most dangerous mistake men make when trying to attract a woman is also the most common? How to make sure you are always the best-dressed guy around… without spending the big bucks (And I don’t mean dressed “the nicest”) …here’s how to develop an image that is magnetically attractive to women) – pg.
The secret thought all women have about men that they pray you will never discover (this is a secret that no one has had the balls to tell you before now) – pg. Why carrying around “limiting beliefs” can prevent you from ever having the success with women you want, and the 12 most dangerous beliefs most men have.
The secret of master salesmen that you can use to quickly become the type of man that women are naturally attracted to – pg. The 3 pre-programmed mental faults that all men are born with (and few eliminate) that may have been short circuiting your success with women your entire life… – pg. A simple 3 step process to instantly eliminate “approach anxiety” … you’ll be able to “charge yourself up” with confidence anytime you want, and approach any woman in any situation – pg. The 2 things you MUST do to keep a woman from cheating on you: How to get her to make a mental commitment to not straying. The inborn genetic “triggers” that FORCE a woman to subconsciously choose one man over another… how they work… and how to easily “stack the deck in your favor” so she will automatically choose you – pg. WARNING: If you don’t know what the single biggest mistake is that men make with women, you’re probably making it now.

A primal body language trick (taken from the animal kingdom) that will cause women to become sexually excited by merely being around you – pg. The “Obsession Formula”… a strategy used by virtually all guys who are “naturals” with women… that will have her thinking about you ALL THE TIME when you’re not there – pg. A simple, step-by-step plan to developing powerful body language skills that instantly make a woman feel attraction for you… even when you’re not trying to pick her up – pg. Did you know that women are as much as 10 times better able to read subtle body language than men? If you don’t know the right way to use eye contact, you’re probably telegraphing the message “I’m not a guy you should feel attracted to”… BEFORE YOU’VE EVEN SPOKEN WITH HER. The one question you must NEVER ask a woman (unless you want to kill her attraction for you INSTANTLY). The best way to flirt with a woman… Do this and she’ll instantly recognize on an UNCONSCIOUS LEVEL that you are a sexually aware, potential mate – pg. A proven method to build up and amplify attraction to the point where it is sopowerful that she’ll be literally tearing your clothes off (I can’t wait to share this one with you!) – pg.
What to say when a woman asks about your past relationships… so that she becomes MORE interested in you, not less – pg. My number one method for building sexual tension that will have her bodybegging for more… she’ll want you right then and there… and nothing will be able to stop her! The simple remedy that will instantly smooth out an awkward conversation or situation with a woman… – pg.
What women see in bartenders and other “players”… and how to use this information to attract girls who used to be “out of your league” – pg. A simple trick that will allow you to skip over the “pick up line” and jump right into a conversation with her – pg.
There are 3 things that James Bond does that get him the girl every time… You can learn them in 5 minutes, and they will improve your success overnight – Ch.
Over the last several years of teaching this stuff, I’ve discovered that a problem many guys have is figuring out how to be a “cool” person that people want to be around. The real reason why women put men in “The Friend Zone”… and… the only way to be sure you stay OUT of it – pg. The one thing almost all guys forget to do at dinner that will make her think about you for days after – pg. The deadly mistake most guys make when trying to be “romantic”… Romance is one of the most misunderstood and misused tactics in the game of love.
A subtle technique that makes you seem exciting and adventurous to women.A lesson from the “players” that you can use to make any interaction or conversation FUN – pg. Exactly how to deal with “drama” from a woman… in a way that will make her admire you, respect you, and increase her attraction to you – pg.
A natural way to turn the conversation to sex and turn her on in the process… you’ll actually see her eyes light up and hear her breathing get heavy (and yes, you pervert… you can do this over the telephone) – pg. Cocky Comedy – An Advanced Lesson… One of the most powerfully attractive ways you can communicate with a woman is with the magic formula I call Cocky Comedy.
TWENTY of my personal favorite Cocky Comedy lines that you can start using tonight to have women drooling over you – pg. What to do when a girl doesn’t “get” your sense of humor… a surprising escape route that instantly turns the situation in your favor – pg. How to spark chemistry with her in the first 30 seconds… I’ve found that sparking up sexual chemistry with a women is a CRUCIAL first step that YOU must take (if you don’t… she won’t).
And, as if that wasn’t enough, I’ve also included a killer free 26-page bonus book I wrote called “How To Change Yourself”… that will help you fix some of those annoying mental and emotional issues you’ve been facing with women.
This bonus book “How To Change Yourself” is like having a manual for running your own mind and emotions… and it will help you make changes that STICK. As a very special one-time bonus, I’d also like to send you a FREE interview from my Interviews With Dating Gurus monthly interview program.
Here’s how it works: Order now, and I’ll throw in a one-month FREE subscription to my Interview Series as a bonus for just trying my ebook. I’m so sure you’re going to love this interview that I’m going to give this to you FREE in your membership area.
If you get this awesome interview and you DON’T love it and get IMMEDIATE success with the material you learn, you can cancel and keep the bonus interview FOR FREE just for TRYING it. This bonus is worth 20 bucks alone, and it’s yours free just for trying my ebook –but this special free-interview offer is only available with your purchase right now. I’m so confident that this book is going to help you meet and date more women VERY QUICKLY that I’m willing to let you read and try it at MY RISK. Read the book from cover to cover and you’ll find strategies you can use RIGHT AWAY to start meeting women. If, after you’ve read the book, it’s not for you… or you didn’t find any useful information in it for your situation, simply reply to the email confirmation you’ll receive when you download your copy of the book, write “cancel” in your message, and we’ll give you a full refund. David DeAngelo is a dating advice coach and author of the popular dating eBook Double your Dating.
Some of his courses include Meeting Women Online, Deep Inner Game, Sexual Communication, Cocky Comedy and Body Language. As women have become more savvy and aggressive, it becomes harder for us to know how to approach them when, like David says, they are actively trying to shut us down. One of the great assets of this book is upping the reader’s awareness of what he might be doing wrong and what he needs to change, while also providing him with a couple of fool proof methods to keep women interested. The cocky and funny technique helps guys push past their natural insecurities, while giving women an attractive spin on their natural personalities. It’s not properly understanding how women think and feel that usually leads to being turned down, even when you might think the conversation or date is going well. If you’re striking out with women like I was, it’s probably because you’re doing something to turn your dates off without even registering it.
I also liked that the focus wasn’t just on picking up women, but also on just building better relationships with women.
David DeAngelo wants you to draw the women to yourself- make them call you, hang up on them first, but be persistent when the time is right.
DeAngelo is one of the prime abusers of seminars and workshops, holding them all across the country- and he’s making big bucks doing it. In a way, that’s the purpose of the entire book- how to teach you to exploit other people for your own gain- in this case, sex, in other books by the same author, power or fame. When someone tells you that the best way to do something is a certain structure, pattern, or order (even me), you should always take it with a grain of salt- and be willing to re-examine it in new ways.
Much like I have written about in both the guide and on the main site, confidence and willingness to be a man go a long way with women, no matter the situation. They may be talented at the pickup (or simply talented at selling themselves), but their experience only goes so far.
Be it that they admit it or not, they make women into items, proverbial rewards to win and notches in their bedposts.
Sure, it’s fun to bandy around with the idea (it certainly makes sexy Vampire stories), but real life love rarely comes from seduction routines. In both the original film and the remake with Jude Law, the movie shows what the truth is of being a pickup artist- and it’s nothing as illustrious as you would think. I knew a good friend who used to consider himself a pickup artist- a man who knew exactly what he wanted: sex.
Look, we understand the idea of attachment and drama free sex, but it would nice to at least have a friendship that isn’t going to fall apart from that. Not to necessarily become a new person, but to use these books and seminars as a stepping stone to becoming a more social person. The majority of it is making yourself into a complete person who doesn’t need a lover to feel complete, but instead can enjoy those experiences.
There are women out there who are shallow and if a nice guy asks them if he can buy them a drink, guess what?
Also, some pretty funny memes in which people are seriously disappointed that they got an oatmeal raisin cookie, rather than a chocolate chip one.
I know, I know, I just saw Halloween candy at the grocery store and was pretty taken aback by the whole thing. Speaking of gummy bears (because we were…sorta) do you think we could go halfsies on those tomorrow?
I’m easy to please when it comes to BB recipes ?? Can I have several of these for breakfast and snacks throughout the day?!? Indulge your passion and make time for your loved one with ‘Date Night’ romance package at The Shankly Hotel, located in the heart of Liverpool City Centre. They don’t consider all of his positive qualities, then add up all the dinners and flowers a man has purchased… and finally consider how “nice” he has been… then mentally say “OK, I’m going to feel attracted to him”.
These 4 things alone will give you an advantage over almost every other man alive (These are the 4 main things I wish someone would have taught me when I first started…) – pg. I’ll break down each one for you and show you exactly what you can do toovercome it for good – pg. I’ll show you 5 subtle body language secrets that (when used together) make women feel attraction AUTOMATICALLY – pg. Projecting these powerful signals will shoot right through the B.S… and they’ll send a woman’s attraction sensors into overdrive – pg. Here’s the 9 word phrase that will get you the digits every time, while turning her resistance into MORE ATTRACTION – pg. After years of interviewing the best of the best, I’ve figured out that the exact beliefs that every natural seducer of women possesses.

It’s easier than you think when you do this… and it makes you more attractive to ALL of the women – pg. If you’re a super rich, handsome guy, you can probably get away with one or two of these things. Here’s a “secret” tactic you can use that will make you appear to be the biggest challenge she has had in her entire life! In other words, you get to keep your bonus for free either way… even if you cancel right after you get it. Your credit card will automatically be billed – but not before you’ve had a FULL 7 DAYS to use the materials.
I get emails every day from guys who are using these materials to DRAMATICALLY increase their success in the dating world, and I want to help you too. He quickly educated himself and learned the psychology of attracting women and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). For a guy who is usually passed up as “too nice,” I needed a more effective way to approach women, and that’s exactly what I got with Double Your Dating. Lots of other dating books are going to tell you to completely change how you act, to adopt a new personality. Besides learning the psychology of a woman’s behavior in a social setting, you’ll also learn about your own behavior and even realize you’re doing something subconsciously that wards women off. And while it may seem deep at first, it all makes sense once you start seeing more success with women. Strauss bills himself as something of a student, the book feeling much like a rendition of Star Wars with the Jedi concept replaced with picking up women.
He also, much like other writers, provides a general list of ways to determine if a woman is interested- from body language to intonation. Using specific guides on exactly how to pick up women (such as charts, pre-made lines, etc) is foolish, and trust me, most girls recognize it. Few women want a guy who is absolutely afraid to talk to her (trust me, if they want that, there are plenty of guys out there)- so I can absolutely agree with the concept that you should be cool and confident.
The most obvious issue with inundating your mind with these algorithms and plans is simple- you will be recognized (be it by recognizing your pickup lines or something as ridiculous as your date seeing a dating manual in your apartment). Neither men are truly experienced to a loving, kind relationship that can come from serious dating or a true relationship- and that’s exactly why they seem to treat such relationships as an end rather than a beginning. Women are simply an opposite sex of men- they are not trophies nor are they lesser beings- and their mental processes are very similar to our own to the point of being remarkably similar (except minor hormonal things). True seduction does not require falsifying your history or pretending- it comes from being attractive with personality and being unique.
Being a pickup artist is always about being someone who is, in essence, a slave to physical needs.
Naturally, we disagreed on the nature and thoughts of women, but I simply enjoyed his company and liked to know what he was up to, if only because I wanted to know when his train would end- and it did.
And chances are if I do, he’ll either be single or in some sort of scrambled relationship of which sexual pleasure is the only thing keeping them together. Then again, that would require thought to understand and that’d be a bit too much to ask for from your average anonymous. However, it pays to look to the future, if that will remain satisfying, or if it might get boring doing things with people without connecting with or respecting them. And yes, we are mysoginistic, since there is no other possibility when you know nature of women.
While it is true that most of the gurus and PUA wannabes are fake and selling themselves to make money, a lot of these books actually do help men acheive confidence and social skills that help them in life. And thanks to the relationship techniques I picked up from the book, I was able to avoid breakups for the past 2 years. It’s pretty interesting stuff, and as long as you take it with a grain of salt and integrate it into who you are, you might find yourself coming out as a stronger person.
We’re gonna kick Monday up like 5,000 yummy notches (made of gummy bears, I’m sure) with no bake double chocolate chip granola bars. Anywho, back-to-school is just getting started up, people are wrapping up their summer vacays, and some of us are trying to get the jump on slightly healthier-ish eating now.
Gotta make a stash of them and have them ready to come with us on our walks, shopping, or on my way to yoga, just in case I have a sudden chocolate craving ?? .
Internalize these and you will always have women after you… regardless of your wealth or appearance (I share not only the beliefs themselves, but HOW to internalize them so they become YOURS) – pg.
123 I identify the 10 “Characteristics Of Cool”… what makes up the charismatic attitude that is charming to women and envied by men. When you are finished reading this book, you’ll have an education and understanding of women and attraction that will help you meet and date the kinds of women you’ve always wanted.
After learning the techniques of understanding body language and what women want, he started to create his own attraction techniques for other men who were previously destined to fail with women.
In the biggest sense, DeAngelo encourages his readers to throw away insecurities and fears, and to simply be outgoing and masculine. More women are reading these books than the authors would like to admit, and many of them can spot wannabe Pick-up Artists from a mile away. Rather, it can be much worse- you can pick up their culture, something I would not wish on any normal person.
They are not stupid, they are not strange, nor are they confusing: they simply need to be understood within a rational lens, one that does not consider the prime of all relationships to be a one night stand. Virtually every one of the books mentioned above (well, all of them, really) are tailor made to pick up your typical valley girl- not the kind of girl any geek wants (let’s fact it, most of the girls in these situations I’ve met cannot spell, let alone discuss anything other than TV shows)- do you really want that?
They are people who live their lives in the attempt to find love, and they fill that lack of love with one night stands and ridiculous attempts at finding relationships that work.
Pickup artists take the second seat to true relationships- they are the flings before true relationships. Utilize your true personality, don’t fake it, and find a girl whom you can love for more than the physical aspects.
To always have to put up a facade of false coolness sounds pathetic and sad and boring to me.
Or… maybe because I sometimes dream about having chocolate visions in chocolate Technicolor?
Ya know, to make up for all of the pumpkin doughnuts, gluten free vegan brownies, cookie dough truffles and peppermint mochas we’re gonna be tucking away come The Holidays!!!
If you wish to republish this recipe, please re-write the entire recipe using your own words and include a link to this post for the recipe. But I ain’t gonna talk about Fall, yet…we still have to go on holidays, too soon for me to say goodbye to summer ?? ! When you incorporate these aspects into your personality you’ll command respect and admiration from everyone you come in contact with, from women to co-workers pg. To become legitimately cool for your own purposes, higher ones than getting vagoo, is the real appeal I think. Here’s how to effortlessly turn the tables and have her chasing you (Use at your own risk… this secret might make her become addicted to you) – pg. However, I’ve seen a lot of men actually become better people by reading books of this sort and implementing some of the advice. My husband and I go through way too many of the store-bought kind, so I need to try this version. If you aren’t 100% satisfied for ANY REASON AT ALL, you can cancel your order, KEEP THE BOOK, and pay nothing. While I was shaping these, I was thinking, Natalie’s gonna totally ask me how I got these smooth. Since I was a child, my mother always taught me to be nice and respectful to everyone, and treat others how you want to be treated.
They were all my best friends before we went out because I just did not have the confidence to go out and meet a woman.
If you’re bringing these as a snack, make sure to store them in a hard, airtight container.- More No Bake recipes here. We never fought, we always did exciting things together, our sex life was great, we both had good careers and were happy. I have met some really interesting people and made some GREAT friends and its all thanks to these types of books that I bought and the community I got involved in. Iv slept with a total of 5 women in my entire life, and iv been playing this game for 3 years now. She agrees that its a good things for men who are like what I was to read and get involved in this because it helps them become a better person and able to deal with things a lot better. So do not try and say that these books are all sleazy and talk about just having sex with women because there not.
Mine was to not let a woman ever control my emotions like a roller coaster again and abuse my love, and no woman ever has. This review is shocking and most likely written by a man who then showed a woman it to try and prove he was Mr Sensitive.
Of course you fucking didn’t because your nothing but a little, ginger, baw-faced, BASTARD! If you really want to slate something then why don’t you get your fucking facts straight first.

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