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As we’ve seen over the past few weeks in the Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders scandal, cheating is a no go but what about dating more than one person at once?
It’s quite a common occurrence and can often be used to test the waters before choosing to enter a relationship with one of your potential partners but where is the boundary drawn? He says, “One is more open and reflective whereby the individuals involved express that they are dating more than once person and if they feel they want to take things further they will inform all parties involved and dissolve the other potential relationship.
Both have their advantages and disadvantages but it appears that the public believe there is no excuse for dating two people at once. A FemaleFirst poll revealed that a massive 67 per cent of people saw dating more than one person as unacceptable.
Our poll revealed that 17 per cent of people would say that it’s occasionally acceptable to date two people at once, in order to find what it is that you’re looking for, something that Dr Stocchi deems as incredibly important.
Testing the field in terms of a potential partner is important, you don’t want to realise later on into the relationship that you rushed into something without being completely sure and that’s why 16 per cent of our readers found dating multiple people to be acceptable.

Dr Stocchi gives an interesting analogy, he says, “Try to apply the analogy by responding to this question: which is your favourite type of food? When it comes to which method you should use when dating more than one person, honesty seems to be the best policy. I can't imagine any date going well if you mention the fact that you're dating other people. Check out this slideshow of some of the most iconic bikini-clad Bond Girls to show up in the series. In order for you to come to an adequate conclusion to the question you would need to taste a variety of cuisines—the same goes for dating. Valerie has stunning eyes that look amazing in photographs along with a petite, sexy body that you'll want to see in your girl next door. She's incredible in front of the camera as you can see from this pictorial from Justin Price as she shows off her body in bikinis and lingerie.

Also, we tell you all about some of the best online dating sites and how you can use them to hook up with more women! Therefore, the person should whatever means is necessary to get exposure to as many candidates as possible. Disaster, Maybe you'll get lucky and meet someone who's in the same boat, but otherwise I'd keep quiet about it.
Of course then you could be into the whole 'trying to be secretive, feeling guilty' thing.' If so just remember that this is the best way of protecting everyone's feelings and securing the best outcome, as long as you can be strong when it matters and call it off with the runner up(s), It might be tempting to keep Keith around seeing as he's good with his fingers.

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