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Film Forum celebrates the 30th Anniversary of Peter Bogdanovich’s masterpiece with a week-long run of a new 35mm print. When a€?The Last Picture Showa€? came out, in 1971, it was acclaimed not only as the breakout hit of a young gun (the director, Peter Bogdanovich, was still in his early thirties) but also as a dusty remembrance of things past. As the reappraisal continues of the supposed post-mid 70s career slump of director Peter Bogdanovich, They All Laughed has gained a bevy of fans and attention, mostly due to hip fans Wes Anderson (who interviewed Bogdanovich for the 2006 DVD release) and Noah Baumbach (interviewing Peter B. Flops are a dime a dozen, but few have been as fastidiously locked away from posterity as At Long Last Love, Peter Bodganovich’s 1975 homage to Hollywood musicals of the 30s.
It’s hard to believe that Peter Bogdanovicha€”ascotted poet laureate of the DVD commentary, anecdoting friend of famous-er directors, delightfully readable Indiewire blogger (see Blogdanovich)a€”was once the reigning wunderbrat of New Hollywood. Hot Sauce, BBQ and Spicy Food Blog, featuring the famous Scoville Scale Chart for Hot Chile Peppers and Hot Sauces. In the grand matters of life and love and dating, I’m definitely not a pick up artist. For instance, if a woman has high Interest Level in you, she will be more affectionate, nag you less, be more open and flexible, always manages to find a way to be with you and never breaks dates regardless of how difficult her circumstances are, has a good attitude just about all of the time, and is generally positive, happy and supportive of you.
It is the actions of the man that will determine what a woman’s Interest Level is, and can actually be raised and lowered by male traits such as Challenge, Confidence and Self-Control.
The System will also teach you how to filter out the bad women that unfortunately pollute the dating pool. I have used this in my own life (with a recent relationship that ended, plus an ex-girlfriend who tried to squeeze her way back into my life), and the results were incredible. Doc Love recommends to read the entirety of The System – The Dating Dictionary once a week at least fifteen weeks in a row, and then seven pages a night after that. This book is a gold mine…no, a diamond mine, and I think it should be required reading for all men. And what about men hope are already in a relationship, whether be a marriage or a long-time girlfriend?

Doc Love’s ideas must have saved me $1,000 over the last 10 years not dating the wrong women. The largest Scoville Scale chart on the web - lists hot peppers and hot sauces by their Scoville Heat Units (SHU). The movie was set twenty years before, in a small Texas town, where even the young folka€”played to perfection by Jeff Bridges, Cybill Shepherd, Timothy Bottoms, and othersa€”bore the look of natural-born elegists, and where the quest for sexual services (led by Cloris Leachman, as the wife of a sports coach) seemed less a matter of lust, let alone joy, than a desperate bid to delay the dying falls of love.
Set in an airier, less hermetic Manhattan than the one heralded (and embalmed) by Woody Allen, the film is a delicately staged roundelay of intertwined pursuit that, through its private-eye plot and point-of-view editing, encourages audience involvement with the characters’ longing. I’m seeking a healthy, long term relationship with a women that will hopefully will lead me and this lucky lady down the church aisle one of these years. But is that enough to traverse the pitfalls of dating and is it enough to keep women interested and happy?
Over a span of 40 years, Doc Love has interviewed over 10,000 women and asked them honest and direct questions about what it is that keeps them around certain men and what makes them leave other men.
If a woman has low Interest Level in you, she will tend to cancel dates with you, will nag you or criticize you, will not be affectionate towards you, and will tend to be moody and distant. Positive attributes like affection, romance, humor, and respect can raise that Interest Level (making the likelihood of a woman falling in love with you greater) into the stratosphere, while negative ones such as jealousy, lack of patience, lack of self-control, and negative talk can drop her Interest Level in you like a rock. Before knowing the teachings of The System, I might have succumb to either of the women’s advances and rationalized their weird behavior and actions (therefore getting back into bad relationships with them).
In fact, concepts like sex (as important as it is to a healthy marriage) isn’t really a key in The System.
That may sound unreasonable and daunting, but The System is not an extremely long book, and it’s broken down into very short chapters (some of them are less than a page long), making it very digestible even for the most unmotivated readers.
Maybe if there was a way to perhaps get the topics arranged in a more chronological fashion, from getting the woman’s phone number to the first date to getting into a steady relationship to maintaining a healthy marriage, it might be helpful in some aspects.
The $99 price tag may seem a little steep for a paperback book, but think of how much cash you would blow on a couple of dates, or going out for a few nights out on the town (a nice dinner, some glasses of wine…).

Nowadays, we are the nostalgists, and it is Bogdanovicha€™s film that asks to be treasured as the producta€”indeed, the standard-bearera€”of a faded age. Poignancy abounds, due to the palpable heartbreak of its formerly involved stars Ben Gazzara & Audrey Hepburn, and the brutal murder of its leading lady (and Bogdanovich girlfriend) Dorothy Stratten before release.
He has not only taken to account what women have said about their feelings, but more importantly, what they’ve said about their actual actions.
It’s an all actions-based strategy where men will make decisions based on things that Doc has dubbed the Bottom Line Factor and the Reality Factor in females, which help you gauge a woman on her actions based on her all-important Interest Level in you. You don’t go by what the woman says, but go by what she actually does, to figure all this out. It will help your chances in having a lady’s loyalty, honestly and trust skyrocketing in you. But as I’ve already mentioned, since Doc recommends multiple readings of THE SYSTEM to get the information to sink in, plowing through the book from front to back and covering all the subjects multiple times, you slowly still get a sense of knowing what to do at all points of dating. Sacrificing even two dates is more than worth it, especially if those two dates are with a woman who’s non-receptive to you and the dates never lead to anywhere. There was a time when movies themselves felt like small towns: rooted fast in their environments, and alive to the wistful chatter of minor characters as they crossed paths and then went on their way. The actual letter, it turns out, is even stranger than any of the Internet rumors about it. Platt was a class act and underlooked figure – you can read her New York Times obit here.

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