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If you have ever misplaced your keys, running around the home and looking for your keys everywhere every time you are ready to go out. Keys are always laying around, so having one central location with a little extra cuteness is a win-win!
The color combination of bright yellow and white adds more warmth and comfy to this piece of wall.
Glue and glue gun, magnets, flexible cork, masking tape, paint, and key hooks are all you need to create this project. This project not only serves as a functional key holder, but also a chic and gorgeous home decor item. A traditional and nautical piece with aquamarine paint, white plastic hooks, burlap heart and burlap bow decorated on top and ‘Keys’ written in white!
Use plastic toy elephants from dollar store, gold spray paint, and driftwood to make a cute place to hang your keys.
This next month Michaels Stores is releasing a new line of products called Raw Bar and I was able to get a sneak peek. To start, I created this little key graphic and printed it off onto a large adhesive mailing label. Filed Under: Michaels Makers About Ashley HackshawLiving a simple, creative life in #smalltownusa Bryson City, NC. Have some small blocks of wood painted, secure them to the wall, then glue on bent utensils for a pretty way to never lose your keys again. The component elements are simple: a shaped piece of wood, hooks and for the aesthetic part are some patterned wrap paper.
I love the colors of these hooks and they are so unusual and they add more chic and vintage look to your home. All you need are a couple of Lego pieces to create your own customizable Lego key holder with an amazing visual effect. It looks good on the wall, replacing beautifully any painting or artwork, but holding your keys as well.

It’s quick and ingenious, and most of all, all your keys will be exactly where you have left them. Now you can enjoy a beautiful mirror in your hallway combined with a functional key holder. Just attach some colorful hooks to a piece of old solid wood ,then hang it on the wall with rope and you’ve got yourself a beautiful and functional key holder. Join us on Instagram and Pinterest to keep up with our most recent projects and sneak peeks!Check out our new how-to videos on YouTube! The interesting key holder is designed by Thabto, a London based design and giftware studio.
But never fear, if you are without a hook or two, today is your lucky day; we have 13 awesome DIY ideas for hanging your hat, coat, scarf, purse, keys, and just about anything else you can think of!
They are available from various manufacturers or you can choose to DIY with the materials around you, like some wood board, old picture frames, Lego pieces, mirrors, hooks, etc and a bit of creativity. They utilized those recycled car seat belt buckles to produce the wall mounted key holders. I hope your entryway is ready to get organized and fabulous!The Coat TreeOur first project, created by Lowes, is made by gluing two pieces of lattice together and bending them into the shape of each leg you see below while the glue is drying (using a simple handmade bending form). Here are some creative DIY key holder ideas we gathered recently for your more inspiration.
Make sure to subscribe to our channel so you don't miss any!Hey guys!I hope you all had an awesome weekend! You may need a little patience and space to pull this off, but the result is worth the effort. They can be customized to your needs and will also work with the interior decor of your home.
All you need to do is mount the key holder on the wall, and don’t forget to hang the keychain with your keys on it. It is so beautiful!If you are going for the minimalist look in a coat tree, then I have the perfect DIY project for you.

And as you can see in this gorgeous DIY coat tree by Weekday Carnival, this DIY project adds a sleek sophistication and a pop of color to an entry.Another simple yet stunning modern coat tree is this one, by CONCRETEHAUS.
Okay, okay, technically this isn’t originally a DIY project but I think it would be an incredibly easy undertaking for someone to tackle at home.
By either buying a concrete base or creating one in a homemade mold and inserting some wooden dowels, the result will be an industrial, chic, and simple coat rack. Well, I am sure that the first man would be kicking himself if he knew that the second person would create this fantastic coat rack from his discarded headboard! I love the vintage and playful charm of this handmade coat rack.Have you ever been to a flea market and stumbled upon a giant box filled with miscellaneous drawer knobs? Well, next time you do, grab a handful of your favorites so you can create a DIY coat rack as stylish and pretty as this one, crafted by House To Home.
It will add a eclectic and clever focal point to your entryway.Since none of my DIY posts would be complete without some sort of great tree-inspired project, our next DIY coat rack is made of branches, quirky, fun, and FREE! After collecting some branches in the backyard and trimming them to shape with some pruners, Garden Therapy slapped some leftover white paint onto the branches and attached them to a recycled piece of wood to form a brilliant, natural coat rack. Grab the old pegboard hanging out in your basement (or a recycled piece of wood and a large drill bit), a bunch of pegs with the bases cut at an angle so that they point upwards, and all of your favorite bright paints to apply to the tips of the pegs. Thankfully, all of our DIY projects today have proven that that doesn’t have to be the case, especially our next few projects that add quite a bit of cheer and fun to a space.
As an ingenious and humorous solution to frequently misplaced keys and a need for some hooks in the entryway, Kara Paslay Designs crafted this coat rack and key holder out of an old door jamb, deadbolts, and door knobs.By handcrafting and designing your own DIY coat rack, you have the opportunity to let your coat rack make a statement in the room.

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