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The popular dating site has been removing users' photos and adjusting 'match percentages' to see how it would change the likelihood of a matchOkCupid co-founder Christian Rudder wrote in a blog post: 'If you use the Internet, you're the subject of hundreds of experiments . OkCupid's co-founder has admitted the firm has been performing psychological experiments on users, similar to the ones that landed Facebook in hot water just weeks ago.
WHAT THEY DIDThe company subjected users to a series of experiments - without their knowledge.It removed text from usersa€™ profiles, hid peoplea€™s photos, and even told some users they were exceptionally good for each other when in fact they were in fact an awful match - only telling the truth after they had exchanged messages.
Something fishy: One female account holder's personality was rated in the 99th percentile, yet her profile contained no words, only bikini photos. I created a thank  you card using a stock greeting card from a menu of over 14,000 card styles.
The recipient of this card is a huge baseball fan and I wanted to tie in her sports passion with the message of this thank you card.
The on-line greeting card editor will allow you to delete the standard pre-printed message and replace it with your own personalized text, font style and color as well as photos. Here is a quick, easy and inexpensive but highly personalized and effective thank you card to create a professional lasting impression and strengthen business relationships. We had a beautiful traditional style home listed for sale and as luck would have it, a perfect match for our buyer clients, Darren and Erin.
As soon as this home was ready for sale we met Darren, Erin and their family at this property. I sent this card to Darren and Erin after their offer was accepted to confirm their purchase of a new home and to reinforce their decision to make this unique property their new home.
We had a unique one-of-a-kind custom home listed for sale and we wanted to do something special for the first public open house. After taking photos of the property to be used for marketing we imported a list of neighbors addresses into our on-line greeting card database. We used a bi-fold style greeting card template to send these custom open house invitations in an envelope with first class postage to the surrounding neighborhood.

This property deserved a higher level of marketing exposure to create an upscale impression with potential buyers.
We sent 55 of these invitations created on-line and without the hassle of stuffing, sorting, addressing and delivering to the post office. The complete cost was less than $1.50 per invitation and was a bargain considering the top quality and first class delivery. Our open house was a success with many of the invited neighbors attending and commenting about their receipt of a custom invitation.
Our real estate company hosts an annual awards ceremony and this year the event had a 50’s theme to the decor and presentation. Our CEO and owner, Jeff,is a classic car collector and he drove his custom 1950 Mercury to the hotel and parked it outside on the patio outside. I had some time to kill while waiting for the ceremony to begin so I did what most car freaks would do, take photos of Jeff’s Mercury. Using the Picture Plus photo editor, I uploaded a photo of the car for the front card panel then added a caption to identify the event. I added Jeff’s photo to the interior card panel and inserted a message using my personal handwriting font.
I know Jeff loves cars,but I didn’t know that when Jeff started his real estate business over 30 years ago, his primary relationship building program focused on sending thank you notes to his friends, family and clients. I received a call from Jeff who was so impressed with his thank you card that he asked us to make a formal greeting card program presentation to our sales staff. Have you ever thought about…how much people love to be recognized by a heartfelt greeting card? Communicating a thought through a card will always be one of the best ways to tell someone that they mean something to you and that you truly care.
Our blog is dedicated to sharing with you how we use our unique on-line card service to touch the lives of the people around us.

Click here to tell us how a simple card has affected your personal or even professional life. Christian Ruddera€™s blog post, a€?We Experimented on Human Beings!a€™ backed Facebook's controversial approach - and says its users were subjected to similar experiments without their knowledge or explicit consent.
It also removed all the pictures from OkCupid on January 15, 2013, the companya€™s 10 year anniversary. The sitea€™s first experiment, entitled a€?Love is blinda€™ consisted of removing all the pictures from OkCupid on January 15, 2013, the companya€™s 10 year anniversary. A  In their second study, OkCupid set out to determine how much a persona€™s profile photos actually matter compared to the information written in their profile. It was love at first sight and Darren and Erin made an offer which was accepted by the Seller soon thereafter.
The event was a success and we were impressed with Jeff’s leadership and generosity and that triggered the idea to send a custom thank you card to acknowledge his efforts. Greeting cards have the power to bring people together, acknowledge acts of kindness and remind a person that they are special.
The company removed text from usersa€™ profiles, hid peoplea€™s photos, and even told some users they were exceptionally good for each other when in fact they were in fact an awful match. The study found that people are generally shallow and tend to overemphasize the importance of a potential partnera€™s good looks.
They noticed that a young female account holder with a 99th percentile personality had a profile that, in fact, contained no text, just a photo of herself in a bikini.

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