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Coming from the horse’s mouth, it will all be about working with three other captured wastelanders in hopes to recover the legendary treasure of the Sierra Madre Casino. If there's one thing you can absolutely guarantee of an alien invasion, it's that the aliens will strike while you're in the bath. Plus information about activities, reputation, in-game cash, upcoming free updates and much more. Xbox One Scorpio vs PS4 NEO Spec Analysis: The Power Difference Is Real But Does It Matter?
Quantum Break is an upcoming and hotly anticipated third person shooter action video game that incorporates a mix of gameplay and live action video content which is currently being developed by the Finland based developer, Remedy Entertainment who achieved industry fame with their smash hit titles Alan Wake and the Max Payne series. Set to be published by Microsoft Studios the game is currently slated to launch exclusively on the Xbox One at an unspecified date some time in 2014 or 2015.
Email * Rockstar has continued to implement aggressive patches to end money glitches and exploits on GTA Online. Find out what little we know about Natural Disasters and when the next Cities: Skylines expansion will debut.

Dead Money will put your life hanging on a balance once again as you face new enemies, terrain, foes and more adventure – In short, it’s a survival game mah men! As revealed earlier from the gamingsphere, the Dead Money DLC will only be available on Xbox 360 (December 21 for 800 MS Points) and nothing more.
As some of you may already know, New Vegas game was plagued with so many complains, glitches and bugs making it look like a laughing stock out from the gamingsphere. As some of you who are familiar with Besthesda, it appears they are having some bonds with Microsoft that’s why they are doing these exclusive promos for the Xbox 360 kind. Anyway, our good ole developers manage to pacify the people by revealing countless patch, after patch to eradicate these bugs for good and lo!
Hopefully, it won’t take too long for them to realize that PS3 and PC gamers of New Vegas, deserves some loving to you know? Without further ado, here's how the GTA 5 Ill-Gotten Gains Part 2 money cheat is performed:First, make sure that there are nine vehicles in your garage including the duplicate car. It appears Fallout New Vegas will finally have its first-ever DLC (downloadable content) and it will be entitled as Dead Money!

This must be done quickly, if done right, the insurance claim will go through and the stolen car should roll into your garage at the same time.Now, exit back out of the garage and enter into the job lobby to buy ammo and replenish your grenades. The actor recently made an appearance at the Minncon 2016 convention , where he talked about his new role. The free beer hats could be some kind of an Easter-egg or it could actually be a bug that has gone unnoticed by Rockstar since the Newswire never made any mention of the free swag.Last but not least, DomisLive also shares some info about other free stuff as well, including a free gold finish paint job for your car.
What's more, players on GTA Online can also call in an aircraft from Pegasus for free!A second hidden feature in the latest GTA 5 Ill-Gotten Gains Part 2 update is the ability to create races at the Airport and Military base.

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