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But then why do we often see average or below-average looking guys getting really hot girls? Meanwhile, romance novels (which are often porn put to paper), are the largest segment of the book industry. And they are consumed overwhelmingly by women. But just seeing a photo of a handsome man does not, by itself, make her want to sleep with that man. If these women are dating actors and celebrities, it means they are moving in high-status circles.

Whether in the business or the dating world, effective communicators must display confident energy at all times – especially during initial meetings. During this invigorating workshop, David uses both on-stage role-playing AND video analysis to clearly demonstrate the qualities required to make a lasting and formidable impression. Why sit back and let business happen, when you can instead TAKE CENTER STAGE and generate powerful results?! So they are meeting plenty of other powerful men, including better-looking actors, models, musicians and others.

But game, conversation skills, personality, chemistry and sexual connection are usually more important.

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