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Louis Smith of England looks on during the English Gymnastics Championships at the Robins Park Sports Centre on March 15, 2014 in Wigan, England. Dafne Schippers of the Netherlands competes in the Women's Heptathlon High Jump during Day Three of the 14th IAAF World Athletics Championships Moscow 2013 at Luzhniki Stadium on August 12, 2013 in Moscow, Russia.
The floor is one of the most entertaining events in women’s gymnastics, partially because of the artistic elements required in each routine.
Former all-around champion Gabby Douglas started the event off beautifully with no visible errors from the audience’s perspective. That’s already a very high score, but teammates Raisman and Biles would beat Hernandez by placing 2nd and 1st, respectively.
While the balance beam is generally considered the hardest apparatus, the uneven bars have been Team USA’s weakest skill in the past. Although Biles is excellent at basically anything she does, uneven bars are not her strongest skill.
Possibly the most nerve-wracking sport to watch ever, the balance beam is approximately 4 inches wide and 16 feet long. Raisman and Douglas prove that they’re mostly solid on the apparatus, with a few wobbles here and there. Overall, Team USA blasted the competition out of the water with a total score of 185.238, which is 10 full  points higher than the 2nd place team. As for the all-around finals, Simone Biles (duh) and Aly Raisman scored the two highest scores for not only Team USA but in the entire competition. On the occasion of Friendship Day, her are five cute, funny and inspiring quotes to make your day!
There are team finals, where gymnasts from the same team have their top 3 scores count for each apparatus.
The four representatives of Team USA were Gabby Douglas, Simone Biles, Laurie Hernandez and Aly Raisman. Raisman has one of the most difficult tumbling passes, showing off six skills in a row (as opposed to two or three) and was one of two getting a score higher than a 15 with her 15.275.
It focuses on the strength of the athlete as they launch themselves into the air and do incredible twists and turns with their bodies.

In order to do so, a gymnast must perform two different vaults; the average of those two scores is then considered rather than just one score. The 5th member of Team USA, Madison Kocian, was brought on specifically for her incredible grace on the uneven bars. Gymnasts must jump and spin on the beam, ideally without wobbling or (God forbid) falling off.
That’s mind-blowingly good, especially when all the rest of the top 8 teams are separated by tenths of a point from each other. Olympic policy states that only two athletes from each country may participate in the all-around final to keep it from being dominated by any one nation, a policy that has caused much controversy and dissent. Here’s your chance to tell all your BFFs and closest friends and family, how much you love and appreciate having them in your life.
Mukherjee Aquatics Complex on day nine of the Delhi 2010 Commonwealth Games on October 12, 2010 in Delhi, India.
Well, Team USA just proved all of the haters wrong during the Olympic Women’s Gymnastics qualifications this past weekend.
A team requires five members in total, with four competing in each event and the top three scores counting towards the overall team’s score. All of these women began with a high difficulty score, which meant their near flawless performances were that much more satisfying. Naturally, Biles’ vaults had some of the highest difficulty scores seen in the Games.
It was Kocian’s time to shine, however, and she showed everyone exactly why she was chosen for the team. Before Team USA showed up in the 4th subdivision, so many gymnasts were struggling on the beam. Not only were her landings solid but her arms, which can help anchor the body, were very strong on every move she made.
Team USA will compete against China, Russia, Great Britain, Brazil, Germany, Japan, and Netherlands in the team finals.
This is particularly disheartening because Gabby Douglas placed 3rd in the all-around qualifications, just half a point behind teammate Raisman.

For everyone Googling terms like, “friendship day images,” and “happy friendship day images,” here are some of the best, cute and sweet Friendship Day images to brighten up your day. Numbers aside, everyone on Team USA placed in the top 10 for the floor, with Biles and Raisman qualifying to compete in the floor finals. So when she executed them nearly perfectly (just a slight hop on the landings), it was clear that she blew her competition out of the water. But she will not be allowed to defend her all-around gold medal from the 2012 Games because of the rule, despite the fact that she has a high 1.5 point lead on the 4th place athlete.
And of course, there are single apparatus finals, where those who score the highest in each individual event compete just on that event. She and Douglas, who scored 3rd with just a tenth of a point lower than Kocian at 15.766, qualify for the uneven bars final. Balance beam is an event where no second-guessing is allowed, and these two women were sure enough of themselves to make it to the top.
Douglas is a good sport about it, despite the disappointment, and always cheers her teammates on. Individual event finals start on Sunday, August 14th at 10am and go on through Tuesday, August 16th.
Team USA not only placed first in the team rankings, but every member qualifies for at least one individual final.
Biles not only qualified for the vault finals, but she placed first in the world with the only score breaking a 16. At this point, it’s clear that Team USA is kicking some serious butt as every event has had a USA representative place first.

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