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The experiment began last September, when the Centre for the AIDS Programme of Research in South Africa (CAPRISA) set up shop in 14 schools in KwaZulu-Natal, with students at seven schools offered payments and the others serving as controls. The study, which will run until the end of 2012, is unusual in that it engages both females and males. A 2010 study of girls in Malawi designed to see if payments would get them to stay in school also found that girls who didn’t drop out had 60% lower rates of HIV, which was the seed for the CAPRISA study. Great idea, one only a braindead, secular leftist (but I repeat myself) could come up with. It’s a study to see how people behave under certain conditions and to see what can be learnt. I see the brainless religious rightist isn’t trotting out anything to support his claims. A highly likely outcome is that many of the targetted youngsters will attempt to take the money and still be sexually active. If it’s such an evil thing to be wealthy, then why are poor, noble, virtuous poor people always trying to steal our money? Fintin, it doesn’t take a genius to understand that when certain behaviors are putting you at risk, you simply regulate or stop those behaviors altogether.
Similarly, why do we hammer smokers day in and day out for endangering their health while making not a peep about the reckless sexual behavior of so many homosexual men, behaviors which kill them in far greater numbers and at far earlier ages than cigarettes ever could – even smoking a couple packs a day.
Hell, society has deliberately shamed smokers into hiding and made of them second class citizens.
Just because we cannot (or have difficulty) making progress on one issue does not mean we cannot make progress on another.
Then he decides to come up with some completely ridiculous solution to AIDS by shaming and ridiculing the teens. 80beats80beats is DISCOVER's news aggregator, weaving together the choicest tidbits from the best articles covering the day's most compelling topics. PROPELLER AIRCRAFT DESIGNWell designed propeller design of pearl design of around whendesign. South African schoolchildren 13 years and older in the study could earn up to $400 if they manage to stay HIV-free for 24 months.

When the study’s results are published probably in several years, they will help inform the direction of future AIDS prevention. When societies and cultures implode, paying barbarians within that culture to refrain from being what they are and not doing what barbarians naturally do is not going to stave off the inevitable. Why not take this a little further and eliminate 0ne million yearly abortions in the United States by “studying” why so many girls carelessly get pregnant and then murder their babies? The failure rate for condoms is almost 20%, and with anal sex it’s estimated to be as high as 50%.
Does it therefore follow that we should legalize every criminal act on the books because of that? I think we need to hold a study to determine whether evil and wealth is merely a correlation or whether it may actually be a causation. I find it very curious that the very same people who tell smokers to stop their risky behavior are the very same ones handing out condoms to 12 year olds.
However, this very same culture absolutely refuses to make a peep about what homosexual men are doing for fear of offending their powerful Pink Lobby in DC. Do with these people what we did to smokers…shame them and ridicule them mercilessly. It’s not a place for homophobic, moronic, anti-abortionist, abstinence-only-advocating idiots like you who seem to only study the notoriously poorly-written book of contradictions known as the Bible. After all, if a tenant stops paying rent or causes problems at the property, it makes sense that the landlord would want to replace the tenant as soon as possible.But landlords have to play by the rules when it comes to evictions. Not very good odds when the results are either dead, aborted infants or homosexuals typically dying of AIDS in their 30s. Since money seem to halt the problem, I am guessing that it may indicate that the problem is due to poverty. Besides which, if as you little socialist street urchins seem to suggest, since every social pathology imaginable is due solely to poverty, then how do you explain away the fact that some of the most evil people on the planet are also amongst the most powerful and wealthy people as well? Once we establish a set of indicators for our measure of evil, we can then go ahead and get a sample group of poor people, measure their level of evil, make them wealthy, then measure their level of evil again.
If this double standard were not in existence, by logical extension we would be handing out filtered cigarettes to teen smokers.

If these were adults we were talking about, then that would be different, but these are teenagers, who know better than to spread disease, but don’t want to do anything about it. Pretty much the same thing is happening to this country as well, but in different behavioral arenas.
If your building has a tenants' association, bring up your situation at the next meeting. Anyway, more effective studies are still needed to identify the real root cause before the problem can be effectively solved.
There is not a whit of difference to the extent that AIDS in this country is overwhelmingly a function of male homosexuality.
You may learn that the landlord is treating other tenants the same way or has done so in the past. Send a formal letter to your landlord identifying the objectionable behavior and demanding that it stop. If your letter doesn't get the landlord to stop, it will help you make your case if you go to court.
If there's just no stopping your landlord from making your life miserable and wanting you off the property, talk to a lawyer.
In addition to getting you the right to stay in your apartment, a lawyer may also convince a judge to make the landlord pay a penalty for any harassment. Keep a log that identifies the illegal ways your landlord has been trying to get you off the property.
Include notes about any action you took to protect your rights, such as sending your landlord a letter.

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