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PROPS: spray bottle, towel, crafts fake bird, loooong blonde wig, chains, tickets, bell, toy frog. Or try this simple stage set-up: Hang Deco Stuff on back curtain, use a cardboard or wood divider (or hang curtain on clothes rack) -- make sure the partition does not block corners of the audience from seeing all the actors.
On one side is one stool (or throne) for the Prince, on the other side are three stools (or fancy princessy stools) for the Damsels -- So they cannot see each other!
To prevent the Prince from blocking the view of the Damsels, the Prince should sit on a lower chair than the Damsels, or the Damsels should stand behind him, instead of sit.

Take plenty of time onstage for characters to show expressions with their faces and bodies as they react to things or think about things. The DAMSELS do not like each other so they should show jealousy or make faces at each other. HOST - From the land of enchanted forests and slimy lake monsters, flame-spitting flying lizards and The Black Plague, from the culture that brought you “the last one alive inherits the throne” and the worst typecasting of step-parents and step-sisters ever, .
Greetings and Salivations to all you Lords, Ladies and (gesture up) the Babbling Rabble in the Rafters!

HOST - Just awakened from a 100 year sleep, our lovely lady is eager to learn about this new 18th century with a handsome prince to show her around.
HOST - You’ve seen him at dance balls, you’ve seen him as a frog, you’ve heard of him in legend and song.

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