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The duo reportedly dated for several months back in 2010, just one year after Rihanna’s horrific incident with Chris Brown.
According to a report from Hollywood Life, that’s exactly what the pair have settled with. Reports claiming that Rihanna and Drake are hooking up again come just days after the rapper surprised fans at the singer’s show in Miami for her wildly popular Anti tour.
With that being said, as previously mentioned, Rihanna is planning to stay on tour until August while Drake is looking at a potential summer release for his forthcoming studio album before he heads on out on the road.

This consequently means that neither of the two will have time to spend with one another, making the idea of being friends with benefits so much more convenient. Should either of them fall in love with somebody else, neither Drake or Rihanna would be saddened or frustrated by it, knowing very well where their relationship currently stands.
It’s nothing more than a hook-up for now, but if it was to develop into something more in the future, Rihanna would wholeheartedly embrace a full-on reconciliation.
At the time, the 28-year-old had claimed that her on-again, off-again rapper beau had tremendously helped her get through a very dark time, stating that the two were still good friends following their split.

A source for the outlet claims that Rihanna prefers Drake being her pal with benefits as opposed to her boyfriend, blaming her hectic work schedule as one of the reasons why a relationship with Drizzy would be a total disaster. The insider concludes by saying that the timing would have to make sense for the ever-so-busy singer to commit herself to Drake, having just recently launched her own fashion line with Puma.

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