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One of the stand-out acts from the American version of ‘The X Factor’, they were signed up to their mentor, Simon Cowell’s record label after finishing in third place, and have spent the past two years working on music together. Their debut single ‘Miss Movin’ On’ received critical acclaim, and at this year’s MTV VMAs they were named Artists To Watch over already-established acts such as Sam Smith, Charli XCX and 5 Seconds of Summer. After making an impression in the States, they’re now getting ready to launch their career here in the UK, kicking off with a performance of their debut European single, ‘Bo$$’, on ‘The X Factor’, which Dinah Jane Hansen, who makes up one-fifth of the group, admits is a pretty daunting thought. Dinah also reveals that, despite having worked closely with Simon Cowell on the recording of their forthcoming album, she still feels nervous singing for him, even two years after her first ‘X Factor’ audition.
She adds: “Two girl groups on the same panel - the pressure is kind of on, we’re performing in front of two legendary girl group singers so it’s like, ‘I gotta make sure I whip my hair right and hit the notes’.
Considering Fifth Harmony are a five-piece group of ‘X Factor’ solo singers, there are obvious comparisons to be made with One Direction, another Simon Cowell-managed band, who have gone on to become household names all over the globe. But while some might find 1D’s success a little scary, it doesn’t sound like it’s particularly intimidating to Dinah, who describes their world domination as “amazing”.
Off the back of 1D’s success, a new surge of boy bands like The Vamps, Union J and 5 Seconds of Summer, which Dinah reckons has left a perfect space in the market for a group like Fifth Harmony.
She jokes: “Yeah there are so many boy bands out there - as a girl group we have to come out there and smash those boys real quick!

After whizzing through an impromptu rendition of the song’s tongue-twister bridge, she says: “It’s great that our songs can uplift people.
IMOW is an innovative online museum, as well as community, that inspires global action by amplifying the voices of women worldwide through online exhibitions, history, and cultural programs. The museum showcases art and stories from all over the world to celebrate, inspire and advance the lives of women around the world. Google Senior Executive Marissa Mayer (and major Vixely Girl Crush—she is a serious rockstar) received the first ever IMOW Innovator Award at the Benefit. Our photo album on facebook covers both parts of the Gala as well as a launch party for the benefit held on Thursday, Feburary 16  at Rebel bar that invited guests to learn more about the organization and meet some of the inspirational people involved in the museum’s development. We interviewed Ally Presss, an IMOW Member  (and Vixely Girl Crush and dear friend) and Volunteer prior to the event.
What’s really amazing is that back in 1997, the founder and board of directors made the decision to host the museum online to attain global reach—which was truly visionary at the time when the internet was just getting started. IMOW provides tools for expression and sparks engagement on behalf of global women’s issues.
Michelle Lewin is a fine wine of many exotic flavors, including Venezuelan, Colombian, and Italian.
I go back to how I felt the first time I ever saw him, and I get butterflies every time,” she explains.

With not one but two former girl band singers watching their debut UK performance, Dinah says it’s important that Fifth Harmony get it right in front of Mel B and Cheryl Fernandez-Versini.
The mission of the organization is very aligned with why we founded Vixely and we were honored to celebrate and support IMOW at their annual Gala on March 9th as well as at an earlier launch party.
The founders are such an inspiration particularly for girls in tech, artists and anyone who believes in art’s ability to create awareness for global issues. This is one of the most under-funded areas of UN development. I love that IMOW uses art and storytelling to bring these very real issues to light. She moved out to Silicon Valley from New York to receive her MBA at Stanford Business School and hasn’t looked back. With her measurements sitting at 34-25-36, it wasn’t long before a photographer scooped her out of a beach party in 2009, and she has since been featured on four front-page magazines.
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