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The animation represented in CAD format typically represents the actual and final product and is the starting point for converting the concept into reality. Lastly, it provides our Estimating Department with sufficient information on the sizing and weight of the elements which in turns leads to a cost-effective estimate in our proposal. This comprehensive visualization capability enables clients to better understand our company's proposed tension fabric structure solutions to their requirements.

DDD also plays a significant role in preparing a 3D model of a structure for engineering analysis. The FabriTec Design Development Department differentiates us from our competitors by giving our company the edge and our clients an advantage. The model allows our Sales Engineering Department to do a preliminary engineering analysis and determine if the structure is stable, whether the membrane is shaped correctly, and if it is over stressed or in a position to pond.

Our design team is composed of Industrial Designers and Architects who understand the fundamentals of shape, form and function; their creativity and technical ability enable the client to gain a unique insight into a 3D version of a concept suitable for construction.

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