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The term Infographics usually refers to a design that visually represents information, making data more easily understandable. A Multipurpose Prezi template with a 3D world symbol and colorful lines for different topics. A professional and simple infographic Prezi template with colorful cubes on a world map background. Find solutions to difficult problems with this simple infographic prezi template with 4 colorful jigsaw puzzle pieces inside a magnifying glass.
Creative Business bar graph or chart Prezi Template with Business people silhouettes and a 3D paper background. With our collection of infographic and diagram Prezi Templates you will be able to present various business and educational reports, charts, graphs in a creative way. Doesn’t matter if your company is small or a big corporation, your presentation will look good, as is it very easy to customize templates and add business information, logos, text and images. Prezi is a presentation software with a zoomable user interface and a storytelling tool for presenting ideas on a virtual canvas.
Unlike most data visualization techniques, this visualization of a holiday itinerary for an academic project used LEDs and long exposure photography to create the end product. In the competition for the best visualization of the kaleidescopic marketing technology space — other entries include my marketing technology landscape from last year and the marketing technology LUMAscape from last month — I’d say Gartner has just jumped into the lead with their new digital marketing transit map.
Their high-level map is visualized around types of products and services — represented as stations on the map — rather than the individual vendors themselves. There are 12 tracks, such as Marketing Management, Creative, and Analytics, which share common objectives and information. Looking at this map, you cannot help but be awestruck by the breadth and depth of digital marketing.
So I can fully empathize with — and have enormous respect for — marketing leaders who are struggling to sort out a cohesive strategy in this landscape. The art of marketing management is the strategy you use to choose which changes to focus on, and which ones you intentionally let slide, at least for the moment. There is no technology that delivers the seamless interconnectivity between these stations as it’s portrayed here. There may be some technical plumbing, but most of it is highly informal and custom-built within each organization. But even in that light, this map from Gartner is extremely helpful because it visually raises the question: how are you bringing these neighborhoods together in your company? I would like to see Gartner’s recommendations on how to build this infrastructure in prioritized phases.
For better or worse, my humble opinion is that we’re a long ways away from pat answers.
Nice to compare and contrast different visualizations like that to realize that there are many different ways to view this landscape.

It highlights the growing scale of Digital Marketing and the processes that at least need evaluating by professionals in a digital marketing role. This leaves me thinking about Einstein when he said things should be made as simple as possible and no simpler. In retrospect, my true happiness was always over the horizon, to be enjoyed only after I crossed the next finish line or at the very least, completed my to do list. Pamela Bell is a professional Life & Business Coach and Creative Visualization Specialist.
About DMRDesert Moon Rising is a professional Life Coaching service & Blog that inspires conscious living. Pam Bell operates her Life Coaching & Hypnotherapy practice in Healdsburg, CA, in Sonoma County, but she also works with clients anywhere in the world via Skype. Create world infographics about politics, population, demographics etc… Zoom in and add your content.
Minimalistic and simple for presenting worldwide ideas, statistics, facts or any other global information.
Zoom into the squares and create a presentation about the world and why it is time to change.
Our various diagram Prezi templates are perfect for presenting your simple mind maps for creative ideas, or take it to another level and build complex connection diagrams with customizable templates.
And they go through 7 neighborhoods, such as Marketing Ops, Web Ops, and Ad Ops, which are typically different practice areas within an organization. And successfully implementing that strategy is far more about people and processes than it is the technologies themselves.
You can’t just hop the Ad Tech red line to get from native ads to attribution, transfer over to the Analytics orange line, and arrive at predictive campaign analytics in an easy 20-minute ride.
Sure, there are companies and service providers that are bringing a subset of these pieces together.
What does your digital marketing hub look like today, and what are your plans for expanding it to handle the massive influx of population ahead?
I certainly agree that not every company should worry about every station in this gigantor marketechopolis — in fact most are probably best served by ruthlessly focusing on just a few of them and getting them really right. Brian, you make a valid point that perhaps there should be more distilled versions of this that show clear paths of engagement needed to create success.
Whilst your company may not use a large percentage, you need a grasp of what each element offers and how this impacts and connects with the others.
I have been looking closely at how I have been trained and conditioned to live my life, at how this behavior isn’t providing the satisfaction I once thought it would, and at how I can turn the chronic stress of doing too much, into the liberation of ultimate joy!
Most of my life I have woken early, stayed up late, and have crammed 48 hours into a mere twenty four.
If you wish to be more present in your daily life, to make clear choices based on core values, to move beyond the ordinary to extraordinary, DMR is a good place to begin.

Visualize your numerical data colorfully with creative concepts, symbols and your message will become much more clear to your audience.
And there are offline connections to sales and service, general advertising, business intelligence, IT, and the CMO’s office. The connections between these disparate stations are made via human collaboration — people and processes.
But most of their strategies to date have been implemented as marketing suites rather than marketing platforms — which is like trying to hold back the ocean with a sandcastle (albeit a very elaborate one). That might mean I spend the whole morning with my doggie at the park, which brings us both so much joy!
She is also a writer, documentary filmmaker & video producer having co-produced four documentary films and over 100 videos. With the "15 minute Coach" we can get right to the heart of the matter and skip the "getting to know you" bit. With our customizable infographic prezi templates you can make every presentation look unique. A large variety of circle diagrams, flow diagrams, pyramid diagrams and many more with illustrative and colorful 3D shapes.
It’s messy and evolutionary and varies tremendously from one organization to another. So, if we’re hurrying our NOW to get to what’s next, we are essentially missing our life and one day, we might sit and wonder where it all went? Change the colors, resize the infographic diagram elements and add information according to your needs.
I know multi-tasking has become a way of life but I assure you, if you are doing two things at the same time, you are not truly present for either. I no longer rush through the things I am doing that I actually enjoy, just to get to next think on my list… fact, I no longer even keep a list! How many times do you wish you could hurry up and finish what you are doing “right now” so you can get to that other thing on your list? In the process of burning all this energy however I developed this habit of trying to get as much done as possible in any given day. Mostly, I was successful at this endeavor because we are capable of incredible stamina if we train and condition ourselves accordingly.

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