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The Talking Angela app scare started up again in a Facebook post where a user warns parents in all caps, broken english and words that don’t agree or even match up to the actual app, that Talking Angela is bad news for kids.
The Talking Angela App hoax about a pedophile ring and a danger to kids pushed the app to the top 10. Parents concerned about the app took to Facebook to ask questions about the app in Facebook Fan Page and the comments section of posts on the Facebook App are filled with responses defending the Talking Angela app. Kylie McIvor shares a comment warning, “do not let your children use this app report it.

The description clearly informs the user that one of the core functionalities of the app is chat, which requires two-way communication, where Angela (a chat bot, not a real person) answers with text and voice in English and talks to the user about a variety of subjects. The data collected by the app from the user is not shared with anyone and is actually sent to Out Fit7 only in the form of an anonymized data log (no names, no numbers, no personal data).
I got on this earlier just to see what the rumors were about and whoever I was talking to knew my name and knew my hair was down and said “is that why your hair is so messy” whoever is behind this can see you through the camera! Bottom line I child’s game that is supposed to be for your child should not say things like stick out your tongue and show me and asking how old I am and where I live because that has nothing to do with the game and they def shouldn’t be asking children this!

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