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The human mind is a wave of subtle energy with layers of intelligence to perform a multitude of functions. Its sole (soul) purpose is to transform and manifest divine energy into the material domain.
In order to fulfill its purpose, the human mind has been endowed with a number of features including: will power, free will, intellect as a confidant, five cognitive senses to import knowledge from the physical world and five active expressions to share its state of being with the external world.
Now, let us dissect the mind (also called manomaya kosha) to study its many functions, its building blocks, how it works, reasons for its desperate state of existence and ways to improve the quality of its daily living experience in the world. The human mind is a bio-magnetic wave of energy that assumes many roles as we go about our daily lives. Our conscious mind is only two to twelve percent of our total living mind, often referred to as the tip of the iceberg. While the conscious mind has a daily sleeping schedule, the unconscious mind stays awake all the time. The unconscious mind is our inner mind and it does many functions autonomously and involuntarily. Our conscious mind ignores the inner consciousness of the subconscious mind at its own peril. Our super conscious mind holds the blueprint, or script, for all that we have set out to achieve in our current lifetime. Nature has bestowed us with smelling, tasting, seeing, touching and hearing senses to understand the world in which we live. These five senses are inward bound and bring information from outside to keep the conscious mind informed. Because of our erroneous views and attachment to unimportant aspects of life, our minds become egocentric. The human mind is very powerful and with awareness can reverse its course towards blissful living. The ultimate purification of the mind can be accomplished through the practice of mindfulness.
For the past eight years Jagdish has investigated issues related to the quality of our daily living experience.
Excellent and lucid information on the most complicated subject of human mind (and also of other life forms) and its functioning. At physical levels of actions and also at conscious levels of thinking, positive and pure thoughts are comprehensible.But neutral fthoughts and what goes on beyond our perception ( in the depths of so called sub-conscious and I would like to call it superconscious) and control seems to be difficult (or impossible) to manage. As pointed out it is the pure mind which would percieve the very mystery of life and thus of death also.
Thanks and congratulations once again for the pains taking efforts for bringing forth the useful gist from the vast literature and information available on the subject. It would require repeated readings for the full ingestion of the material contained in the article.
Secondly, Jagdish ji used the word Mysterious Mind where as the fact is that the Mind is restless and lord Krishna explained in detail in the Bhagwat Geeta and I am not sure whether it will be appropriate to call it Mysterious. Lately, one researcher claimed that any kind action performed will create change in the brain. At its highest evolution consciousness- SAT-CHITTA-ANAND, TRUTH-BEAUTY-BLISS resides in all forms of matter- life, in all physical creation, -man- animals-trees-flowers and all creation. This new album marks a significant departure for the young British band from their previous records, 2009’s ‘Sigh No More’, and 2012’s ‘Babel’. Joining the band over the Stopovers will be the likes of The Foo Fighters, The Flaming Lips, Ben Howard, The Vaccines, Simian Mobile Disco, The Maccabees, My Morning Jacket, Alabama Shakes, Dawes, and Jenny Lewis and more. Paul Conrad Presents New Single 'Records'Paul Conrad makes music for your last night on earth.

Art Of Sleeping Unveil Latest Video ‘Crazy’ Art of Sleeping unveil the new video for ‘Crazy’.
If you were to use an affirmation such as “I am loveable” or “I deserve love” or “I am in a loving relationship” – while your conscious mind may begin to accept it (and the voices that argue “No, I’m not” may finally subsided) the subconscious mind is overriding it in the background.
In order to allow the new affirmation to work, you need to change the original record the subconscious is referring to.
Fortunately, there is a very fast and effective technique that allows you to work directly with your subconscious in order to have it do all the work.
Using affirmations for something you want, when you have subconscious memories that provide evidence that what you want is a threat to your safety, is like trying to type the changes you want made to a computer program – into a Word document. You can find the step-by-step guide for using FasterEFT here: The FasterEFT Technique – Step-by-Step. To find out more about how and why FasterEFT works, visit: The FasterEFT System or watch Robert G. At any given moment, only one of its many roles is performed out of the multitude of roles shown in Figure 1. Mind as a Thinking Machine: The range of daily thoughts created by the human mind varies from 12,000 to 50,000. Our sleeping consciousness is the main reason for most of the societal problem around the world. It responds to the requests made by the conscious mind and updates the state of our bodies’ cells based on the types of thoughts flowing into it.
This mind existed before we were born and will continue to exist after our physical body dies. We also have five active expressions of eliminating, reproducing, moving, grasping and speaking. One can observe the creation of negative thoughts in one’s own life and test the truth of Buddhist teachings. The “I want, I do, I am” syndrome creates patterns which form a vicious cycle of jealousy, anger and darkness moving us away from our true self which is connected to peace, love, purity and light.
It is important to understand the details given in the article, however, what should be our ultimate goal?
Ultimate goal on spiritual journey is to kill our ego as well as mind to achieve awakening.
The spiritual manifests itself through physical, and physical has to evolve into spiritual. It features twelve new tracks, written collaboratively by the band in London, Brooklyn, and Texas. The early sessions in New York and London witnessed a change in the band’s approach not just to writing and recording, but to texture and dynamics, too.
However, since affirmations attempt to get a message to the subconscious using the conscious mind, if there is a core belief in the subconscious that “proves” the affirmation is not true, no amount of repetition will be able to convince the subconscious of the new “fact”. It is overriding it because it considers love a threat; and therefore, no amount of attempts by the conscious mind to persuade the subconscious otherwise will work – its job is to do whatever it takes to protect you. In fact, you will no longer need the affirmation since you will have put it into the original record; but, of course, it does no harm to use the affirmation as well – and now, it will be in alignment with what your subconscious is referring to, which means your conscious mind will no longer be working in opposition to your subconscious.
Your subconscious knows what it holds and how each belief is structured; using the FasterEFT technique you can have your subconscious automatically access the relevant memories, and make the changes that will result in subconscious support for the affirmations you’re using. Using FasterEFT to do the job is like working with the original programmer – getting him to make the changes for you.
The depth of our inner relationship depends on the level of awareness of the creation around us and the creator of this universe. When the available knowledge in the world fails to solve a new problem the power of imagination comes into play.

These phenomena along with the sub states of the three main categories are shown in Figure 2. Negative thoughts arise in the conscious mind, travel to the subconscious and end up in the cells of the body.
Many negative beliefs stored in the inner house of our mind need to be examined and cleansed to awaken the sleeping consciousness. Through these outward bound abilities we respond, or react, to the challenges of daily living.
Negative, positive and neutral thought vibrations created in the “lake of mind” are captured in Figure 5.
It is time to break this poisonous cycle and make progress towards a better quality of living experience. Pure thoughts have a therapeutic quality to activate sleeping DNA and cure most body diseases at the cellular level.
He worked as a Communications Research Scientist at Bell Labs., Bell Communication Research other Bell companies for over 21 years.
In 2011 he was invited to give a talk on NON-DUALITY OF LIFE at the “Ancient Science of Non-Duality Conference” sponsored by NJIT, NJ, USA. I would love to see more discussion on how best to harness its power; and to what specific end-results. A number of the new songs were written and demo’d at Aaron Dessner’s (The National) garage studios in Brooklyn. There is a minimalist yet panoramic feel to the new album, whose sound Marcus Mumford describes as “a development, not a departure.” It came about by both accident, and by conscious decision. The subconscious, as your health and safety officer, will always override the conscious mind when it comes to keeping you alive and safe.
It is also incapable of reasoning that being in a rewarding, healthy, loving relationship would make you happy. When you change those memories and make them positive, your subconscious will be referring to different records. So, if you find you haven’t been getting the results you want from your affirmations, try using FasterEFT – and then watch the changes happen effortlessly! Calm or turbulent states of our inner being are expressed to the outer world through these active expressions. A number of daily negative and waste thoughts consume energy and deplete us of our precious life energy. His research contributions have been published in a number of technical journals and magazines. In 2012 he gave a talk on “Healing the Holistic Human-Being” at the “Society of Scientific Explorations” Conference held in Boulder CO, USA. The band also returned to Eastcote Studios in London, where they recorded Sigh No More, for further writing and demo sessions.
In addition to this, your subconscious does not use logic or reason – which means it could contain references that “prove” that things as diverse as spiders and money are a threat to your survival.
It will awaken the medical community if these thoughts are demonstrated in a practical sense to cure a disease. He was invited to contribute a comprehensive chapter on “Medical Communications” for the Encyclopedia of Telecommunications.

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