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A Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Approach for Suicidal Thinking and Behaviors in DepressionJohn D.
M Young, L Fogg, W Scheftner, J Fawcett, H Akiskal, J Maser, Stable Trait Components of Hopelessness: Baseline and Sensitivity of Depression. D Zurilla, T Nezu, A Problem-solving, Therapy: A Social Competence Approach to Clinical Intervention (2nd edition).

The chronic pain management can be best managed by multidisciplinary approach that includes pain relief, physical therapy, and cognitive behavioral therapy. D Teasdale, R Taylor, Induced Mood and Accessibility of Memories: An Effect of Mood State or of Induction Procedure?
Social Problem-Solving Deficits and Hopelessness, Depression, and Suicidal Risk in College Students and Psychiatric Inpatients. D Teasdale, Diurnal Variation in Clinical Depression and Accessibility of Memories of Positive and Negative Experiences.

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