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These are some of the images that we found within the public domain for your "Famous Women Israeli Soldiers" keyword. We have provided the original source link for you to also credit the image(s) owner as we have done here. This year, you'll be happy to learn, we cut out a lot of the drivel and limited our findings to 4 simple categories: Best Calls, Worst Calls, Quotes, and Ego. At least that's what Najarian reported on Fast Money as FB finally kicked its shares into high gear.
Too many folks opined wrongly on this subject to rank this higher, but in fact on this day, the bottom-picking was only just beginning.
The potential for "barrage of embarrassing discovery with no end in sight" was too much for The Chairwoman, who wondered, "Who knows what the liability could be.

It wasn't even the best AAPL call of the year, but Doc's proclamation that "I'll be surprised if the stock is any lower than the lows we saw yesterday" ($447) indeed must've left him surprise-less, as the stock proceeded on autopilot to year-end. For pure exhilarating return, TSLA has to be regarded as the stock of the year, even better than NFLX, and no one played it more aggressively than Grasso, who told Fast Money that after buying in the upper 120s and seeing it fall to 109 in less than a day, he was buying more.
Scoring the Call of the Year, Pete joins brother Jon (2009, banks, early March before the 9th), Whitney Tilson (gak, yes, 2010, because he backed BP in early June), Karen Finerman (2011, GLNG), and Steve Grasso (2012, S) on the illustrious list of winners, and has the opportunity in 2014 to become the first to repeat. 1 ranking (which he shockingly earned) would've been like turning down Denny McClain for the 1968 American League Cy Young Award. The only drawback to this months-long call is that Josh didn't anticipate this game going to extra innings, in which many are still taking their at-bats. What is staggering about this call is that its June 28 low was essentially its low for the year, other than the fractional difference on April 19.

Asked to make 3 picks on-air for Scott Wapner's "2014 Playbook Playoffs," Najarian submitted KFN as his top choice.
2 days later it rocketed 29% on news of the deal — and instead of getting an award, it got booted from Pete's 2014 Playbook Playoffs portfolio because it got taken out prior to 2014.

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