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0 Here is a list of games that are similar to Airport City.SkyramaHave you ever wanted a chance to own your very own airport? You will have to make money by sending your planes all over the world to build your very own airport. You can allow your friends to send planes to your airport and even build your very own business. You will be able to have any type of city that you want no matter how small or how big you want it to be or what weird shape you want it in.
You will be able to manage the whole city and you can play in more than just 1 city at a time.
You will be able to play with other people from all over the world and even take some time out to help your citizens. Cities in Motion 2 will allow you to manage a transportation network as well as build a custom one within your city. You will be able to start small and work your way to the top as you play in a social setting. You will be able to move to new levels as you keep on building things like city buildings, places for entertainment, and even recreational areas.

Play NowMore About This Game2020 My CountryIf you have ever wanted to build your very own futuristic world then you will now have a chance in 2020: My Country. You will start out with basically nothing, but you will be able to create a very environmentally friendly world and keep every single citizen happy in the process. You will have to work hard to manage your city and find the right balance of homes and citizens for them to live freely. You will have to create colonies on islands, create a society that will survive in the future, and develop large cities that will survive anything.
You will be able to build your very own town as you build, expand, and even take time out to enjoy your citizens. You will have to really have friends to play this and it take a bit of time to really get the hang of it. Rising Cities will make you think strategically, and even work really hard to make the rich choices for your city. You will have to build homes, entertainment areas and many more while making money and expanding your city.
You will have to advance into the green technology market and really balance the money and other resources that you will have.

You will have to work hard to manufacturing goods, selling them, and even produce raw materials. You will be able to run public services and even entertainment businesses to keep your citizens happy. You will have to have fun and create a city that is unlike any other with homes, apartments, skyscrapers and many more. You will be able to earn money from selling goods and even delivering products to various areas around the city. Play NowMore About This GameFor more games like Airport City, check out the Simulations category.

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