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Google has announced that it is now allowing the app developers living in China to earn revenue by publishing paid apps and apps with in-app purchases or subscriptions in Google Play. According to Google, the Chinese app developers will receive payment to their Chinese bank accounts via USD wire transfers.
With the support for China, the total number of countries, where app developers can sell paid apps in Google Play, is now 62. To learn more about publishing paid apps in Google Play, head over to Android Developer website. It you’re a savvy saver with a decent amount of cash to put away, it can be hard to find a high-rate savings account worth your while. Account holders can earn up to 1.10% APY on their savings with the UFB Direct Savings Account.
Your account also comes with a free ATM card, so you can easily access your money if you need to pad your wallet with cash (withdrawals are limited at $310 daily). But if you love to travel, get the most out of your UFB Direct Savings Account by pairing it with a UFB Direct Airline Rewards Checking Account.
This account isn’t for you if you like to physically drive down to a bank and waiting in long lines. Customers of UFB Direct also get free access to FinanceWorks, an online budgeting tool that helps you keep track of all your accounts and identify ways to save more money.

FinanceWorks also lets you see how much you’re spending in specific categories such as travel, utilities, shopping, dining out, rent and mortgage. UFB Direct is a division of Bofl Federal Bank, an FDIC-insured financial institution founded 15 years ago. Balances are protected up to the federally insured amount of $250,000, and UFB Direct will cover any of your losses in the highly unlikely event funds are lost, misplaced or taken from your account without your permission.
With savings rates that consistently beat the national average and dedicated customer support just a phone call or click away, UFB Direct is committed to making its customers happy. Many of the offers appearing on this site are from advertisers from which this website receives compensation for being listed here. Join our team of campus reps and earn commissions that can be paid out in cash or used for store credit.
The company had added support for the Chinese consumers to set-up a merchant account in Google Wallet, which is a necessity to sell paid apps.
Over the past year, wea€™ve expanded the list of countries where app developers can sign up to be merchants on Google Play, totaling 60 countries, including Lebanon, Jordan, Oman, Pakistan, Puerto Rico, Qatar and Venezuela most recently,a€? wrote Ellie Powers, product manager for Google Play, in a blog post. With a minimum opening balance requirement of $100 and zero monthly maintenance fees, it’s easy to get started and earn more for your savings. You can also get access to your money by transferring it to any other UFB bank account you own.

You can get free and fast transfers between the two accounts and earn mileage points on your everyday spending. As an online bank, UFB Direct offers only a targeted range of personal banking and mortgage products, and doesn’t run bank branches. Set up takes only about 10 minutes, and once you’re done you’ll be able to see all of your accounts — including savings, checking, investments and credit cards — all in one place. You can track exactly where your money is going and see where those dreaded spending black holes are.
The online bank believes you should get more from your banking, so it rewards you with airline mileage for your everyday banking. This compensation may impact how and where products appear on this site (including, for example, the order in which they appear). That means no more having to log into a million different accounts to see where your money is.

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