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Megan (Student and cute barista) – I don’t like to ask guys out because I am a bit shy but if I have to I will quietly ask them to something I can back out of. I like how simple this is, I have to admit if I were into a girl and she gave me something so easy to work with… hard to refuse.
It always feels like I end up doing the emotional work in a relationship, so if I take that initial risk too. If you use raw sexuality to lure the fish, often it bites only to leave the hook bare, Sharon is a master angler and knows how to set the hook without losing her bait.
STOP asking out immature, indecisive guys who don’t have the balls to ask you out or treat you right! If a guy has been VERY obvious and said what they’d like to do with me, naughty or otherwise, and I like them, yeah, I will make sure it actually happens. Yea…I can see that if it were to set the precedent for the dynamics of the relationship (you putting forth all the effort and him…none) then it could work against you!
QT Mama (Problogger, mom and martini addict) Not anymore, one thing I’ve learned in the 37 years I’ve been on this planet? The question here is not should you ask him out–but are you doing the hook & switch well? Vegan, it is part of what defines you, it says a lot about you and is very relevant to the article, something that I figure you would be proud to have the world know. I have always been too straightforward to enjoy many dating games and as a result, my relationships have either been tawdry and short-lived or lasted way longer than they should have. Luckily, my husband appreciates my brand of crazy and it turned out, I didn’t have to play any games at all. I have to say I think the answer to this question depends on what kind of partner you are looking for.
The chase is so interesting… That is what I teach all the time but I get so much grief over it. I didn’t like it either but when one day I’m sitting at a table of a bunch of guy friends and one said that and they all started shaking their heads in unison, I listened!
The feminist backlash, AKA the wussification of the American male is pretty darn interesting. Somewhere in there, perhaps after my last relationship where I allowed the guy to court and control, I realized that I am worth more than that.

I was horribly attracted to a crappy angry girl that would tell me she loved me and hated me in the same day. Breaking out of this stagnant mold was one of the most difficult transitions I have ever made. July 6, 2013 By Griffin Leave a Comment If you are looking for a fun, cute or funny way to ask a girl out then the first thing you need to consider is her personality.  What will she like?  What may work well for one girl might totally turn another girl off. So think about her likes, dislikes and personality and decide what you want to do.  Here are some ideas to start you off but remember, every girl is different and the best and most romantic gestures are personal ones.
However, it could also really bring a big reward because it is so romantic and you are really putting yourself out there. Send her a clip from a famous romantic movie where the guy asks the girl out and she says, “Yes.”  You can do this on text or social media depending on your courage level.
You know, ask them out as friends and if it doesn’t seem to be going well, then it is not a big deal. Lol, show interest yes and if the girl shows that she’s interested, HE should be the one to ask her out.
I hear so many women say, “Why doesn’t he just ManUp and ask me out???” Well, like Jeanette says, there is a reason. Then … well, I realized if I was doing all the work (cuz it always felt like I was), what was HE doing? However usually, the pursuing would turn me off… which is why I usually did the asking out.
Often you just never get the lesson unless you have beat your head against it for a few years. I might not be impressed if my date orders steak, but somehow I don’t think this bears any relevance to your article. You did that article about not taking shit from a partner… Fair enough, you certainly don’t like it when friends call you up on things though!
They often weren’t happy and left them not long after, but they certainly got there way for a while, up to 9 months! Several of the women made comments that every time they asked a guy out–that set the bar for the relationship.
I have a new question–the women who did the asking out–are you more of a confident self-assured woman in all your matters?

As a result, we see women taking control of their life which at least for me, is highly desirable and respectful. Remember, there are 3 types of people; those who say what happened(thinker), those who make it happen(doer) and those who just watch(talker). Send her on a scavenger hunt ending at the place where you would like to have your date.  This is best to do with a girl that you already know well and that you think would more than likely really enjoy going on a date with you. Make a poster and wait for her somewhere she goes often.  Stand outside of her work, her school or her favorite restaurant with a big sign with a message asking her out. Make a bet you know she will lose and make the terms that if you win she will go on a date with you.
If she has a pet, attach a note to their collar and let her find it.  This is a really cute way of asking out an animal lover.
Send a pizza to her house with a message spelled with the toppings.  Make sure and include your name on the receipt or have the pizza guy let her know who sent it. Decorate or have a T-shirt made with the words, “Will you go out with me?”  Wear the shirt somewhere where you know she will see you. Write a message in sidewalk chalk in her driveway.  When she pulls up you can be standing there or you can just let her call you. I’m super turned on by confidence and competence, and guys you have to drag along are usually neither. Every woman FLIRTS with a guy they find attractive, making more effort with appearance, perhaps avoiding certain topics, and mentioning others. Those that are actually a catch tend to be lured into commitment by, you guessed it Jaime, my wonderful rack and superior bed skills over any waif. I never ask guys out, which surprises friends who know how outgoing I am, but perhaps when you consider my relationship and bedroom personas, it is less surprising.
I even married someone who declared early on that he’d never love me the way I loved him.

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