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In a cross-functional map the customer, departments and external companies are listed on the left. In tough economic times, companies stop supporting their brands and cut their marketing budgets to save costs.
With competitors’ eyes off the ball, now is probably the best time to launch a new company or new brand, believes Ingrid Budge, managing director of Metamorphosis Brand Transformation and marketing training company Metamorphosis Skills Transformation.
An innovation and brand transformation guru, Budge counts big names and brands such as Tiger Brands, Adcock Ingram, Nestle, Barloworld, Mr Price, Nedbank, Rainbow Chickens, Kansai Plascon, Coca Cola, Woolworths and Brandhouse amongst her clients. That’s not always easy for smaller businesses that do not have access to the expensive and sophisticated training and skills development programmes that are available to their larger counterparts. In response, Budge is launching four open training modules specifically tailored to the needs of small to medium sized businesses.
She believes that it is important to understand that, historically, in South Africa, people have had very few brands from which to choose when compared to the United Kingdom or Europe.  As a result, they have up until now tended to be very brand loyal. Although fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) such as washing powder, soap and lotions come to mind, Budge believes brand building cuts across all sectors and includes the services sector, information technology, restaurants, clothing and more. Conveniently situated in the quiet suburb of upper Glenwood in Durban, this modernly furnished establishment offers the business or holiday guest attentive service with high levels of comfort and privacy. The central location of this establishment means guests have easy access to Durban and surrounding areas.
Two large pools and pleasant landscaped gardens, with comfortable pool lounges and deck chairs, provide guests with space to relax and unwind.

This is a non-smoking establishment, with smoking permitted in the garden and on the patios. It is just inexcusable that the word ‘transformation’ is treated as a swearword by some sections of our society, forbidden in some board rooms, living rooms and no go area forums.
However, some should not plead memory loss and claim ignorance of the glaring economic disparity that the system of apartheid perpetuated. As a result, opponents of transformation cannot pretend to be living on a different planet. No doubt, the most sensible approach is fostering a favourable environment where businesses skills can flourish and South Africa’s diverse people would partake equally. Even the poorest consumers have always invested in premium brands rather than risk spending hard earned money on products that they would have to replace.
For example, whereas holiday makers stuck to big brand hotels up until now, they could consider a move to a good Bed & Breakfast, big brand fast food outlets may lose ground to local restaurants offering better value.
In fact, she says, many of these sadly tend to fail even when they have good products and opportunities simply because they do not build their brands and don’t understand the market they are entering or within which they are operating.
Identifying the gaps and opportunities in the market, looking at market segmentation, innovation and renovation of brands. It is only 10 minutes drive from the CBD and Durban beaches and within easy access of all major highways and 20 minutes drive from Durban International Airport. The train is on course an unforgiving, long and winding route headed to a destination called transformation.

At its mere mention, some duck for cover fearing that someone might be on a mission to usurp their means of existence.
It could be that transformation is misconstrued as a means of vengeance to settle old scores from the apartheid era. Is there a more efficient way than achieving economic transformation through availing requisite skills to various groups of previous disadvantaged, preferential procurement and recruitment to set the country towards parity? People will leave the course able to apply what they have learnt and see the difference as quickly as the next day,” Budge concludes. And for it to arrive safely and on time, there has to be cohesion amongst the people – white, black, coloured and Indians. Though they seek the refuge in their cocoons, the problem affecting others equally affects them just like the social upheavals that might surface.
Now the big brands are being challenged which means that they should be spending more to support their products. Sadly, this is an ingredient that has been noticeably missing in the country’s transformation enterprise.

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