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The authors candidly write about a wide range of experiences that demonstrate how nurses can work together.
Learning and Leading with Habits of Mind: 16 Essential Characteristics for Success by Arthur L. Learning and Leading with Habits of Mind is a collection of pieces that collectively describe a wide ranging vision for education surrounded around teaching what the author's call thinking behaviors or Habits of Mind. Learn to leave space between the external negative triggers and your reaction so you give yourself time to consciously decide if you want to participate in the negativity. Always bring positive energy as much as you can because what you put out there will come back to you.

Wishing you a wonderful Monday where you welcome in inner peace and step away from negativity. Includes larger issues of global partnerships such as developing standards for a healthy work environment. The Habits of Mind include * Persisting* Managing impulsivity* Listening with understanding and empathy* Thinking flexibly* Thinking about thinking (metacognition)* Striving for accuracy* Questioning and posing problems* Applying past knowledge to new situations* Thinking and communicating with clarity and precision* Gathering data through all senses* Creating, imagining, innovating* Responding with wonderment and awe* Taking responsible risks* Finding humor* Thinking interdependently* Remaining open to continuous learningThis volume brings together--in a revised and expanded format-concepts from the four books in Costa and Kallick's earlier work Habits of Mind: A Developmental Series. In many ways, this book is the best articulation of how to implement a curriculum that fosters expert thinking, complex communication, and intrapersonal skills that I have ever read. It doesn't have all of the answers, but it provides enough background on everything from instruction, assessment, school culture, and leadership that it gives a place for any interested educator to give teaching towards thinking processes a place to start.

Drawing upon their research and work over many years, in many countries, Costa and Kallick present a compelling rationale for using the Habits of Mind as a foundation for leading, teaching, learning, and living well in a complex world. The second section gives advice on how to operationalize the Habits of Mind through the culture of a school and instruction.
The fifth and final section gives case studies of schools and school systems that implemented the Habits of Mind.While I don't think my school will likely, adopted the language of the Habits of Mind, Learning and Leading with Habits of Mind will be an invaluable resource as we continue to explore how to teach towards and assess expert thinking, complex communication, and intrapersonal skills.

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