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To become a successful reader your child not only needs to learn to read, they also need to understand what they are reading and be motivated to read. On this website you will find practical tips and techniques to help with all of these aspects of becoming a successful reader. It is never too early to help your baby or toddler develop early childhood literacy skills which lay the foundations for learning to read. The best way to encourage your child to read more is to choose great books for them to read (or for you to read to them). Whatever your child's level you will find some great ideas for building a little bit of literacy learning into playtime, such as these alphabet games and word games for the young ones. For older children try these engaging activities to practice reading and writing and to help improve your child's understanding of what they are reading.
The more children read, the better they read, so try some of these practical ideas to encourage your reluctant reader to pick up a book and then to keep reading.
Help your child to improve their reading skills and their spelling and so get the most out of each and every book, magazine or newspaper they read. Subscribe to the free newsletter "All About Reading" to receive regular updates direct to your inbox.
Subscribe to the Children's Books and Reading Blog to receive updates in your RSS feed reader as they happen. Go to our Facebook page and click the Like button to see updates in your Facebook account as they happen. In this groundbreaking new book, an award-winning Madison Avenue copywriter, creative director, and creative consultant reveals the secrets of successful creative advertising – the most effective style of advertising ever devised. When you read just the first few pages of The Secrets of Successful Creative Advertising, you’ll understand more about the advertising creative process and how to create and select successful creative advertising than most people have ever known. The author demonstrates the secrets of creative advertising with examples that range from the beginning of the advertising creative revolution in the 1950s to the latest Internet advertising. Tom Attea has held executive creative positions at some of New York’s finest advertising agencies, including Young & Rubicam and agencies of the Interpublic Group. He has written extraordinarily successful creative advertising for many major brands, such as Dr Pepper, Jell-O, Gray Poupon, Time magazine, The Village Voice, Lifetime television, Citibank and many others. Tom has won all the major advertising creative awards, including four Clios in one night, Gold and Silver Lions from The International Advertising Film Festival in Cannes, The Gold Mobius, The Gold Telly, The Andy, The Effie, and awards from The Copy Club of New York, The Art Directors Club of New York, The One Show, and International Broadcast Awards. At Young & Rubicam, while creating successful, award-winning advertising, he conducted the copywriting training program. Today, he is the President & Creative Director of his own consulting firm, Heavy Creative, Inc.
According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, reading aloud to your children and talking about pictures and words in age-appropriate books can strengthen language skills, literacy development, and parent-child relationships.
What's more, a study conducted last year by a number of pediatricians shows for the first time the biological effect reading to your kids has on their brains. MRIs revealed that children with greater home-reading exposure had greater activity in the parts of the brain that help with mental imagery and narrative comprehension.
As part of its Storybook Project, NPR asked a number of authors, actors, politicians, philanthropists, scientists, and musicians to reveal their five all-time favorite books they've read to their kids, and the list so far makes a great jumping-off point for any parent priming their kids for success.
Check out the sampling below, and head to NPR's ongoing Storybook Project, for more parents and why they chose their favorite books. Slaughter tells NPRA thatA her family members are big Rosemary Wells fans and love all her books.
Gates tells NPRA that she loved reading this book when her kids were young, and once they were old enough to talk, her kids would do the baby-rabbit voices, while she would do the mommy-rabbit voices. Gates tells NPRA that she and husband Bill loved reading their kids' favorite bedtime story to them. Most recently,A Gates tells NPRA that she read this book after her sister saw the play adaptation in London and suggested reading the book.

Wendy Kopp is the founder and chairwoman of the board of Teach for America and has four kids. Kopp tells NPRA that she reads this book, which is particularly memorable for her kids, with them every Easter. Robbins tells NPRA thatA this classic folktale proves that our problem is never about lack of resources, but rather our lack of resourcefulness. Amy Chua, a Yale Law professor and author of "Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother," has two daughters. Everyday has a small portion of time devoted to becoming that little bit more knowledgeable, expanding their horizons and creating a better vision for themselves.
A Canadaa€™s most successful astronaut outlines the lessons he learned from (going blind) in space.
Louis outlines their strategies for business and how you can apply them to your own, legitimate, business. A This is a book completely about how your mind works, and how to maximise your brains capacity. Paul Arden takes the lessons he learned from a career in advertising and applies them to life and business. Kerry outlines how you can change that so you can be at your absolute best, no matter what the situation. A Networking is of paramount importance to your success, regardless of whether ita€™s professional or personal. He teaches you why people make better decision in the a€?blinka€™ of an eye, and how you can do it too.
A This ancient military text has been adapted for all aspects of life: love, life and business to name but a few. Purchase the original version instead of a specified version and apply the lessons to your own life.
Understand that not everything can be done and how to apply your time evenly and fairly between the essential tasks. Off the back of one the most viewed TED Talks ever, Simon Sinek released a book in the same name. If youa€™re looking for success in the online, or the offline, world a€“ this book is essential. A If there is something about selling that Brian Tracy doesna€™t know, Ia€™m yet to find it. In this book he outlines how to double, even triple, your sales success over time, and create a lasting strategy that works.
Chip and Dan Heath have discovered what makes an idea a€?stickya€™, and how to apply it to everything you want to talk about.
In the world of extroverted businessman, Dale Carnegie shows you how to make friends with your clients and create as much influence over them as possible.
Whether you just want to make a couple more business clients, or generate an empire, this book provides essential reading.
A Regardless of whether youa€™re starting a new business, or stepping into a new role a€“ starting out, as a good leader is important. This book outlines your first 100 days, day-by-day, and gives you an actionable platform to work from. Discover whether or not youa€™re a a€?Good Psychopatha€™, and learn to manipulate your emotions: conscience, fear and anxiety, to really maximise your chance of success.
To be successful you dona€™t have to have been subject to great hardship, worry or obstacles.
A A Each successful person has a set of core values that sets them apart from everyone else. This book shows you how to utilize and maximise these values to get the best results for your business.

Malcolm Gladwell discusses these topics, and then shows you how to set yourself up for your own incredible success.
In this wonderful book, Carol Dweck outlines how to change your mind and focus yourself to generate the optimal mental environment for your success.
Everyone is completely different and your goals fall in separate realms from the person beside you.
Successful DrawingAndrew LoomisOne of the great commercial illustrators of the 40s and 50s, Andrew Loomis books are classics in the genre and highly sought after by commercial illustrators, comic book artists and concept artists alike. Titan BlogCatch Titan at San Diego Comic Con 2016Join author William Sutton on the Seven Sins blog tour!
How many times have you said, “I had to do it – I didn’t have a choice”?  After reading Choose! I am passionate about helping women make the most of their skills and talents in the workplace, as well as encouraging them to ask for what they want and deserve.
And, it graces the shelves of many successful people who take an alternate view on business. This focuses less on business but in goal setting and creating a vision of yourself that you can work towards. This book outlines the common habits between successful people a€“ and how to adapt them to your world. Daniel does a great job of outlining all the processes of the mind, and when your brain is at ita€™s most effective. He eloquently lays it all out, in a no-nonsense approach, cutting right to the core of the problem a€“ and providing the best solution. Spencer Johnsona€™s masterpiece of mice chasing cheese goes on to outline all the problems in business, management and getting what you want.
Seth shows you how to do the same with your business, in the only way he can a€“ by going straight to the point.
And, with good reason a€“ ita€™s strategies can be perfectly applied to everything you wan it to. He outlines the a€?golden circlea€™ and teaches you how to be the most successful leader possible. And, Richard Koch uses the Pareto Principle to completely outline this in a real-world context. Whether you want to understand it, acquire it or fight against it: this book enables you to do everything.
Outlining how to be successful in all aspects of your life, and turn your life into a work of art. Choose the books that work for you, which are going to instantly influence your life, and read them.
Creating Ask Ajna with Jae Lynn has been a labor of love and if we can help women find their authentic voice and support one another, we will build a community of change. I talked to several women recently who are reentering the workforce and I am glad there is a resource out there. I think one of the biggest challenges for women in business is juggling the strong family responsibilities with work. It amazes me how many different ways women juggle their careers while keeping the family running.
It can be especially difficult to return to your business after a lengthy time away to raise a family. You will also find plenty of fun reading-related activities which you can do with your child to reinforce their literacy skills.

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