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Neutral Head Position - The position taken by the person who has a neutral attitude about what he is hearing. Interested Head Position - When the head tilts to one side it shows that interest has developed. Disapproval Head Position - When the head is down, it signals that the attitude is negative and even judgmental. This gesture is typical of such professionals as accountants, lawyers, sales managers, bank managers or people who are feeling confident, dominant, or superior about something.
It is also a gesture used by the 'know-it-all' individual and many people find it irritating when someone does it to them. The individual is seen standing with the hands-on-hips pose, for this is one of the most common gestures used by man to communicate an aggressive attitude. Some observers have labelled this gesture 'readiness' which in the right context is correct, but the basic meaning is aggression.
One of the most valuable gestures that a negotiator can learn to recognise is seated readiness. The readiness gestures that signal a desire to end a conversation or encounter are leaning forward with both hands on both knees, or leaning forward with both hands gripping the chair. Two men sizing each other up, using the characteristic hands-on-hips and thumbs-in-belt gestures. Considering that they are both turned at an angle away from each other and the lower halves of their bodies are relaxed, it would be reasonable to assume that these two males are unconsciously evaluating each other and that an attack is unlikely. Their conversation may be casual or friendly but a completely relaxed atmosphere will not exist until their hands-on-hips gestures cease and open palm gestures are used.
Reading body langauge of men part 1Reading body language: When reading the body language of men there are a few things that you must do in order to interpret their activities.
If you are a woman looking for a date or even someone in business who is trying to get an upper hand you may find it easy to understate the value of understanding the body signals and interactions of men.
Reading body language or nonverbal communication can be as difficult as you want to make it but for the most part reading the body language of men may be less complex than reading the body language of women. With reading the body language of men or women the first thing to do is to look at the situation first to baseline what is going on.
Understanding body language begins with looking at the context of the situation; are the people close or are the far apart.
The distance between the man and the other or others will determine how close the person or the people are as friends or if they are strangers.
Now this 18 inch (45 cm) barrier is a general guideline and not an absolute there are some men or women who have a 36 inch (91cm) proximity comfort zone while some men or women may not mind another person being near them even close enough for touch. When women flirt with men sometimes they will touch or enter closer into the man with proximity. Once you have determined how far away the person or the people are away from each other you can now look at the position of the body. Knowing the position of the body will clue you in to understand what the context of the situation is.
Typically if he is sitting the other people should be sitting also, if he is standing the other people or person should be standing also.
If the man is flirting with a woman he may draw in closer to her and position himself so that he has a communication advantage with her.
Looking at a man’s hands when he is interacting with others may define the situation as it is happening. When people are under stress or duress their hands will normally close as a way that begins the protection process.

The hands of a man sometimes will be open or more animated when fliting and may even do so when the man is excited in general.
First determine proximity then the position and then the hands and you can understand why his body language is acting the way it is even without verbal communication. I can’t wait to go out and see what men are doing with their body, distance and hands!
Having the hands on the hips or “arms akimbo” is to display like a peacock, even in people! Sexual dimorphism is a word used to describe the differences in form between males and females within the same species. The hands on hips gesture is one of the ways men puff out to appear more dominant and attractive to the opposite sex and repel competition from the same sex. Territoriality and ownership is a part of the hands on hips gestures, just like placing a flag into the soil indicates a territorial line.
My partner and I stumbled over here by a different web address and thought I might check things out. Rubbing the palms together - Rubbing the palms together is a way in which people non-verbally communicate positive expectation. The person would be more difficult to handle when the hands are held high, than he would be with the person whom hands resting on the desk position. People who are confident, superior types or who use minimal or restricted body gestures often use this gesture, and, by doing so, they signal their confident attitude.
The Raised Steeple - The position is normally taken when the steepler is giving his opinions or ideas and is doing the talking. The Lowered Steeple - The position is normally used when the steepler is listening rather than speaking. Hand-Gripping-Wrist Gesture - which is a signal of frustration and an attempt at self-control. Upper Arm Grip Gesture - The further the hand is moved up the back, the more angry the person has become.
Critical evaluation clusters are normally made with the head down and, unless you can get the person's head up or tilted, you may have a communication problem. Should either of these occur during a conversation it would he wise for you to take the lead and terminate it. Communication skills for men or women go far beyond just having a verbal conversation, what is the body saying while the words are being used?
Using this simple 9 step process you can determine what his body language signals are saying nonverbally. By close are they within the bell bubble or 18 inches (45cm) from each other or is the distance greater? Usually people who are intimate as friends in that they have known each other for a while can enter into the 18 inch barrier (45 cm) and show no signs of discomfort or lack of trust. Now with flirting it does not always mean that the woman will get closer to the man in proximity but it can happen. This information will set the stage for base lining the signs and the signals that the man should have with his body language.
Now this is a general rule and not always an absolute as in many instances with body language.
When people are about the fight they ball up their fists and will leave them at their sides in order to make a strike. It may not always be a drink that the man is holding it may be a book, it may be a briefcase it could even be a jacket.
You need to Login or Create an Account to see all the article content on this pageStrutting like a peacock.

In other animals, it includes horns and antlers, tusks, waddles, elaborate coloration and plumage, amongst many, many others.
The cue cluster accompanying the hands-on-hips also includes an upright posture, chin up, chest out and the legs at slightly wider than shoulder width. Like all negative gestures, some action needs to be taken to unlock the person's fingers to expose the palms and the front of the body, or the hostile attitude will remain.
In this ase one hand grips the other wrist or arm very tightly as if it is an attempt by one arm to prevent the other from striking out.
He is showing a greater attempt at self-control than the man in Hand-Gripping-Wrist Gesture man, because the hand is gripping the upper arm, not just the wrist. In addition to all this, thumb thrusters will often rock on the balls of their feet to give the impression of extra height.
Almost every time when people have their fists balled up it is to help “protect” the body subconsciously. If the man does hold the drink in front of him it may show a lack of confidence or a non verbal barrier to keep others away. Know that just because there is something in front of the man it does not mean that he lacks confidence. All the fingers also curl inward so that they point toward the crotch drawing attention in that direction which punctuates the point even further. In humans, the dimorphism includes hairiness, perpetually swollen breasts versus muscular chests, square jaws and manly noses, internal versus external genitals, muscle mass differences, amount of fatty tissue, and hip to waste ratios (where the ratio produces an hour glass in women). The hands-on-hips is also a ready posture when it does not accompany more dominant cues in the cluster. We occasionally see this posture in children too, as they assert their point to their adult counterparts.
Managers often use this gesture position when giving instructions or advice to subordinates and it is particularly common among accountants, lawyers, managers and the like.
It is this type of gesture that has given rise to such expressions as, 'Get a good grip on yourself'. The thumbs might also be tucked into the belt or into belt loops serving to “frame the genitals.” The message said is “There are issues here”, “Things are not right”, “I’m standing my ground” or “I’m a virile male so check me out!” Women can also be seen holding the posture although more rarely, and when they do, they will hold their hands on their hips and point their fingers to their buttocks. In most cases, the differences between men and women are not very pronounced compared to many other animals.
For example, appearing larger, heavier, taller or more muscular can serve to pique the interest of women, but also to repel nearby rivals. In this case, it appears like a runner at the gate prepared to jump at an opportunity whatever it might be. The referee at a sporting event will be seen holding ground with his hands on his hips as he’s met with protest from the team’s coach. But when we do differ, men and women tend to display (exploit) their differences in effort to attract attention. This is not to say that our species is cutthroat where everything boils down to competition. Fingers pointed backwards as women do more often is a more inquisitive posture than an authoritarian one. The abbreviation for the hands on hip gesture is to drop one hand, yet it remains just as potent.
However, how would we know who best to cooperate with, if it wasn’t for their advantages in competition!

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