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But if you’re like me — and reports indicate you are — you’ve started to receive more unwanted calls and messages in the last year. Note that AT&T waives all charges for reporting spam messages for those on limited messaging plans, but the company does not automatically credit you for the spam message itself. Bring up the text message in Messages and be sure not to click any URLs embedded in the message. Enter 7726 (the numeric equivalent of the letters SPAM on a telephone keypad) and tap Send. AT&T responds with a message asking you to send the number from which the message originated. You can write down the number of the spam and then tap it in, but you can also use my uncle’s trick here too.
Now tap the number that was added (or is already there in the Edit screen), tap Select All, and tap Copy. Navigate back to the message you received from AT&T, tap in the Text Message field, tap Paste, and tap Send.
This is great - I'd been wondering just what to do with the SMS spam I got while away on vacation and didn't have a chance to research. This is great to know for spam test messages (which started when I was with AT&T, and have carried over to my T-Mobile account, since I kept the same number). Does it really work?I am on AT&T's pay-per-use messaging plan and I have reported several spams in the past (by forwarding to 7726). With Android, there are free programs to send Sir Spam-a-lot (Evil Marketer on my phone) directly to voicemail with no ring.
We've now heard from a reader that the same steps, and the same 7726 short code, also works for Verizon Wireless subscribers.
Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) on Thursday suspended the cellular services in as a many as 80 cities across the country as a vital security measure for the mourning processions.
Even in Islamabad, the cellular networks remained partially suspended in a number of sectors where imambargahs are located. In Punjab, the cellular service remained blocked in many cities, including the provincial capital Lahore as well as  Gujranwala, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad, Sahiwal, Muzaffargarh, Khanewal, Multan and Rahim Yar Khan. According to the PTA sources, cellular network was suspended at the request of Sindh government in many important cities such as Karachi, Hyderabad, Sukkur, Larkana and Mirpurkhas, Khairpur and Kotri. Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa’s major cities – Peshawar, Kohat, Hangu, D I Khan and Haripur – had a complete closure of cellular network.
Balochistan, where the mobile phone services continued to operate throughout the day, was an exception.
What do you think of my jumping buddy over there?  Pretty cool, huh?  Let’s call him “George”.
Social networking is one of the fastest growing subject matter areas in the US patent office.  The graph below shows the rate at which these applications have been filed and rate at which patents have issued from these applications over the past few years.

It’s hard to enforce the patent that you get: Patents are only enforceable within the physical boundaries of a nation.  But where exactly is George?  Is he in the microprocessor? Traditionally, patents on George, or in this case, methods to make George, claimed the “static computer readable medium” (e.g. Director Kappos mentioned in a meeting I was at last week that the USPTO will be shortly introducing an accelerated examination process that only requires the payment of an increased fee. If, as you say, no one really cares about [the application], why would someone have drafted and submitted said application? And once again, people need to realize that in the current settings, the examination fee has been paid.
The silver lining, of course, is that people are actually paying attention to what applications are out there.
Perhaps those people will be spurred to innovate in different ways in addition to the common mindset here of instigating corrective action (the underlying current that any applications must somehow not be truly innovate runs deep).
Just imagine – people not only recognizing innovation, but being spurred to innovate more. When someone files a patent application, it’s often to secure a filing date so they can begin to try to commercialize.
My proposal would allow inventors to secure a filing date, but postpone additional costs until they (or a third party) determine there might be something there. Patent Drafting Basics5 things inventors and startups need to know about patents Drafting Patent Applications: Writing Method Claims An Introduction to Patent Claims Patent Drawings: An Economical Way to Expand Disclosure The Quid Pro Quo – How Bad Patents Can Harm A Startup Company Is This Patent Any Good? Please check your email for a link that, when clicked, will verify that you're a real person and cause your comment to appear immediately. We use your email address only to send you a one-time verification message confirming that you posted this comment.
Create a “Sir Spam-a-Lot” entry in Contacts, and add any spam callers as alternative numbers to that entry. The free AT&T Mark the Spot app for reporting bad cell coverage or calls also includes a button for reporting SMS spam that explains, with too little detail, how to do it. You can request a credit from AT&T customer service, but it may not be worth the effort for twenty cents. Back at the spam message, tap Add Contact > Create New Contact, and either make that “Sir Spam-a-Lot” entry or tap Add to Existing Contact if you already have one. By reporting, you can theoretically reduce future unwanted use of your limited plan, as well as the annoyance factor of repeat spamming. Sir Spam-a-Lot now resides in my Contacts, and one more spammer has been turned into the authorities. The return address (if that's what you call it) is set to a partial phone number, so they're nearly impossible to get into the main spam workflow with ATT.
Text us the actual spam message to short code 7726 (SPAM) to start an investigation."Hm, investigation?"What can I do if I get charged for spam?If spam has become a problem for you, simply let us know and we'll work with you to resolve the issue. I wanted to disable SMS a lot earlier, but have been unable to train my wife (and her coworkers) to use the Google voice number instead of the iphone number.Google SMS messaging is kind of weak, and does't integrate into the messages app, but it's free.
I would love to be able to set my phone to only receive text messages or iMessage from people in my contact list, same with calls.

He also had been told, but has not confirmed, that Verizon Wireless would remove the charges for spam messages if you were on a limited-message plan.
In Chichawatni, wireless service and internet were also shut down in addition to mobile network.
That means that many future social networking patents will issue long after their inventions become either widely adopted or faded to insignificance.  That won’t be healthy for our new economy. I’ve got one application that was originally provisionally filed in 2006 and later (after PCT) nonprovisionally filed in Feb. Of course, it’s not worth AT&T’s effort either, so perhaps if lots of people request credits, they’ll figure out how to provide automatic credits for reported spam messages.
Obviously for people with unlimited SMS plans it's not an issue, but for someone like me who doesn't text much and just pays per message, it's $0.20 down the drain every time I get a spam text. It's impossible for us to determine if a message is unsolicited unless you bring it to our attention."So it sounds like you need to contact customer service to get charges refunded. As a one time courtesy, we can refund you the $0.20 fee if it does show on your next invoice. And created my wireless blocking of emailed SMS and images (I don't need this and most times its phone to phone).
Your phone rings, shows “Sir Spam-a-Lot” is calling, and you just double-tap to send it to voicemail or ignore it. It’s unreasonable for AT&T to benefit financially from allowing customer accounts to be abused by spammers. If enough people constantly report text message spam, the crooks and abusers will be shut off more quickly, and we will all receive less spam. The phone rep said that if that's the entire body of the message, it does not go back to the sender, but enters a blocking queue. Simply reach out to us when you get your bill and let us know- then we can make that adjustment. I've got four accounts set that way but ironically I still get one SMS a month from AT&T telling me my bill was paid!
He currently serves clients in the insurance, financial services, medical devices and manufacturing industries. Just called the PTO last week and was told it’s at least 22 months away from a first Office Action. Even better, take the advice of a commenter and set a silent or extremely innocuous ringtone for the Sir Spam-a-Lot contact so spam calls and texts don’t interrupt you. Mark has a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford and a Bachelor’s degree with honors in Aerospace, Mechanical Sciences and Engineering Physics from Princeton.
His academic awards include the Sigma Xi award for most outstanding Mechanical Engineering research at Princeton and the Union Carbide Award for Academic Excellence and Leadership in Mechanical Engineering, also at Princeton.

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